Thursday, 20 December 2007

My Very OWN Mags =)

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Friday, 14 December 2007

Hibernating Star

Listening to Jordin Sparks's "No Air". it's a really great song indeed.

i've just gone through my friends' blogs and it seems that most of them have actually put more spices and herbs to enhance their blogs during the holiday.not longer daunted by the scarcity of time to waste, i've decided to put something on my blog, though my life has practically stagnated since the school closed its door last month for the 2 month holiday we're currently savouring. it's a shame that i've actually joined the group of polar bears who do nothing but hibernate during the bitter winter season. (in my case, idle life during the holiday) however, thank god i've done my TOK, thus, being free from the clutches of who has vowed to hunt the sinners (those who haven't submitted their assignments on time) as the first thing in the morning (8am sharp, January 3rd, 2008)...

my family having a morning walk in Genting (about 3 weeks ago)

despite the boring seconds and minutes i've actually undergone through, the holiday is not that bad after all. i've started to miss my IB friends very much and the time being spent with them. wanna go to OU!hish2. the only person i've talked to here is miss aggie, who has grown chubbier after weeks of holiday. she has also noticed that i'm getting slightly chubby nowadays, but everybody knows that the situation for both of us is extremely different. while a weight gain is considered as a curse for aggie, it is hailed as a miraculous blessings for me who has fallen into the 'skinny' group of people. however, aggie shouldn't be worried as the intensive SMASHing would keep her back in her old shape.huhu~
being away from bintulu has led me to appreciate the inner beauty of this place. really love to be here. by the way, i'm gonna sit for my driving exam next week. wish me luck okay.

My serene and leafy neighborhood

To my friend feghy who has just moved to kch, do keep in touch. the whole clique would never forget you. have fun over there and may god bless you.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Happy holiday to all

HAPPY HOLIDAY to all my friends out there. to all IB crews, have fun indulging yourselves with an abundance of assignments. hope we're all gonna have a great time, and great TOK essay! (the latter was snatched from one of the mr Shaw's very last words before the school's over)

Bonnes Vacances pour tous =)