Thursday, 29 May 2008

5 things i bet you dont know about me.

ugh zara! soo gonna kill u for tagging me. i was so contented with the idea of me having my blog resting in total peace for this holiday, but, since zara has actually tagged me to write something with regards to this post's title, i have no choice but to succumb to her edict.

5 things i bet you don't know about me? well, i've never been known as a person with an ocean of secrets or weird habits to be unearthed (this is attributed due to me being unable to earth my weirdness in front of my friends, they all know that peculiarities and lunaticism is equated to being me). thus,the latter contents of this post might sound familiar to some, or extremely peculiar to some others.

1) i love baby rusk. omg the taste of baby rusk can drift me to the regions of eternal blissful pleasure. when it comes to having baby rusk, i would always give a triumphant yes to the milna rusk. the taste really seduces me to an extent of it being able to make me forgetful of my real age that is ascending at a rapid pace. every bite of the baby rusk is just like a ritual ride down the memory lane; being a baby is not that bad after all.

2) i wanted to become an agong (malaysian paramount leader) when i was a kid. this dream might sound really absurd, and, to an extent, foolish, but i was really charmed and thrilled with the glittery lives of the royal family and the great power that the King possesses. it was just so rosy for a kid whose dream was to achieve the greatest level of supremacy seen. the dream was just a dream, and my parents and teachers used to ask me to change my ambition into a more achievable and realistic one. i refused to listen to what they said, and my ambition changed as time passed by and i crawled up the echelons of maturity.

3) i've started to fall in love with the geography of our mother world since i was nine.

my dad actually bought this book for me and my sister when i was eight. being an innocent eight-year-old boy, i just ignored the book and overlooked the rich contents that it impregnated. however, when i reached the age of nine, there was a sudden rush interest and sense of inquiry that emerged deep inside me; thus, i started to read this book and got thrilled with its contents. i loved every single part of this book and memorized the rich facts that the book contained; these include capital cities, currencies name and their values at that time, population data, cities, rivers, mountains, and TMTH (omg i've just used noriega's famous saying). the book has actually shaped me.

4) i used to love watching bollywood movies (we're on the same boat this time around, zahre). owh the hindustani films in the 90s were just so amazing that it is just so tragic and disheartening to see how much has the bollywood film industry changed in these recent years. the bollywood films of that time were full of the sweet, and, to some extent, saccharine tales of the family bonds and loving relationships that could eclipse the other elements of hatred that still dwell the earth due to the existence of the animalistic spirits in the hearts of the mankind. the tales of love as being depicted in those movies were just so lovely that it was able to grant you a gift of a sweet dream when you fall asleep. however, the hindustani films of these days are so pathetically stereotyped and most of them are lacking the elements that can capture our hearts and captivate us. they are losing their relevance and charm.

5) i really have a weird eating habit. my family and friends might have noticed the weird way of me using forks and spoons when having a repast. i find it kinda difficult to hold the cutleries properly due to some coordination problems that my fingers have. it's essential tremor, i suppose. i also find it difficult not to leave any single tinge of food or rice on my plate after finish eating. i also have a limited range of 'edible' fruits and vegetables to eat from. i hate having to bow to all these restrictions, but this is me okay.

okay i think i have to stop now. by the way, i'm gonna tag these 4 persons:
-syed marwan


faizal hamssin

Saturday, 24 May 2008

i'm going home

holiday has finally started and i am in such an euphoria now. everything seems so rosy and i am in a dire need of getting my life rejuvenated with an abundance of sound sleep and the living a better life; a daily odyssey that is less challenging than that of the pathetic derelict daily state of life at d'shire. that's what i'm hoping to achieve right now. however, this holiday is also going to be filled with me doing massive spring-cleaning of the unfinished assignments for the sake of alleviating the sufferings that i will surely bear after the holiday as the final exams are anticipated to approach me in a more rapid pace. 1001 possibilities might arise. dear lord, grant me with your gleaming blessings for me to face the growingly groaning pain of ib with the strength beyond normal span of imagination. full study mode after the holidays! however, as far as these two weeks are concerned, i am going to have nothing but FUN. bonnes vacances mes amis!

p/s i had such a vibrant outings with my friends last night. appreciate it so much. thanks to pau for alluring us to succumb to the temptations of one of the nicest pancake i've ever had. thanks to leens and teens for ajakING (inviting) me to join u guys for such a satiating and splendid dinner and window shopping at the d'sara uptown. gonna put some pics of what we did in the next post, perhaps.

owh, the boarding time has finally come. gotta get into the freakingly not-so-pleasant AirAsia plane now. i don't like AirAsia. the flight attendants suck big day but it's cheap. unfortunately huh~

bintulu here i come!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

languishing mojo

i know that the languishing blogging mojo of me is perfect a justification can be for me not to write any new post for a week of two. however, after being bugged by my friends and me myself having a bit of time to spare, i've decided to write something kinda random this time around. after all, the 3-day-long weekend (thanks to the wesak break) has frozen my mind and i do find myself resting dormantly in the trough of small mindedness; those intellectual thinkings should be elusive this time around.

okay lemme comment on the french movie titled Qui M'aime Me Suive that i watched a couple of days ago with my french-wannabe ib friends and our amazing mr oliver, ms rocio and dr. reed. that movie was laden with some lame jokes intertwined with several successful tricks that brought me to laugh. it's kinda cheesy in some aspects, i guess, but it didn't suck comprehensively, okay. it was neither good nor bad. the message was really clear; go follow your dream and life is precious, so we really have to live our lives to the fullest. that's the real point of the story.

i really think that the viewers shouldn't dwarf the significance of the positive messages that the movie has conveyed by the abundance of the sexually-oriented scenes that acted as a filler to the movie. i just don't understand the justifications behind some of us emotionalising with the extremity or obscenity of the sex scenes in the film. yes, those acts are really anti-parallel to the norms of our society, but hey, we're watching a french movie okay. a 'french' movie should depict the culture of the 'french' people. the french people with a considerably more liberal social and even sexual attitudes than the malaysian. this statement is more than enough to recede the wave of disenchantment that was sourced by the movie and the controversies it impregnated. the whole idea of the movie is noble, and the theme is very universally-applicable. we should go with our instincts and never succumb to others when it comes to choosing a career field to pursue in to escape living a tragic life and death of the movie's protagonist, Maxime Mar├ęchal.

however, regardless of anything that has ever happened to the movie's storyline, i have one thing for sure; my french sucks! it was really difficult for me to catch what the characters really said apart from simple phrases like bonjour, merci, bla bla bla. i really need to buck up to elevate my level of french proficiency from a pathetic current echelon to a more honourable apex of linguistic achievement. i wanna watch more french movies after this. ppfilm, where are you?

by the way, business lessons have gotten increasingly boring and politically oriented that me and jonmah have found our newest guilty pleasure. camwhorring during business! haha it was FUN for sure. here are some shots;

no offence mr. d**s. we sayang you. hehe~

cheers to the world =)
by the way, i'm in the process of improving the overall quality of my posts. any inconvenience caused (with regards to the language style of my posts, etc) is deeply regretted. thank you.

faizal hamssin

Saturday, 10 May 2008

staggering pace...

feeling the need of fulfilling my so-called obligation to update my blog at least once a week, here i am.

i'll just make my post short and simple this time around...

okay, IB final exam is approaching us at a staggering pace. the rapidity of time seems to flow disproportionally against my readiness to face the 'big fish' of the year, which is IB final exam. i'm nervous, scared, freaked out when it comes to facing the deal of exam. however, my spirit has been granted an uplift as the teachers have testamented their high level of trust in my academic capabilities and potential by giving me a big fat forty three predicted IB points for my final exam. thank you so much for giving me the trust and confidence i need. my ib predicted scores are;

Maths SIX
English SEVEN
Business SEVEN
French SIX
EE & TOK A & A
Total FORTY THREE / 45

My subpar prediction for maths and french has been premonited priorly. maths is just not my passion, and my performance in this subject has been modest as far as ib level is concerned. i also need to buck up to improve my proficiency in french as my oratory and writing skills in this third language of mine leave a lot to be desired.

studying physics...

i've procrastinated too much actually and i have to put a halt to this wave of less-efficient time management. procrastination is the thief of time!

I, hereby, vow to pour my relentless efforts in order to achieve the above predicted grades for the sake of my perpetual satisfaction. every major exam does pose an effect that lasts for a lifetime. i really want to score an excellent ib score to end this definitive year of 2008 with a bang.

ok let's get less serious =)

me and teens discovered a newly-opened cupcakes shop at the curve. backed by fatin's determination in spreading the tale of gastronomical warmth that both of us have experienced to the world, here i am (again).

me and fatin having our cupcakes camwhorring session. the cupcakes were just astonishingly astonishing. mine was laden with chocolatey indulgences while fatin was having her soul drifted to the eden of sinful pleasure of a repast as she slowly reduced her cupcake into tiny and sacred crumbs. each cupcake made me rm4.50 poorer.go get yours now!

i miss my home and bintulu! really2 anticipating the upcoming holiday to savour my step on the soil i love...

Thursday, 1 May 2008

joyeux anniversaire pour mes amis =)

this week deserves a special spot in the story of the life of mine; 3 of our ib comrades have their birthdays in a week's time. the mood of celebration fills the d'shire apartment units as well-wishers and cake-craving friends (the latter includes me) throng to the units that house our birthday boys of the week. the celebration for osem n syed was held at in front of our apartment block; the location was deemed as a strategic one as the idea of basking the birthday boys with the sacred glow of the flour needed an outdoor spot for its execution. after all, nobody would fancy doing the post-celebration spring cleaning am i right?

fatin displayed the world of the kind heart and soul she has long possessed. the birthday cake, rich with the indulgences one can ever expect from the gastronomical blessings in the form of the chocolates, was really wonderful. thanks so much fatin. the cake u brought all the way from seremban will always remain as the testament of your heart of gold.

the glimmering friendship and fraternity that shall last for eternity.

look at how fair these two dudes have become.

the celebration ended with me feeling just good.

the birthday bash didnt end with the flour-madness-themed celebration. khairul is also having his birthday on the labour's day. yeah, khairul=labour (inseparable).

the celebration was more intimate and simpler, as some of us have already left d'shire for their respective hometown and all. however, the merrymaking was, undeniably, full of fun. we chatted and laughed for the whole night while waiting for the time to reach 12. the combustible energy and passion of friendship that we all experienced that night can be attributed to the relative abundance of the food served for that occasion. my special thanks to mary; your pasta was mouth-watering. the cake was also reasonably nice. after all, the cake was chosen by me and pau, (pau is notorious for his perfectionism, fyi). there was barely any room for mistake in that sense. however, khairul's health was not on his side that night as he experienced a headache that might have hampered him from joining us in the many parts of our gossip-filled conversations. hang li po wasnt there too, so, it was understandable that khairul's real soul was drifted to the east coast for the whole night. emotionally drifted, as the saying goes, 'absence makes heart grows fonder'.

happy birthday to osem syed and khairul. may the lord bless you with an abundance of perpetual joy and eternal happiness while turning your most distant dreams into the beauty of reality.

p/s jonmah has told me not to put an excessive dose grandiloquences here, so i did exactly that.

faizal hamssin