Saturday, 22 August 2009

Irrevocable Mess

If you guys don't know how weird my biological clock is, here it goes;

your afternoon is my midnight. your 3pm is my 12am :)

yeah it's true. that's me. nocturnal me!

And yes, Happy Ramadhan to everyone out there! May Lord's grace fall upon you guys! Let's spread our love and affection towards humanity in this holy month. Let's make this month a heath for deep thoughts to thrive and flourish. Let's celebrate the power of human kindness in overcoming adversity throughout this month of greatness.

This will be my first month of fasting in the foreign land. Pathos are here, there, and everywhere, but well, it's pretty good an experience, either. No one knows how badly do I miss the sinful murtabak and refreshing ABC that I'd always had during Ramadhan. If I happened to have had enough of those, there were always other treats like satays, nasi ayam, mihun sup, and kuihs to tackle my desire. So, for Malaysians out there, be thankful that you guys are still able to live in such a heaven of food, with its plethora of gastronomical greatness. OMG I think I should've included Laksa Sarawak on the list, too! Now I can't wait for summer to taste it all!

Being a polar bear is downright cool. Trust me.

Faizal Hamssin

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

of An Epic Reunion :)

Liying was in the town baybeh! So yeah, we had a reunion dinner at Sofia. The food was, as expected, downright awesome, and the portion was HUGE that we all went home satiated as hell (yeah seriously). Will definitely dine there again next time. Here are the pictures (courtesy of Zara)

Sham's Japanese girlfriend who happened to be in Melbourne at that time for a visit was also present.

After dinner, we all went to crash at Aggie's place, hanging out there. Some of us played cards while the rest camwhored and lounged around, feeling the bliss of being in each others' company. That was very cool. Too bad little Zara was so tired that night (menstrual pain, I suppose!) that she had to sleep in Aggie's room while we all had a blast outside at the living room.

When the party was over and everyone was on the verge of leaving the place, all eyes were on Sham who was also to leave the place for her girlfriend's digs. It was a cold wintry night when someone gave him words worth of advice. "Play safe," she said. We all laughed naturally :D

Faizal Hamssin

Pardonnez-moi, mon blog!

Hey there. I love my blog. It's been the journal of my life; I started this blog just a few months after I started doing IB, so it's nearly 3-year-old by now. The 3 years filled with moments of immeasurable depth, with regards to its impacts towards molding the current me. The 3 years that have been my most exciting and inspiring years I've had, after all the relative lethargy of my highschool years. The 3 years of transitory period, the years in which my real self was finally found. The period of metamorphosis, as we may call it, the process that made my life as interesting as it seems today. It's just great, and this blog will remain here forever, as it is an important tool to remind me where I came from, and how far have I gone through the seemingly incessant sinuosity of human life. I just love it.

So dear my lovely, adorable blog, pardonnez-moi if you feel ignored or neglected these days. I really wanna write new posts, keeping you updated with my fruits of thoughts etc, but inspiration has yet to stream towards me at the moment. Yes, I seriously wanna update my blog regularly, but the mojo seems to have petered away at this very moment; I just don't know what should my next post really be all about.

But above all, at least I'm very happy with my life currently. 2nd sem seems to be awesome so far, with the new challenges and perks that it offers. I've also regained my passion in reading, and I have several unread books sitting in the case, waiting to be read soon. Studies have been fine, and friends have been awesome, so far. My Friday nights are always full of fun-filled dinner, gathering, party, or whatever that occupies my time and makes me happy, and I'll always find some time for myself (my real friends know how much do I cherish my privacy). It's just fine. Not much of a rollercoaster ride, whatever.

Perhaps when you're truly contented with your life, you'll find that it gets less interesting and pretty monotonous by day. And when life gets less interesting, there's no way that you'll come out with personal posts on your blog. Trust me it's true.

Quote of the day: Acquaintances come and go, but true friends stay.

Enough with my life story. I just got 'The Pianist' DVD from Rowden White a few days ago, and went on to watch it yesterday. The movie touched me so much it made me cry. It's a shame that I didn't get to watch this wonderful movie earlier (it was released in 2002, I guess). And it's a bigger shame for those who have the hear to deny the atrocities inflicted towards the innocent public during the World War II and Holocaust. What's wrong is wrong, that's it.

p/s I'm planning to write a personal journal to sum my 3 years up. That'd be nice, indeed. The journal will, of course, be private :)

Faizal Hamssin