Saturday, 29 September 2007


just went back from OU. I was spending 8 hours with zara there and we did suffer terribly to get right people to answer our questionnaires. guess what? i've only got about thirty questionnaires filled after all my blood, sweats, and tears in approaching one after another people at the fared slightly better, i guess. however, every cloud has got its silver lining, and the result for tonight is much better than what we got when we went to klcc 2 weeks before. after hours of having my skin thickened for several inches and waiting endlessly and patiently at the main atrium and several popular spots in the building, i went back home getting only 19 of my questionnaires answered and unforgettable fatigue that couldn't be eliminated by even a week of sleep. gosh~ perhaps my questionnaire forms look a bit too lengthy (2 pages each) and this factor might have shied people away from answering the questions given. i understand that having our 5 minutes in our life wasted for the sake of filling a questionnaire form from a stranger is a less sunny thing to do.however, thanks a lot to zara who has helped me a lot in my quest of getting at least 100 respondents to fill in my not-so-professional questionnaires.owe u a's a lot easier to do this job with you than doing it all on my own. so far i've go nearly 80 of my questionnaire forms filled thus the remaining 20 will be distributed in school next week for the teachers to fill in.20 to go, and my life will be...
emancipated at last!

*Owh, as we were looking for the next prey to become a part of our IB masterpieces in the making, i came across an optic shop and bought myself a new glasses to replace my old and damaged one! yeah, it looks nice on me according to zara.can't wait to show off next monday.yeah!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


yeah, exam's really, really around the corner. huh~ gotta buck up after this. i really hope that my result in this upcoming and extremely crucial exam's gonna be a far cry better compared to my previous ones. oh god, bless me with the strength as magnificent as the diamond and the burning spirit as hot as the scorching ray of the Mother Sun as i'll find myself fighting on the exam's battlefield next week while pushing myself to the limits unexplored before, and unearthing my real potential and abilities in the exam. i need your strength to be by my side!

*have study now but the great satiation i'm experiencing right now does actually bar me from doing so(thanks to an abundance of good food served during the Petronas fast breaking function just now). i did even find it difficult to perform my 'tarawih' due to my full and bloated stomach.gosh!with that, see you tomorrow, books!i'm so gonna make love with you all for the next two weeks. i really can't wait for the exam to be over and am really looking forward to celebrating raya in Bintulu.miss bintulu soo much!my beloved camera that has been very recently fixed is also there, sleeping on my desk, waiting for its owner to pick him up.really wanna get you!miss farith damn much.really miss those days of quarreling and having a shrieking session with him at home.good luck fasting for the first time,my lil' bro...proud of you! gotta sleep now.wish me luck ,friends.hope you guys (IB mates) are doing very well for our exam next week.gambadeh!

"After every storm, of you look to the sky patiently, a rainbow appears."

Saturday, 22 September 2007

A Picture Means A Hundred Words (a thousand is quite an exaggeration, i guess)

We were having great time celebrating the eve.i take pride of myself for being able to avoid the misery of being the sole worst performer for the bowling game.haha.meiling,we're tied and i'm not the last,okay!

the next morning, i had to endure terrible exhaustion and sleepiness to get to the merdeka square for our season drumming activity. i was sleeping all the way to the square as our bus marched towards the venue at the crack of dawn. just look at the following pictures that will be the testament of how early did the BIG day begin.however, joy has started to eclipse fatigue as the event we were all filled by the excitement for being parts of the really colourful event. the heat was scorching, obviously...we're all cladded in the chinese costume. that's pretty cool i guess.