Thursday, 20 December 2007

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Friday, 14 December 2007

Hibernating Star

Listening to Jordin Sparks's "No Air". it's a really great song indeed.

i've just gone through my friends' blogs and it seems that most of them have actually put more spices and herbs to enhance their blogs during the holiday.not longer daunted by the scarcity of time to waste, i've decided to put something on my blog, though my life has practically stagnated since the school closed its door last month for the 2 month holiday we're currently savouring. it's a shame that i've actually joined the group of polar bears who do nothing but hibernate during the bitter winter season. (in my case, idle life during the holiday) however, thank god i've done my TOK, thus, being free from the clutches of who has vowed to hunt the sinners (those who haven't submitted their assignments on time) as the first thing in the morning (8am sharp, January 3rd, 2008)...

my family having a morning walk in Genting (about 3 weeks ago)

despite the boring seconds and minutes i've actually undergone through, the holiday is not that bad after all. i've started to miss my IB friends very much and the time being spent with them. wanna go to OU!hish2. the only person i've talked to here is miss aggie, who has grown chubbier after weeks of holiday. she has also noticed that i'm getting slightly chubby nowadays, but everybody knows that the situation for both of us is extremely different. while a weight gain is considered as a curse for aggie, it is hailed as a miraculous blessings for me who has fallen into the 'skinny' group of people. however, aggie shouldn't be worried as the intensive SMASHing would keep her back in her old shape.huhu~
being away from bintulu has led me to appreciate the inner beauty of this place. really love to be here. by the way, i'm gonna sit for my driving exam next week. wish me luck okay.

My serene and leafy neighborhood

To my friend feghy who has just moved to kch, do keep in touch. the whole clique would never forget you. have fun over there and may god bless you.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

Happy holiday to all

HAPPY HOLIDAY to all my friends out there. to all IB crews, have fun indulging yourselves with an abundance of assignments. hope we're all gonna have a great time, and great TOK essay! (the latter was snatched from one of the mr Shaw's very last words before the school's over)

Bonnes Vacances pour tous =)

Saturday, 3 November 2007

Il s'agit Octobre!

having been infamous for updating my log rarely, i've decided to sum up the whole wonderful month of october into a post. yeah, the month is too memorable to be forgotten...
yeah, before the raya holiday which started on the 12th, we had bad times sitting for our year-end exam.i was kinda satisfied with my result, thanks to the many nights of burning midnight oil, studying, studying and studying for the exam. however, this exam is a wake up call for me; pay bunches more of attention toward improving my maths (my maths has downgraded my overall IB pointage to an unbelievable extent)...however, i'm not the sole sufferer, as most of my IB mates did flung in their maths paper. only yvonne was able to stand up tall with her seven, while the rest have to feel satisfied with their four, three, two, and even one, thanks to the shockingly difficult questions~ however, i'm quite happy for my chemistry, physics, and French, while my business result gave me a reason to smile. my English result was mediocre, and, to be frank, i think that it really fell short of my expectation.

Chemistry: 18/20 SIX(i've normally scored this for my's kinda ok,just gotta keep it up!)
Physics: 18/20 SIX (My physics is getting better. used to get worse than this. keep the good effort up!)
MATHS: 14/20 FOUR(never been this close to failing's a tragedy)
eng: 16/20 FIVE (should've scored better)
French: 18/20 SIX (an improvement)
Business: 20/20 SEVEN(hooray, i've got full mark for the very first time.keep it up, faizal)
TOTAL: 34/42

The outcome was neither fantastic nor tragic. it was mediocre and greatest challenge next year is to actually get out of the realism of having a MODERATE result. i must get a better result than this next time around, god-willing. i should never get complacent with such results as this!

okay, let's move on to the raya celebration. raya's great this year, though the absence of nenek, whose soul has recently returned to the afterlife did fill our raya with a dosage of sadness. however, knowing that nenek lived such a happy life and did never like to see her grandchildren being plunged into sadness in her lifetime gave us the spirit to live life as usual. the raya celebration carried on as it always did before. i had fun, chatting with my cousins, exchanging stories and, of course, gossiping about anything under the Sun. i also used the opportunity to visit my old friends in bintulu, and we really had fun having dinner, hanging out, and malling together, while sharing the countless interesting stories.
the icing of the cake was actually sleeping in my own room! yeah, home sweet home. although i'm known for my tendency to go back to bintulu pretty frequently, my home-sickness has never subsided. it even grew at an exponential rate, as my life as an IB student is getting more and more hectic than ever before. the pressure can, sometimes, be unbearable for an 18-year-old soul who has never parted away from his family before. that's why i can say that going back home is the best therapy that can cure them all.

After having fun on my self-proclaimed extended raya holiday, i went back to kl just to be amazed by how anxious mr shaw can become. One of the first things i heard from chan hu as i stepped into my really less-than-ideal room was about nothing but extended essay dateline. he told me that we're all supposed to submit our Extended Essay (EE) by the end of THE WEEK. omg. i hadnt even finished conducting my questionnaire, and was a thousand-miles-far from doing my analysis, and that guy's demanding me to finish writing the complete stuff, which is destined to be a testament of how cruel IB can become, by the end of the week? feeling afraid that my EE's progressing a way behind the schedule, me, zachary, kay n pau went to the curve on the next day for the sake of having all of our questionnaires answered.

we went to the curve, and, it was a really productive trip to a shopping mall, i guess. yeah, i'm saying that because we were able to do simply everything in that single evening...zachary and i can surely admit that both of us are getting more aggressive from day to day. we were becoming more forceful to make sure that most of the people we approached wouldnt refuse to answer our questionnaires and give us what we want; their say. amazingly, i managed to finish doing all my work by 9 o'clock, and, just before we wanna go back after having our dinner, we decided to have another repast, this time, it's a supper at the Burger King. that was the weirdest and freakiest trip i've ever made to a fast-food restaurant. we ordered our supper and spending most of the time not to eat, but, to do the camhorring. omg. so embarrassing. we were posing like mad, as if that was our 'last supper'. perhaps our pictures are enough for us to create a modern version of the age-old 'the last supper' painting by da Vinci. just kidding. here are some of the pictures that can act as a testament of how insane we can be...

owh, yeah, the month was ended with my 18th birthday, which fell on the 31st! now i'm legal and loving it! yeah~ really wanna express my sincere gratitude towards my friends who did go all the way to OU (though it isnt 2 marhalah's away from d'shire, obviously) just to celebrate my birthday there. i do really appreciate all your wishes and hope that we're all gonna be blessed with an abundance of joy and happiness. let our relationship flourish. my wishes? to get 40 and above for my IB, to have a happier and better life in the future, to secure a place in a top university over the seas, and other private wishes that i'm so not gonna enclose here.haha.let it remains a mystery. je t'aime octobre...

by the way, i've submitted my EE draft ahead the schedule! i will survive! yeah! i'm gonna be hunted no more by mr shaw. savoring the sweet emancipation and newly-found freedom is the sweetest part of being free from the clutches of EE! au revoir =)

Saturday, 29 September 2007


just went back from OU. I was spending 8 hours with zara there and we did suffer terribly to get right people to answer our questionnaires. guess what? i've only got about thirty questionnaires filled after all my blood, sweats, and tears in approaching one after another people at the fared slightly better, i guess. however, every cloud has got its silver lining, and the result for tonight is much better than what we got when we went to klcc 2 weeks before. after hours of having my skin thickened for several inches and waiting endlessly and patiently at the main atrium and several popular spots in the building, i went back home getting only 19 of my questionnaires answered and unforgettable fatigue that couldn't be eliminated by even a week of sleep. gosh~ perhaps my questionnaire forms look a bit too lengthy (2 pages each) and this factor might have shied people away from answering the questions given. i understand that having our 5 minutes in our life wasted for the sake of filling a questionnaire form from a stranger is a less sunny thing to do.however, thanks a lot to zara who has helped me a lot in my quest of getting at least 100 respondents to fill in my not-so-professional questionnaires.owe u a's a lot easier to do this job with you than doing it all on my own. so far i've go nearly 80 of my questionnaire forms filled thus the remaining 20 will be distributed in school next week for the teachers to fill in.20 to go, and my life will be...
emancipated at last!

*Owh, as we were looking for the next prey to become a part of our IB masterpieces in the making, i came across an optic shop and bought myself a new glasses to replace my old and damaged one! yeah, it looks nice on me according to zara.can't wait to show off next monday.yeah!

Wednesday, 26 September 2007


yeah, exam's really, really around the corner. huh~ gotta buck up after this. i really hope that my result in this upcoming and extremely crucial exam's gonna be a far cry better compared to my previous ones. oh god, bless me with the strength as magnificent as the diamond and the burning spirit as hot as the scorching ray of the Mother Sun as i'll find myself fighting on the exam's battlefield next week while pushing myself to the limits unexplored before, and unearthing my real potential and abilities in the exam. i need your strength to be by my side!

*have study now but the great satiation i'm experiencing right now does actually bar me from doing so(thanks to an abundance of good food served during the Petronas fast breaking function just now). i did even find it difficult to perform my 'tarawih' due to my full and bloated stomach.gosh!with that, see you tomorrow, books!i'm so gonna make love with you all for the next two weeks. i really can't wait for the exam to be over and am really looking forward to celebrating raya in Bintulu.miss bintulu soo much!my beloved camera that has been very recently fixed is also there, sleeping on my desk, waiting for its owner to pick him up.really wanna get you!miss farith damn much.really miss those days of quarreling and having a shrieking session with him at home.good luck fasting for the first time,my lil' bro...proud of you! gotta sleep now.wish me luck ,friends.hope you guys (IB mates) are doing very well for our exam next week.gambadeh!

"After every storm, of you look to the sky patiently, a rainbow appears."

Saturday, 22 September 2007

A Picture Means A Hundred Words (a thousand is quite an exaggeration, i guess)

We were having great time celebrating the eve.i take pride of myself for being able to avoid the misery of being the sole worst performer for the bowling game.haha.meiling,we're tied and i'm not the last,okay!

the next morning, i had to endure terrible exhaustion and sleepiness to get to the merdeka square for our season drumming activity. i was sleeping all the way to the square as our bus marched towards the venue at the crack of dawn. just look at the following pictures that will be the testament of how early did the BIG day begin.however, joy has started to eclipse fatigue as the event we were all filled by the excitement for being parts of the really colourful event. the heat was scorching, obviously...we're all cladded in the chinese costume. that's pretty cool i guess.

Friday, 31 August 2007

thank you malaysia!

we were all shocked and ecstatic to hear from mr shaw that there would be no lesson for the whole of the week.this was certainly one of the best thing i've ever heard in whole my lesson also means no assignment,no homework,no burning of the midnight oil,etc. however,the lessons were all canceled due to the fact that all IB students of Sri KDU were selected to perform chinese season's drum during the national day celebration on the 31st would soon become a greatly memorable experience of mine.
this year's merdeka celebration was planned to be the grandest ever as the whole nation as this was also done to commemorate the golden jubilee of our country. that was why we were all told to do our best and perform the most mesmerizing showcase of the chinese season drumming ever for the sake of the whole merrymaking process.we started practising on monday from scratch as most of us have never touched the drumstick before.this was also the very first time experience for me.for the first day,most of us did suck big time as the rhythm was not really well synchronized.we also started quite late compared to other groups who have begun their practice session weeks before.the reason behind a bunch of flaws were understandable.
from tuesday onwards,the harsh reality of this whole activity was felt by us all.we were told not to come at 9am as what we did for the first day of our practice.instead,we were ordered to reach the merdeka square by 6am."omg, how am i supposed to wake up that early to reach there at the crack of the dawn?"i woke up as early as 4.50 am,highly spirited to reach the pick-up point on time.the make matters worse,all my blood,sweats and tears to wake up that early did turn into vain as the bus reached d'shire villa late,45 minutes behind the schedule.damn the driver!
we practised all the way,and as time went by,most of us managed to show tremendous improvisation in all respects of our performance.
however,i was quite disappointed of the breakfast provided to us.the food was really tasteless.i could really count the number of tiny fishcakes that were added to our so-called's a far cry from the image of our school as a rich school with an abundance of resources.really disappointing.then, we were supposed to get paid for performing for the merdeka day.without asking for our permission at all,all our money is going to be contributed to the Charis Charity Fund.omg.if the school really wants to contribute its bits for the betterment of the society,do ask our permission first.that's our money,and not even a single penny is there to be snatched from us indiscriminately.i hope what i heard regarding the matter mentioned above is a mere hear-say.
then, comes the BIG day.this time around, we were required to be at the square by 5am.that's too early,and i had to wake up at 4am regardless the fact that i went to bed at around 1.30am the night (owh,'s morning already) before. the midnight sale at OU was really cool.everything was cheaper than ever before.the night before,i also indulged myself with a pint of baskin' that was shared with pau.the baskin' was sold at a 35% discounted pau said,"this ice cream is here to compensate the suffering we'll have to bear for going to the square so damn early".there are truths in what he said.
the day was the most gleaming one in my life.cameramen and journalists were everywhere to snap our pictures and interview us.that was really,really cool.we also managed to see the paramount leader (agong),PM,and many dignitaries and kings from several foreign countries.we were being watched by millions of malaysians as the whole event went to the tv screen.damn proud,haha.sofia was really a magnet for the rtm cameraman, due to her beauty, perhaps, and playing the drum just behind her was the most strategic decision i've ever made in my life as my face was also included in all the captions involving her.i appeared on the tv screen for several times,and felt really glad about it.feeling like a celebrity for a short while worth the pain of the whole week.then, i was also interviewed by the siswa magazine,and had my pictures taken.i would really look forward to seeing my whole blurred face in the mag soon.haha.we were also interviewed by a tv reporter,whom we believed to be from an indonesian tv was a really rewarding experience of mine.
the dark side was all of us were burnt by the scorching ray of the mother Sun,thanks to the abundance of UV rays escaping through the increasingly thin ozone layer.what a lame science lecture it was.i spared the worse reality of having an obvious zebra-like stripe on my forehead,thanks to the generous amount of sunblock applied on my skin.haha.
i've also got several pictures which are yet to be grabbed from my friends.surely am i gonna upload them on my blog really soon.

Sunday, 5 August 2007

Penang trip...

last weekend was really great for me. The Penang trip was really an antidote that has done miraculous job to alleviate my stress that has been mounting since the recent months. 2007 is an extremely stressful yr for us all. IB doesn't deserve to be called IB if it doesn't let us feel stressed up. that's the reason for the existence of this program in the world, i guess...
yeah, the weekend was great, as i was having fun on my trip to Penang. Together with all my IB mates in SriKDU, we went to Penang and had our 2 nights stay at the Sri Sayang Apartment, that look really nice and decent from the outside, but pathetically messed up inside. the condition of the 2-room apartment where me, Pau, and Aleemah stayed left a lot to be desired. the water heater didn't function really well, and we had to suffer taking our bath in the icy cool water. to make matters worse, the location of the hotel, which is at the hillside means that the piped water is damn cool. not only that, the aircond system was also a crap. it didn't function well in our room, a symbol of the poor maintenance work done by the hotel management. the pathetic condition of our room forced Pau n I to sleep at the living room on the 2nd night for a 'warmer' pasture. actually, i'm very used to living in the even worse conditions than this, but, the fact that the hotel's astronomical rate didn't match the service provided to us did dissapoint me...
About the activities, the whole trip was the BOMB! i really enjoy doing all those stuff, especially the scavenger's hunt, where our group sucked and thrived big time. although we were far from winning the 'amazing race'-styled activity, i really enjoyed myself exploring the city of Georgetown while running, running, and to the worse extent, 'jogging'(when we didn't have any more calories left to be burnt' as fast as possible in order to get to our destinations as soon as possible. even though we Ferringhi didn't win, i'm glad to say that how proud i am of our group. all of us did show the great spirit of teamwork throughout the race, and most of us are willing to sacrifice our personal interest for the sake of the whole team. that's kinda enlightening for me...
on the sunday, we visited the Kek Lok Si temple, which is located on the top of a hill (i'm not sure of the hill's name). the temple is famous for its architectural grandeur, and, after being told by camy about the wonderful view that we can get from the top of the pagoda, i didn't hesitate to climb up to the top of the pagoda. to get there, we had to walk up for nearly half an hour. that was damn exhausting, but all my sweats didn't turn into vain. the view from the top of the hill was amazing, and the design of the pagoda itself was mesmerizing, as it showcased the authentic Chinese architecture. i was able to shoot several pics there, before rushing back to our assembly point to avoid ms Kalai's blood from boiling due to my "unpunctuality". i wanna listen to her music no more, obviously.
we went back to KL straight from Kek Lok Si, and i reached at D'Shire at about 11pm. the trip on the bus wasn't boring at all. we were chatting, gossipping, and even singing on the bus. the guys went against the girls in a so-called singing competition. that was the time when i hear Andrew singing with his very mounting spirit, to the extent of breaking his voice. we just laughed and the singing 'out of the tune' session didn't cease until we reached KL.
yeah,that's my sweet memory in Penang. Au revoir ~

Saturday, 7 July 2007

Not much

Owh, i haven't updated my blog for such a long of time. So far, my life just went on normally for the last fortnight. The tonnes of homework that are given to us have actually 'caged' us and our life. Every single weeknight should be dedicated to the purpose of finishing off all the tasks given. it's a hectic life for us, actually. however, despite my 'sufferings', i have a very justifiable reason to feel grateful and happy for not having Dr Read as my english teacher. i heard from fatin, alin, and pau about the 'abundance' of homeworks, journals, etc, that should be finished every night. Their commitments to finish Dr. Read's stuff, together with the loads of other subjects have caused them to look really dull at school. poor of my friends. hope you guys will be able to cope with all these in the future. now, i've finally begun appreciate Mr. Jonathan as my english teacher. even though his jokes can be considered as nothing but 'lame' for most of the times, but he doesn't give us much tasks to be done. that's the icing of the cake. hehe...however, TOK session with him really sucks. seriously. i think that TOK is the most dreadful lesson in the whole week. Only Ahmad Syafiq looks really keen and joyful during the lesson. i really wonder how is he able to laugh at those very 'lifeless' jokes from mr Jon. I am glad to admit that Mr. Jonathan is a very nice kind of person, but he needs to diversify the way he teaches us TOK. we're extremely bored with the same method of teaching, actually.
Last weekend, i was staying with my cousins and uncle at ParkRoyal Hotel. i was so glad to gather with my cousins here, and the hotel is just across the road from Sg Wang Plaza, and we're having our retail therapy there. we're also quite busy helping my cousin Yani to get her stuff there, as she's going to register in UM on the day after that. i saw that Ranee's got her new hairstyle. wow, her hair looks really nice. Both shasha and i were not spending much, due to our several unexplainable constraints, i guess. hehe. actually, i'm in a 'Vitamin M saving mode' to cut down my expenditure, which has been escalating recently. (Vitamin M is actually MONEY!!!). I only spent nearly 30 bucks buying myself a new pencil case (ironically), and that was all. last sunday, after sleeping very late (my cousins and i were hanging out at the Bukit Bintang Area the night before), we woke up very early in the morning and sent my cousin Yani to UM for a registration process. i was given the chance to enter the girls' hostel there, and i found out that the state of the place was really pathetic. i guess the whole hostel was built and furnished during the Paleolitic Age. however, the whole university is cool, and it's full of historical values. I really hope that Yani's gonna have good time studying in UM. It's a privilege to study at of the best institutions in the whole country. Bravo, bravo...

Tomorrow, we're gonna have swimming gala, and i'm happy to come to school and socialize with my buddies for the day, but i simply hate waking up early tomorrow. Mary has asked us to go to school on the 7.10 am bus. common, i really need some sleep. i simply hate those activities on the weekend which require me to wake up damn early in the morning. i'm so done with al those exhaustion on the weekdays, and now, my only hope to hibernate (saturday morning) is frequently snatched by the school's activities on the weekend. i really hope that our charity sale will be a success. we really need to raise more money to support our trip to Penang. I've paid RM250 for the trip, and the amount is actually astronomical for such a 2-night-long trip as this. i wanna my money back!!! that's why we should really buck up for our drink sale tomorrow for the sake of our (and my) coffer. we need refund!
Here, i would like to wish happy 21st birthday to my sister Erna. huhu...hope that u're gonna enjoy being 21. keep on being such a nice kind of person. do maintain your great exam result, and buck up for your final sem exam. i hope that u'll walk out of UPM next year with your tip-top degree. i'm here, waiting you to treat me. secret ecipe pun jadila. hehe. it's your birthday, and a birthday girl is the one who is supposed to treat me, right? that's revoir.

Sunday, 24 June 2007

a night at nenek's house

well, i'm currently at my nenek's house, chatting wif my cousins while using the wifi facility there to check others' friendster profile. hehe...actually, we really enjoy digging other ppl's secret's from friendster, and getting latest news regarding our other cousins and relatives whose stories are little known due to the great distance separating us fact, my family is damn vast. i have a numerous amount of 1st cousins, and not to forget a lottttt of 2nd cousins who are scattered here and there, leaving us everything but recognizing each other as a part of our grand family.
As what i've expected before, all my cousins do gather here, at nenek's house for her posthumous ceremonies like tahlil, yaasin, etc. even though all of us are currently covered by the cloud of sadness due to the departure of our nenek, we are also having fun now, exchanging stories, sharing really hot and funny stories, and even playing 'Uno' card. huuh...of course, as it is extremely rare for us all to gather this way due to the several constraints which disable my cousins to come back to btu really often. we're having fun, ironically, today, and we were laughing, laughing, and laughing joyously as we heard latest stories regarding abg Din's latest development. "are we going to hear another fake story from him? i'm tired of hearing all those terrible stuff from his mouth," that was lingering in my mind as i heard some ridiculous stuff from him.i don't know, but i can hardly believe anything he said to us just know, as all the things we were told of was really ridiculous by the judgment of any sensible person.
Tonight, i'm gonna sleep at my nenek's house, before paying my visitation at her final resting place at tomorrow's morning. this house is really full of the memory of my nenek, and i couldn't stop myself from keep thinking about nenek and the memory full joy and happiness with her as i gazed on the stuff that she really love on those days, like the antique decorations, and her lovely potrait in the bygone days... then, i'll be back home and study chemistry to cover up what i was supposed to learn on the day i skipped the school.
owh, thnxx, mary, for missing me. huhu...really? hehe, and, to my friends, miss u guyz a lot, and going back to school this tues. wanna prepare for my presentation this monday at my former school. Again, i'll be back at my former school, and i'm so ecstatic to see what's new and happening in my former school now. u know, i've spent 5 years studying there, and have a deep emotional feeling regarding SMKK. i'm going to talk at SMKK library this monday. i'm gonna have a 2-hour-long slot which is allocated for me, myself, and I. doesn't it sound weird? dunnoe,la... i wish i can do well this monday. SMKK, here i come!! my IB friends, see you in school. au revoir =)

Friday, 22 June 2007

the week full of blues

okay, 1st of all, i haven't updated my blog for quite a time, and this was due to the time constraints (really?), as well as my own laziness. now, finally, i've decided to update this simple blog a little bit frequent (actually i'm so envious of pau's really amazing and frequently-updated blog. i wanna follow suit)
Yes, the recent days have been really challenging to me, as my beloved and last-surviving grandma, Bibi Sakinah bt Akhbar Khan, passed away peacefully at the age of 84. al-fatihah for her. she'll always be eternalized by our sweet memory as a family, and i'll really miss our really big annual Hari Raya gathering that's always filled with laughters and joy. it's my hope that her soul will rest in eternal peace. amin... now, i neither have my grandpa nor grandma anymore, and that's a sad reality, actually.
That's not all that I have in this week. hearing from my mom that grandma's just passed away, i've decided to go back to bintulu as soon as possible, and my flight was scheduled at 1:40 pm, the day after her passing. i was so spirited and, actually, ecstatic to go back home that i've finished packing all my stuff the night before my departure, and everything was ensured to be perfectly right, when I did a silly mistake that i'll never forget. You know, i've woke up at about 6:50 to perform my Subuh, and as i felt terribly sleepy, i slept again at around 7:00, and set my alarm clock at about 8:15. feeling so confident that i'll be able to arrive at the airport on time, with such so-called time management, i just slept to my heart's content. huhu...
Then, i woke up, and the first thing I did as i woke up was looking at my watch to know whether i've been late or not. then, as i looked at my watch, i was damnnnn surprised to see that it's already 12:30pm. goodness!!! it's virtually impossible for me to catch my 1:40 flight, as i need at least an hour to reach the airport, and AirAsia's policy that requires every guest to check in 45 minutes before the departure time has made matters worse. i didnt know what to do, and about 3 mins later, my dad called me, to know whether i've reached LCCT or not at the moment. i was crying bitterly, nope, nope... i was wailing(what a shame) as i explained everything to my dad. then, my mom got the phone and tried to cool me down. i said that i was really sorry and did'nt mean to throw more than rm200 (the ticket's one-way price) down the drain. i also told her that i really wanna attend any of the posthumous functions related to my grandma's departure, as a part of my responsibility as her grandson. then, i cried, and my aunt also tried to cool me down. owh, god, what a shame!!! the whole family must've known now about the matter. i don't know where the hell on earth should i throw my face in order to hide my embarrassments. however, we've ended with a conclusion- i'll be back the next day, and my mom managed to book a tixx from my uncle's travel agency, just in the nick of time, and the cost, it's nothing but astronomical for a freakingly bad service airasia has to offer. it's damn expensive, actually, as my mom booked the ticket very late...
Incident is as terrible blow, as well as a wake up call for me. i came out with a resolution- i must try my best to overcome my bad sleeping habit. now, i'm going to get myself ready for my flight back to bintulu. this time around, i woke up so damned early, and planned to leave home at about 8:30. i'll never let the same thing to happen again. it's simply tragic.
That's the sad story of mine...

Friday, 25 May 2007


owh, thnxx god, xm is ova!! it ended wif physics paper, which i found to be so damn dffclt. my gudness, the questions were damn confusing, n i can do nothing now but to cross my fingers n pray for the best. owh, the gud thing is, aftr the xm's ova, my frenz n i went to 1Utama n hav a whole nite full of fun!! yeah, we celebrated our frenz' burpday (Ju Anne n Kim) there, at TGIF. wow, the gathering was great, n the food was oso nice n sumptuous... i finally know that Nadieya is sooo funny, huhu. a far cry from my 1st assumption on her b4 tis. huhu. we took countless pics together, n Sarah was really a photographer of the nite, with her cam.huhu. we went home at around 10.40, n wow, i was so satiated aftr an abundance of repast throughout the nite. ju anne was quite emotional as she received burpday gifts from her frenz, n i'm feeling damnnn guilty for not giving anything to her, dude...sorry, ju anne...

By the way, i'm goin bak to s'wak tis sat...can't wait for it~ I miss my bed seriously...huhu. wut i wanna do during my 2-week oliday is actually hibernating. wanna be a polar bear there. haha. i'm craving for a long,long, and undisrupted sleep, which i can barely get here during the school days. huhu...

au revoir.

Midyear Exam

Our midyr examination's gonna start 2moro (14th may) with maths HL, and i'm gonna be extremely bz throughout the week in order to improve my overall ranking in the school. so far, i've done pretty OK for my past evaluations (35/42points for the 1st Class Test, and 37/42points for the 2nd class test). my target for the midyr is 38/42points, and i really hope that i'll be able to achieve this target. (petronas' requirement is 35 points and above, and the ,best a student can get is 42points). owh, dun wanna waste my tym now, hav to revise maths. au revoir, wish me gud luck,k.


Owkay, when i was informed by our English teacher, Ms Maya tat english version of Salina-A. Samad Said is gonna be included in our literature syllabus, i really wondered how can i stand reading this 500-page book. u noe, i really hate to read novels, esp those related to the history of our country, etc howeva, after reading through the novel, i found out tat Salina is a really eye-opener for everybody. it's one of the greatest novels i've read. maybe i'm exaggeratin, but i honestly feel tat the plot was crafted nicely by the author. owkay, Salina is all about Salina, a Malay lady, who has been victimised by the madness and cruelty of war. her family and sweetheart were killed by the Japs, leaving her all alone. war has also transformed Salina from a rich girl into an extremely poor lady, who can hardly make ends meet. in order to support herself, Salina becomes a prostitutes and suffers subjugation and prejudism by the society. to make matters worse, Abd Fakar, Salina's replacement of her late sweetheart Muhd Yusuf (both are having very similar physical appearances), treats her badly. she is always beaten and abused by Fakar. the story also has a very shocking ending. overall, it's all about Salina's struggle in her quest to be emancipated. it's a great novel tat shud be read by evryone>>>

WELCOME 2nd Batch of Petronas Scholars...lookin forward to seeing you guyz!!

owh, results for Petronas Scholarship (2nd Intake) were just out today. congratzulations to all my buddies who have got it. welcome to the club. being a petronas scholar will enable u guys to be part of our big family. you're also gonna engage yourselves in various activities (organized by petronas, of coz), throughout ur studies. don't worry much, as the activities are so damn cool, an example being the 'soaring the eagle' that i joined last month. it's undeniably the best motivational camp i've ever joined in whole my life. owh, i would also like to welcome the new batch of IB students in Sri KDU. we're glad to have our IB family enlarged with you guys' presence, and u guys are gonna have lots of fun here. believe me it's so true. Au revoir

tHE eND OF tHE fReaKIngLy TiRiN weEk 4me...

owh, gudness. i'm so gratefool it's already friday...the whole week was extremely tough for me, and the debate competition was making me feel more and more stressed. i noe tat i'm not the only one who's so pissed off wif all tis debate thingy, but my teammate, zara and aaron must be feeling the same too... owh, but gratefully, we got 3rd place. firstly, i was utterly disappointed, but it's actually a blessing for least we dun hav to endure another round of debate next week. we're so damn tired of talking, rebuttin, 'poi'ng, etc. hehe...

class test? it's ova, thnxx gudness. i thnk i've performed jez okay for this test. however, i need to work much harder for my physics!! hehe. howeva, i'm actually hepi wif my french n math.

Class Test II

yesterday (10th april) was the final for my Syarahan Competition. it's held at our school magnificent hall, and i was really damn nervous to see hundreds of students watching me delivering the speech. my hands were shaking badly (as usual), and i thibnk that i've talked too fast. perhaps it's due to time constraint, as i was only given 5mins to finish everything .i ended up being the 3rd. so dissappointed, dude. i should've done better.
owh, it's another xm week. seems that i have to burn my midnite oil throughout the week. owh, so sick of it. to make matters worse, our teachers are still giving tonnes of assignment during this test week. how can we cope with all these things?


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