Wednesday, 27 February 2008

1st Class Test

Okay, i've just received the final result for my very first class test in the year 2008. the result is just OKAY but i myself don't really feel glad for the result i've obtained this time around. for me, scoring simply 35 is simply modest, safe, and okay. that's all. it is neither a cloud signifying the ongoing academic decadency of me nor the rainbow that symbolizes a much-coveted academic attainment harvested due to the efforts poured into my studies. i wanna achieve the LATTER! the result for my 1st class test is as follows:
CHEM: 17/20 SIX

Total: 35/42

Perhaps a more wise management of time and buckets of midnight oil to be burnt would do...


Sunday, 24 February 2008

IB Grade Boundaries

I've suddenly found this site displaying the IB exams grade boundaries. the range of mark displayed gives me a more optimistic view of what i can actually achieve for my IB exam. it's also obvious that the school's requirement of getting seven (19/20 and above) is just skyrocketingly high. the requirement is overtly stringent and this might bear the risk of causing Sri KDU IB students' level of confidence and motivations to decrease. perhaps, now is the perfect moment for the school to modify its IB grading system to become more relevant to everybody.

If u wanna see the whole IB grade boundaries, just hit the link below:

p/s I just checked my 'Feedjit' and apparently this post has garnered quite a lot of hits, hence the action of fixing the link above that was broken for quite a while. It is now working, finally. Apologies on my part. Good luck!

Faizal Hamssin

Saturday, 23 February 2008


okay things are getting better right now; my EE is on the verge of being fully completed, my IAs are progressing well and my 1st World Lit is also to be given a final touch up before being submitted to Mr.Shaw. Thus, this is the very right time for me to focus for nothing but my IB final exam. Forget about class test;who cares about the class test when you have an ultimate and divine emphasis for the year, which definitely is the IB final year exam. i actually have faith in my ability in getting the result that petronas demands. now i need the God's blessings, and mercy and more efforts should be poured to fortify my strengths and rectify my weaknesses in IB. Come on, the IB, Sri KDU, and all the sufferings that I have to bear throughout these definitive 2 years are truly the opportunities of my lifetime. this year should be either the most glorious or devastating period of my life; and i can't afford to flop. okay all of us should cease worrying too much about our exams because we are all going to make it. each of us is blessed with our own distinctive strengths and flaws, but we are all here for a reason. we're here because we deserve to be here. we're here because we have what it takes to succeed. we're all gonna make it through the rain my dearest IB mates...

All of the petronas scholars from my batch were required to fill in a form to give Petronas and Sri KDU a clearer picture of the universities that we're all eyeing. the universities that are included in the list are all located in the southern hemisphere countries of Aus, NZ, or South Africe; there's nothing surprising nor shocking about this. however, this fact has never eroded my ultimate dream to get a place in one of the prestigious universities in the UK. fortunately, petronas did also give us an additional list which consists of several top UK universities where we're all allowed to apply for. however, the costs incurred throughout the application and assessment processes are all to be bear by the applicants, which sets this option apart from the previous option of studying in the southern hemisphere countries. I've been very interested in going to imperial college london, which is one of the institutions of my dream.

luckily, several of my friends are also very keen to apply for the UK universities that are 'recognized' by our patron petronas- Ox-bridge, Imperial, LSE. this would make our self-application processes much easier as we would have each other to turn to.

However, i do understand that getting a place in Imperial has never been easy. my result should be fantastic and my level of charisma should also be polished to prepare me for the rigorous university entrance exams and interviews. therefore, i'm not going to put a hope as high as the Eden for me to get a place in the UK colleges that have been listed by petronas. i believe that the chance is there, but life is not a fairy tale, after all. it is very difficult to predict something that will happen next year, as humans and their destinies keep on changing with time.

Thus, I've picked 4 universities in the southern hemisphere for me to apply. (it is compulsory for us to apply four southern-hemisphere universities). my choices are as follows:

1) University of SYDNEY

This university has a long history of excellence;
THES Rank: 31
Sydney is a great city to live in. definitely my first choice.

2) University of AUCKLAND

University Rank (THES) = 50
NZ tempts me with its kiwi culture and great landscape. I don't personally love living in an overtly-bustling and hectic place. Auckland should do.

3) University of QUEENSLAND

THES Rank: 33
The university offers an excellent geology program.

4) University of CAPE TOWN

THES rank: top200
The main reason for me to pick UCT is the charm that Cape Town and South Africa has to offer. it is a place full of natural wonders and sexy architectures. the weather is also gorgeous (Summer: 16-26 celcius, winter: 7-17 celcius). the cape winelands region is really picturesque with all the vineyards and quaint towns with mighty mountain ranges as their backdrops. table mountain? breathtaking.


Saturday, 16 February 2008

IB Solidarity Party

while pouring my heart and soul typing my previous post, i suddenly got stuck and dragged into some serious YM conversation with Afida about...POLITICS? The conversation was at its zenith of intellectual exchange between us two (something i really rarely do via YM), when the topic suddenly changed into the really less-serious ones. it's time for us to have some fun joking around. it all started like this:

Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:43:08 PM): he opposes lobbyist.. which means he would do something for the country for the sake of the people.. not for the lobbyist..
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:43:19 PM): oic thats good
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:43:31 PM): seems that u know a lot about us politics than i do
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:43:35 PM): thats great
Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:43:41 PM): he has background of africa.. and lives in indonesia for four years..

minutes later...,

fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:12 PM): i hope msians would become as matured as the americans in the future
Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:52:24 PM): insya-Allah.. it starts with us..
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:28 PM): we really need to get outta this stagnating state
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:31 PM): haha yeah
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:38 PM): lets form IB party
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:47 PM): all IB alumni unite
Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:52:52 PM): yep..

then it started with the formation of our own utopia party on the net. the IB Alumni Party. that was just too too crazy man. just imagine, the conversation about our funny, and, sometimes, unrealistic party has just dragged us two into a kinda long conversation. here is the list of petronas IB people and their imaginary role(s):

mary: leader, spokesperson
syed: highly-spirited campaign cum tganu minister (that's the most realistic prediction we made i guess)
fida: HQ (secretary) & the so-called samaritan who visits the flood victims etc. soo sweet
aiman: women's right
jiha: kelantan's minister (omg)
amin: he woos the female voters!
aleen: she woos the guys!
fatin: fida said,"fatin woo the gangster, mat rempit and all the sweet but naughty people.."
kay: segambut mp. gonna sing her fav alicia keys' number "no one" to woo voters. "no one no one no one can replace me..."
pau: economist (presenting all the statistics to the voters)
zara: fida said,"zara woo the kids and the handicapped..". lets keep finer crossing that she wont sleep in the orphanage together with the orphans due to her drowsiness.
yvonne: finance minister
ju anne: national musician
siangie: human cum animals right advocate. he shares the latter position with zara
chanhu: money lender a.k.a. along to help the poors
hafiz: rock kapak to entertain the voters
ammirul: a MP cum fashion model. his election poster's gonna be filled with the images of him posing like there's no tomorrow
khairul:msian version of CIA computer hacker
linges: next samy velu (his EE is the mainstay of all future projects)
aggie: faizal said,"aggie bwat yoga demo to campaign". health minister. SMASH should be built everywhere. yoga lessons should be provided for free. No high-calorie food is gonna be sold in the country. tau foo and porridge is the national delicacy. relationship with mongolia n nepal is gonna be fortified.
me: senator to advocate for a better position of the women. (hello, am i that sweet?) =P

For the other IB people (non scholars), just wait for a while as we're gonna expand this list to include u guys later, but, im just damn sure that aaron's gonna be the foreign minister, while kim can make a perfect arts & cultural senator. riza the msian dancer who dance to woo voters. winson? minister of education while jonmah can be a great minister of science and innovation. this list is so gonna be expanded from time to time.

Friday, 15 February 2008


The increasingly-demanding IB has eventually taken its toll. time has never been this precious before, and this very possession is the constraint that has greatly barred me from updating my stagnating blog frequently. however, thinking that my blog should not succumb due to the woes that i'm currently facing, added by the constant encouragement (and decree) by my friends (pau especially, needless to say), give me the strength to keep on writing and having fun blogging. after all, that's having fun is the golden reason to blog am i right?

Okay, Chinese New Year holiday rocks i guess, but, i didn't go back to bintulu the place i love for the break. having nothing to do (putting aside the IB craps) i've decided to join my cousins for a trip to Genting Highlands. actually I've gone genting before but this very trip was really fun and full of nothing but enjoyment! however, it was kinda bad that my sister was sick that she couldn't make it with us. here are several pictures that were shot during our Genting so-called crazy escapade.

this was only the beginning

okay the place was damn freakingly crowded on that day. there were people here there and everywhere and getting a headache was just inevitable. needless to say, the hotel rooms were all fully-booked and there was simply no place for four of us. thank goodness there was a shine at the end of every deep tunnel, and we did, miraculously, get a room just before the outdoor park was closed. that thrilled me a lot as there was not a single room when we sought for them in the daytime.perhaps some Samaritans were wonderful enough to leave their room earlier than they were required to. that's a total blessing for us. getting a room saved us from having to ride the cable car back to the foothill in the complete darkness of night. I'd surely dread that.

having a room, there's nothing that could stop us from savoring the real essence of that really lively night. we just kept on having great rides at the indoor theme park while sharing hottest gossips with each other.

Our hands =)

searching for a demon

we all went back on the next morning with extreme fatigue sticking on me. damn tiring and exhausting experience it was but, who cares, if you had real bunch of fun throwing all the misery of IB for just a little while.