Friday, 18 December 2009

Of Mukabukuholicism

Mukabukuholic versus Facebookaholic. And I think the former wins big against the latter. It's so much easier to pronounce, don't you think so? Try to pronounce Facebookaholic. It is a tongue-twister, don't you think so?

Manglish Boleh. Malaysia Boleh!


You see, even facebook could hit a kind of wall after which it just doesn't seem to be very interesting. I got pretty bored of it. But then, friendster sucks more, and myspace is just like another lame dating site so where can I turn to now? ;(
Talking about myspace, it makes me LMFAO to see so many girls (and, disturbingly, guys too!) put up pictures of them with disturbing cute-wannabe poses. Lots of them tended to think that by bigging (or literally popping) their eyes out and disastrously pouting their lips, they'd look cute. But hey, you ain't no Tyra Banks or Miss Jay Alexander, okay! It's fugly at its best! I have nothing against anyone with any poses, but seriously, you can easily differentiate between some normal, natural poses and the fake, pretentious ones. And these people would add strangers and they're inundating facebook nowadays, making it more tedious for the normal, sane, users to keep on clicking 'ignore' from what seems to be incessant and blatant friend requests from them.

But well, I can hate facebook as much as I want, but I still have to admit that I can't live without it. There needs to be a rehab for Mukabukuholicism, I believe!

p/s the post was written just after I found out that I had nothing to do after having facebooked for the whole night.

Faizal Hamssin

You're So So Lame

You call me a hick yet you can't differentiate a "cook" and a "cooker"?

Boo Shame Shame

At least I'm not a "cooker" LOL

Faizal Hamssin

Monday, 14 December 2009

Music of the Night

Norah Jones doing her thing. Awesomeness ;)

Faizal Hamssin

The Epitome of Frog-Singing

If there's such thing as a singing frog, I think I must be it.

We sang our stress away. We sang our lungs away. It seems that the pathetic frogs finally found some digs to do their 'thing'.

I sang "One Sweet Day" in the end; so much for a happy day.

Not only the singing skills do we lack, we're certainly the biggest loser when it comes to camwhoring. Where the hell was half of my head?

But well, I love you all. Without you, Bintulu would've been bleak. And I'm being honest here.

I wanna do it again.

p/s pictures courtesy of Doro and Emmi.

Faizal Hamssin

2009 2010 2011

2009 go away, don't come again another day, little Faizal wants to stray.
Life seems to be full of promises now that this great year is going to end.
When a being is happy, his soul will definitely yearn for the flavors of challenges,
And I know that 2010 will be full of them.
As the shadow of the nightly past peters away.
And the endless nights of slaving myself to cast those negativities away seem to be a million light years away,
A new day beckons,
Turning hope into a magical star.

I have nothing but optimism.

Random rambling on a Sunday night. Everyday is weekend now that holidays are in charge. What Monday blues?

Enjoy this classic. Good night ;)

Faizal Hamssin

Friday, 11 December 2009

Of Uneuphoric Relief

iThe 2nd Semester results have finally been released and yay, I've officially survived the first year of uni ;)

Here the 'gory' details go;
Chemistry 2: 88 H1
Linear Algebra: 71 H2B
The Earth, Atmosphere and Oceans: 82 H1
Introductory Macroeconomics: 76 H2A

Total WAM: 79.3/100

[Another kind of so-close-but-so-far-away drama struck me again. Just 3 freaking marks- that's all I needed, and I could've gotten an 80 WAM straightaway. Dammit]

Overall mood regarding the results: Relieved, but not so happy.

But hey, at least I did pass my Linear Algebra and scored respectable okay in the subject. Lord knows how much I hated the subject, and its syllabus being totally irrelevant to my major (Geology) just exacerbated that feeling. Seriously, I never hated a subject that much, what more with the annoying MATLAB component of the subject that didn't help much. With that in mind, I kinda left everything till the very last minutes, and voila. God had been nice to me this time around. Thank you ;)

And yes, that 76 in Macroeconomics really disappoints me. I really didn't know what went wrong, actually. The paper wasn't, at all, hard, and I loved the subject so much that I really hoped I'd ace it hands down.

With that being said, my result this time around ain't as great as my first semester's, but well, I can tell you all that I had THE time of my life on the second sem. That was the period when I started to learn more about life and got closer to like-minded people who made the uni hardship bearable and colorful. The study meetings we all had in Baileu, Old Eng, ERC - they were all fun, and not at all strenuous.

Well, life is not all about getting straight As, I guess. Life's about living the moment.

May the good vibes keep on rolling in next year. Melbourne peeps, I miss you. Really.

Faizal Hamssin

p/s to my well-performing friends, congratulations! Especially to that alien-brained juwie Farouq who managed to score straight H1s. Seriously, that's fantastic ;)

Saturday, 5 December 2009


I'm in Malaysia now! Gonna be here for all through my summer break. 3 months, baby!

Feeling: Refreshed. Upbeat.

I miss Melbourne! I guess I'm pretty much a workaholic who doesn't know when to stop working. I kind of miss the smell and characteristic ambiance of unimelb's lecture halls. Anything that's got anything to do with uni, including the putrid sushi lunches back in those busy days, and the crowded Bailleu Library that caused claustrophobia-related feelings to flush through my veins seem intriguing now ;p

I guess I should not treat my summer break the way polar bear treats its 6 months of wintry darkness. I gotta do something. Any ideas, out there?

Faizal Hamssin