Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thank You!

Prom's over, so does the whole IB experience. The prom night (a.k.a. pseudo-graduation) was a decent event, indeed, regardless of the controversies that have always been associated to the ways it was held. It was a success in the way that most of us had a good time, and that's the only thing that matters for me now. The food was terrible indeed (the prawn was damn salty, the fish fillet didn't bear any taste of a 'fish' it was atrocious). The more pathetic fact about the food is that we're all charged 40 bucks for the astonishingly bad food. Another caterer for the next prom, please!

I shall stop ranting on the prom food. The main reason for me to write this post is to thank my teachers and friends for their contributions in making my whole IB journey meaningful. Yes, I understand that the air of discontentment with regards to the whole IB experience that we've had in Sri KDU has already risen among most of us, but don't you guys think that we've all been complaining too much that we've already forgotten the fact that we truly deserve a space for us to think and reminisce on the positive aspects of IB in Sri KDU. I know that most of us think that the whole experience of doing IB in Sri KDU sucks, and I totally respect your opinion and stand in this matter. Yes, IB might suck big day, and Mr. Shaw might be such an irresponsible IB coordinator and so on so forth. Yes, you are free to think so, and such freedom of thinking and voicing out our opinion is supposed to be one of the most pivotal elements of IB itself. Yes, we are in the position to lament anybody for the negativities that might have surrounded us all in the 2 years of us doing IB. However, don't you think that while we're all focussed in looking into the negative aspects of our academic life in Sri KDU, we have also overlooked some of the brighter sides of our IB life in Sri KDU. There are certain positive elements that were embedded in our IB experience without us even trying to appreciate them. And these positivities were mostly crafted by my dearest IB teachers, whose dedication will always remain in my heart and soul forever. The latter parts of this post will all be dedicated to you, my teachers...

Mr. Lawrence:
You've been teaching me chemistry since day one and I can't help but to be awe-inspired by your dedication in turning your students into the future Einstein and Markovnikov. I can't help but to feel deeply touched by your willingness to have long, sleepless nights to prepare the materials needed for us to accelerate into the future as an independent, scientific, and knowledgeable beings with good hearts and souls, too. Your ideas on the importance of integrity in doing scientific investigation and independence in wading our way through the expanse of knowledge will always be my guidance and saving grace for years to come. We'll all get SEVEN, Mr. Lawrence, god-willingly. Thank you.

Mr. Sai Mun:
You've been one of the most laid-back, yet effective teachers I've ever met. Your jokes have always uplifted our mood in the most depressing times, and your notes have always been very very useful! The simple and relaxed ways of your teaching have always set you apart from Mr. Lawrence's heavier, and intensive ways of teaching, but both of you were all focussed towards reaching the same goal of churning out excellent students who are well-prepared to face the future of uncertainties. Thank you.

Mr. Masukor:
You're our saviour, as our maths were in a mess when you first came to the school. We were left having limited to no knowledge with regards to the important and genuine elements of mathematics that we're all supposed to know (we're all maths HL students, by the way). Having taught us for a few months, you've managed to increase our level of confidence in maths, and by the time we're all going to face the examinations, my level of faith in doing maths has certainly been higher. Apart from being an excellent maths teacher, you've also been such a good story-teller who told us a lot of interesting stories that involve our country, its people and the way for us to survive in the increasingly dynamic world. Your ideas that are all unconventional have certainly prepared us all to face the real world out there. Thank you.

Mr. Azhar:
Of all the IB teachers I've had in sri KDU, you're the one who has been generally particular about the formal aspects of learning; your voice has always been heard at the corridor, asking us to put our bags into the locker, and so on so forth. You hate jeans too! I'm going to miss your particularity and fussiness with regards to those matters, Mr. Azhar. Your commitment in your job has also been awe-inspiring. I believe that the business lessons I've had with you had certainly equipped me with the nature of doing business; and nature of making MONEY to turn me into a millionaire of course =) You have been such a great teacher, Mr. Azhar, and that's how I'm going to remember you. Thank you.

Mr. Oliver:
Je veux ecrire dans francais, mais un majorite des lectures n'ont comprennent pas la francais! You're another teacher whose level of commitment in your job has never ceased to amaze us. You always came super-duper early to the classroom for the french lesson (you're so punctual, monsieur!), and you made our lessons very interesting and anything but banal by making some really fun jokes and using interactive and colourful ways in teaching and learning. Your newly-born baby is so so cute, too =) May God be kind to you. Merci beaucoup, monsieur!

Mr. Shaw:
You taught us English A1 for more than 1 year, and we've certainly learnt a lot from you. Your limited experience in teaching English A1 might have barred us from doing greater things together, but your efforts in still teaching us English with commendable passion deserve you some accolades. Your jokes have also made our day, (I'm not being sarcastic here, okay) =) We're gonna miss you. Thank you.

Mr. Ong:
You came too late for us to do greater things together. Your willingness to come out with your 'rescue' package with a few weeks left before the final exams touched our hearts and helped us to alleviate our englishA1-related anxieties syndromes! I know and I do appreciate how much you love us and how bad would you feel if we're not doing well (or at least pass) in English A1, and your commitment in teaching us sincerely regardless of the time constraint that we all had at that time has acted as a candle that enlightened our spirit and determination to shine in English A1. Furthermore, you're such an eternally young figure who understands the real problems that bother us as your students, and that has certainly delighted us big time. You're a cool teacher to hang out with, too! Thank you.

Mr. JG:
You were with us for quite a short period of time, but our affection towards you has certainly grown due to your absence. You're a excellent Maths teacher, who really cared about your students, and that very quality made us love you. Your absence was, is, and will always be sorely missed. Have a great life in India, and good luck! Thank you.

Dr. Reed:
I was joining your class for a few times, and I would really like to express my admiration in your level of dedication in your job as an english teacher. Thank you for teaching me syntax, aesthetic imagery, and many other important and profound stuffs that are so beautiful that they never fail to inspire us, every day. Thank you.

Miss Kalai:
You're such an angelic monster! You are a combination between Heaven and purgatory. Love you so much. Thank you.

"Friends Forever" by Vitamin C. Enjoy!

Faizal Hamssin

Friday, 21 November 2008

The Emancipation of Faizal

I, Awg Mohd Faizal, am here to proclaim my total emancipation from the ultimate and divine imprisonment of IB. This manumission is hoped to be that very catalyst towards enabling me to get my life back from that clutching force of IB. Here I am, having never felt freer before. Here I am, getting my new self; IB (the course, not the school, indeed) has certainly done something to strengthen me, intrinsically and extrinsically. Here I am, hoping for the best for my future, and thinking of the same for my juniors whom presence is loved and will be sorely missed by us the jan intake people. I just hope that you guys will all be blessed with the glimmering success we are all deserving to get. just do not brood for the difficulties that you guys are facing right now, because I believe in the existence of that very saving grace that comes from inner you; follow your heart and do whatever you want to do. fly to the universities you want to go. us here are only meant to give some fruits of advice; if you are weak enough to need it. And I don't think that you guys think that you need it, so our advice might not be handy indeed. of all, I know that you guys are dignified students with huge dreams for your future; for it I wish you well. good luck buddies and let me begin the whole new process of savouring my life to the fullest NOW.

to all my jan'07 friends: we have all done our very best for the exams. I believe in the justice heralded by the God. Pray hard, and PLAY HARD too, hibernate to our heart's content, and everything shall be fine for everyone, god-willingly.

For the jun'08 people, good luck with your new combination(s) of subjects. i know you guys are determined to reach for the stars, and my spirit, doa and prayers go to you all. i wish you well. i might, in the near future, when I've already had enough sleep and energy on my side, come out with a post to project my dearest opinions with regards to the matter of the subjects change that has been quite an issue these days, and, as i've said before, if you don't need people to bother on what you are doing, just ignore the post that I'll almost certainly write with regards to 'your' matter and blacken it out with the chalk of the strength of your inner mind. You should be intrinsically strong to believe in your own self and feel nothing bad if others (me included) are trying to 'bring' you down by giving non-constructive opinions. Truthfully, with an utmost level of beatitude, I'd love to praise you guys for the will that you guys have had to not to succumb to all the circumstances that surround you; you guys have decided to wade through it all and come out with your own unique solution, which is inspiring. let us all shine through the darkness imposed by our rather ignorant IB centre and indifferent patron Petronas. Let them know that we're too strong to be defeated by any force of any measure; be it IB at such a horrendous learning condition in our centre (we've all been suffering for too much, too long), or the odds caused by some parties' insensitivities towards OUR needs as 'their' scholars, we are just too strong to be felled. we're strong and will always be until the day when we start to crumble inside.

Faizal Hamssin

Sunday, 16 November 2008

un papier d'aller. ouh la la

yeah un papier. one paper to go. one paper i would like to repeat. been playing simcity4 since the morning and i don't think i'm gonna stop anywhere soon. the joblessness has encroached into me. i haven't felt this relaxed for ages, i suppose. now since it's all over, it's time for me to pamper myself with good musics, good books, good food, and the list goes on and on. however, this emancipation from anything academic is not going to last for long, since i still my very last paper (french) on this friday.

about last week's paper;
maths paper 3 was darn tough, and i left more than a quarter of the paper unfinished but paper 2 should emerge as my very saviour indeed as it was relatively do-able. paper 1 was difficult too, but, still, it's largely do-able and bearable with a 28-mark complex number section that had truly spoiled my day. i'll be okay (i mean glad) with a SIX for my maths, truthfully.
chemistry was OKAY. aiming for a SEVEN, insy.
english was better than i expected, i was blissfully glad and exalted to get a question on honour for my paper 2. that was my jam! lol. those sleepless nights when i tried to get myself deeper and deeper into english A1 have certainly paid off, as far as my current feeling is concerned. i've done my best for english, i've done my part, and i just wanna pray hard that everything will be fine. thank you mr ong for yr last-minute 'rescue package' that has really 'rescued' and salvaged me from failing my english A1. thank you.

that's all for today. i really wanna write a longer post but my mind has ceased functioning and my inspiration has certainly faded away. simcity4 is waiting for me. impatiently. when am i going to get bored of this game? not anywhere soon for sure.

p/s currently listening to 'Butterfly', mariah's best album EVER. g'nite!

Faizal Hamssin

Saturday, 8 November 2008

IB finals~

too often have i told myself not to blog until the exam ends...and here i am, succumbing to defying my own sacred promise =P

okay lemme tell the world how have the papers been so far. physics was frustratingly difficult, but it's still bearable, though. frustrating, but bearable. that's it.

business was okay, i am pleased and thankful, indeed but the questions were all very tricky and vague. the paper has reached a point where knowledge in the matters asked is not as important as the understanding of the things that the questions expected. paradoxically, it is bitchily cruel way of testing students but that's ib after all. one can never expect a smooth sail when it comes to doing ib.

maths paper 1 was predictably difficult but since i still have paper 2 and paper 3 to redeem myself, there's not a reason for me to feel bad about it. optimism is in the air =)

that's all i guess as i should stop ranting about exams now and focus on the real thing; maths P2 is on the day after tomorrow and english A1 is looming with its horrifying nature. good luck my friends!

p/s my birthday celebration was so memorable that i can't help but smile whenever i reflect back to that experience. it was mesmerizingly sweet. thank you my friends for being such good friends (and prank organizers of course).

faizal hamssin

Saturday, 6 September 2008

thank you Petronas =)

Faizal is so happy because petronas gives him what he wants!


wow the euphoria is here to stay. my current focus is set = 40 points and above in ib.

p/s i would love to congratulate my ib friends whose university placement options released by petronas fit their personal choice. we're truly on the same boat! to my friends who are not so happy with their university placement, do think positively. don't let this predicament halt yr academic march towards reaching the sweet 35 spot.

cheers to the world!

Faizal Hamssin

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


omg i've been tagged by zare AGAIN!
having myself succumbed to the temptations of tagging, here it goes...

1st TAG

What does your name say about you?" .
[ and do tag people after you are done! ]

A : You like to drink.
B : You like people.
C : You are really silly.
D : You like to eat.
E : You like to play with cat.
F : You are dead sexy.
G : You never let people tell you what to do.
H : You have a very good personality and good looks.
I : Easy to be with.
J : People Adore you.
K : You're wild and crazy.
L : Everyone loves you.
M : Best kisser ever.
N : Best bf/gf anyone could ask for.
O : Easy to fall in love with.
P : You are popular with all types of people.
Q : You are a hypocrite.
R : You're loyal to those you love.
S : Fuckin crazy.
T : Awesome kisser.
U : You really like to chill.
V : Awesome in bed
W : You are very broad minded.
X : You love sports.
Y : Best bf/gf anyone could ask for.
Z : Always ready.

Okay, since my full name is really 'full' and long (Awg Mohd Faizal bin Awg Mohamad Hamssin--- that's friggin' long), i'm gonna use 'faizal' only this time around.

F : You are dead sexy.

omg i know i'm sexy (i can smell vanity in the air!) but i'm not 'dead' sexy okay =D

A : You like to drink.
of course. water is damn essential in ensuring the survival of beings. i drink anything but booze.

I : Easy to be with.
this is soo close to the absolute truth!

Z : Always ready
ehm i wish i am but ib exams are such a pain in the arse that u'll need a century of preparation to tell the world that u're ready for it! just to add up, my punctuality is awe-inspiring =D

A : You like to drink.
don't wanna brew redundancy here~

L : Everyone loves you.
i guess so since my life is terribly showered with happiness and the warmth of joy. that's the miracle of being loved and sharing love to everybody around us. thank you Allah. I love my life =)

2nd TAG!

1) What is the most important thing in your life?
everything that revolves around me is important but to rank them according to their importance, i would say my family, my studies and scholarship, my friends, and, of course, my life.

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
nasi lemak from sri KDU cafeteria that leaves a lot to be desired =D

3) Where do you wish to get married?
Haven't had a concrete plan on those.

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
i've been loved from the first day of my life =)

5) Are you in love?
being happy is being loved

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
mdm lim's with pau kay aggie. we're loyal customers there. have been patronizing the place frequently since last year.

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
"The Heart of Darkness" by Joseph Conrad

8) What is your full name?
Awg Mohd Faizal bin Awg Mohamad Hamssin (that's really 'full')

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
i'm in no position to judge them but i would like to say that both have their own distinctive traits that i either desire of loathe. both are equally cool according to my judgement too. however, i am more comfortable talking to my mom lah, since she's not working and is able to spend more time with us. my dad's kinda busy working and i pretty understand that~

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time
every prominent leader in the world. i wanna tell them to stop hating and start giving and receiving love as the world is being in its state of chaos due to the mortals' thirst of love and truest dignity.

11) Christina or Britney?
Britney of course. Christina is not a super singer i suppose. she's a super shrieker! britney was my fav when i was a kid. songs like 'lucky' and 'stronger' had the profound connections to me. her elevation to superstardom inspired millions. her meltdown has turned her fans down, but her pop magic is still alive. i'm glad that she's back, for now, at least!

13) The most exciting place you want to go?

South Africa! i really wanna go and explore the Western Cape area. the most intriguing aspect of SA lies on its diverse nature. u can see extreme beauty and violence of the nature, extreme weather, and of course, fabulous wealth lingering next to the grippling poverty caused by the decades of ignorance. i really wanna visit SA to gain lessons about life, and the importance of us being appreciative to what we are blessed to possess. for other places, i would like to say istanbul, london, argentina, and prague =)

14) Hugs or kisses?

15) Point out 5 things about the person who tagged you.
Zare did tag me! she's smart, friendly, decent, cuddly, and not-so-punctual! opps she's a sleep-a-holic too!

16) 8 things I am passionate about:
my life, my dreams, my studies, my family and friends, my future, geography and places, music, my faith =)

17) 8 things I say too often:
sik bah
(the latter words are here based on my friends' responses)

18) 8 books I’ve read recently:
"Istanbul" by Orhan Pamuk

"South from the Limpopo" by Dervla Murphy
"Reading Lolita in Tehran" by Azar Nafisi
"Zorba the Greek" by Nikos Kazantzakis
"Uncle Vanya" by Anton Chekhov
IB Maths Textbook (including Options)
Tsokos IB Physcis Book
AS Business Studies Textbook

19) 8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
"Thank God I Found You" by Mariah Carey, 98 degrees and Joe
"Doesn't Really Matter" by Janet Jackson
"Yesterday" by Leona Lewis
"Always Be My Baby" by Mariah Carey

"One Sweet Day" by Mariah Carey
"Someone to Save You" by One Republic
"Glory of Love" by Peter Cetera
"Bye Bye" by Mariah Carey

20) 8 things I learned last year:
- To speak better english, non-'baku' malay, and beginner's french
- To become a better and more loyal friend
- To appreciate and love my family (absence makes heart grows fonder)
- To remain humble eventhough the world is clinging on my feet (though i know it has never happened yet)
- To be grateful for what i have
- To have a stronger spiritual faith
- To be less prone to emotional breakdown due to the stress-fest of ib
- To be ignorant of the peeps whose main goal is to turn me down.

21) 8 people to tag:
this is the best part!
li ying

have a splendid day!

faizal hamssin

the miracles of wiki...

my ib fellow khairul has just established a very useful website called 'wikirevise' i bet that every single student under the Sun is gonna be pretty amazed by the enormous potentials that this new website impregnates. I have faith that once the whole objectives of this website are being realized and its potential realised to the fullest, students are going to be free to bid farewell to the toughest days and hours of intense revisions and sleep deprivations, for sure. however, such potentials and benefits can only be gained if the site is laden with the notes we all need. it is virtually impossible for khairul to do everything on his own. the miracles of wikirevise can only be achieved if everybody is doing their part. it's freaking simple. just join the growing community of wikirevise and share your precious notes with virtually everyone in need of those. may the lord bless u for the good deeds u have committed in making the lives of me and you easier. i've done my part, and it's time for u to do yours!

*by the way, me and my other ib dudes in sri KDU is currently working on equipping the site with our IB Business (HL/SL) notes. the notes are amazing. feel free to have a look on those!

Thursday, 14 August 2008

keep it short

mock exam is officially OVER! lord knows how badly have i been deprived of my sleep and life in the past 2 weeks. my wanly appearance shows it all. i guess that it's high time for me to get some sleep i deserve, and a retail therapy indeed!

if u have ever had the arse to know about the way i perceive the mock exam questions, i would really love to say that the papers, maths aside, weren't as horrifying as what i've visionized priorly. maths were really tough, especially as the paper 3 questions were concerned. it really squeezed my sanity outta me. paper 1 drove me loco a bit, and paper 2 was way more bearable. i really gotta keep my 10 fingers crossing so that my mocks result will be captivating enough to act as a provenance to the greater level of my self-confidence to face the upcoming final exams =)

i went klcc for a night out with fida mary pau n kay. we watched movie, had great laugh, and good food. kay and mary shopped as substantially as everybody's anticipation. i do rarely feel really liberated the way i felt last night, thanks to the demanding IB and great pressure that follows. by the way i'm not THAT free since i've got maths IA and World Lit to refine to achieve the level of perfection that is soo ib.

gonna come out with a longer post soon as i've got a lot of things to share with everyone. i just, for this time being, feel the greatest urge to stay in my sanctuary of dormant living with an abundance of the beads of tranquillity. gotta stay away from the world of overwhelmingly hectic impressions for a while. for the bio people, good luck for yr exam. u still have 2 miserable days left before u enter the world of brief freedom from the monster called IB. envy me not.

Faizal Hamssin

Friday, 11 July 2008

beatitude enunciation

zara's birthday bash~

words can't explain the good feelings that i have right now. the good feeling of having my life liberated from the clutches of IAs! IA has always been such an emotionally-deadly disease in the life of any IB students in the universe and getting rid of IA is just like getting a new breath of life. the last IA that i finished doing, thus, signifying a new era in my whole IB experience is the mighty business IA. it is kinda absurd that the whole process of me doing my business IA lasted for 7 MONTHS; you just have to add 2 more months to the figure and a baby is born. the whole process was really taxing; it wasn't difficult or complex or tricky. the process was just intermingled with the extremities of the man-made, artificial obstacles due to their abysmal inefficiency. can you bar yourself from being pissed when you need 2 months for a person to read and comment on your 1500-word-long assignment? i think my ib friends know who's behind the creation of such a pain in the arse, but it's best for us not to think negatively of our teacher(s) anymore as their blessings are vital in aiding us to excel in the exams. with my fullest respect, i would like to thank mr x for teaching us and enlightening us with his gift of knowledge. now, i just want to cease thinking of those bad experiences when handling with my IAs as i'm so gonna be burdened with the evil of 'internal assessments' no more. say 'bye bye' to IAs!

thanks so much mr lawrence! we love you!

IB final examinations are approaching us at a really staggering pace. therefore, i have made a vow to myself now to let my body and soul drifted away by the worldly charm into a zone of utter waste of time. i gotta be more serious, and the time allocation for the purpose of committing myself to the grandeur of ib-orientated academic empowerment is also expected to soar as time goes by. i just wanna do my very best for the exams, leaving the lord to decide on the rest. i'm kinda feeling good for being able to resist the temptations of blogging; this fact is testamented by this blog that has been left idle for more than a month. i also wanna bust my ass for my maths as my previous maths results have left a lot to be desired. however, my policy of not studying during the weekends should be sanctified; i just want to retain a very laid-back pace for my weekends. i just wanna get big fat FORTY; but i don't wanna sacrifice my life that has been good and made sweet by the microcosms and macrocosms of the universe that revolve around me. life is too short for us to take the moments it impregnates for granted.

it's a good fact that i have watched three great blockbusters that flood the world's summer movie market. i did watch 'the incredible hulk', 'wanted', and 'hancock'. i can say that the three movies were good on their own right, but i do think that 'wanted' is such an experience not to be missed. it was just packed with some great actions and the storyline was a far cry from being saccharine. another element that sets the movie apart from the bulk of other action movies that you can easily find in the market is the rational depiction of its protagonists. i couldn't find any character that committed zero distraction to the equilibrium of the positivity. there wasn't any flawless character that did nothing but the most sacred deeds that one can ever imagine. by not having any flawless characters, the movie succeeded in bringing a piece of reality onto the silver screen, leaving the audience going home with the feeling of having had virtually travelled into the world of action-packed, sophisticated reality. on the other hands, angelina jolie looks more gorgeous than ever before in the movie.

another really great thing happened in my life last week; i took part in the OneUtama Ultimate Race. the diva miss Aggie made a good partner of mine throughout the race. the activity was fun-filled and the challenges given were more challenging that what we thought. i also had my first-time rock climbing experience in the race, and it was pretty cool. me and aggie were running and rushing all the way that we didn't even have the luxury of taking loads of photos to preserve the good time we had for posterity. i sucked pretty comprehensively in the race, but the experience i garnered were more precious than the contemplation i had to wade through after the race. i also got a free yellow t-shirt that doesn't look really fashionable but it's still a shirt okay. it kinda reminds me of osem's and syed's BERSIH yellow shirt. let's paint the town yellow =D

i really can't express my disappointments and frustrations with regards to our nation's current economic and political woes. this is such a blessed countries with an abundance of potentials. why does its people have to suffer to this extent. i was shocked, but not to any extent surprised upon discovering the fact that malaysia's inflation rate is forecast to hit its 26-year-high. therefore, the malaysians of the lower economic strata of the society have to get ready to brace for tougher times in the near future. the people of power really have to do something to avoid this situation from further exacerbating into a deeper crisis that will hamper our country's locomotion into a better future. god bless malaysia.

faizal hamssin

Thursday, 29 May 2008

5 things i bet you dont know about me.

ugh zara! soo gonna kill u for tagging me. i was so contented with the idea of me having my blog resting in total peace for this holiday, but, since zara has actually tagged me to write something with regards to this post's title, i have no choice but to succumb to her edict.

5 things i bet you don't know about me? well, i've never been known as a person with an ocean of secrets or weird habits to be unearthed (this is attributed due to me being unable to earth my weirdness in front of my friends, they all know that peculiarities and lunaticism is equated to being me). thus,the latter contents of this post might sound familiar to some, or extremely peculiar to some others.

1) i love baby rusk. omg the taste of baby rusk can drift me to the regions of eternal blissful pleasure. when it comes to having baby rusk, i would always give a triumphant yes to the milna rusk. the taste really seduces me to an extent of it being able to make me forgetful of my real age that is ascending at a rapid pace. every bite of the baby rusk is just like a ritual ride down the memory lane; being a baby is not that bad after all.

2) i wanted to become an agong (malaysian paramount leader) when i was a kid. this dream might sound really absurd, and, to an extent, foolish, but i was really charmed and thrilled with the glittery lives of the royal family and the great power that the King possesses. it was just so rosy for a kid whose dream was to achieve the greatest level of supremacy seen. the dream was just a dream, and my parents and teachers used to ask me to change my ambition into a more achievable and realistic one. i refused to listen to what they said, and my ambition changed as time passed by and i crawled up the echelons of maturity.

3) i've started to fall in love with the geography of our mother world since i was nine.

my dad actually bought this book for me and my sister when i was eight. being an innocent eight-year-old boy, i just ignored the book and overlooked the rich contents that it impregnated. however, when i reached the age of nine, there was a sudden rush interest and sense of inquiry that emerged deep inside me; thus, i started to read this book and got thrilled with its contents. i loved every single part of this book and memorized the rich facts that the book contained; these include capital cities, currencies name and their values at that time, population data, cities, rivers, mountains, and TMTH (omg i've just used noriega's famous saying). the book has actually shaped me.

4) i used to love watching bollywood movies (we're on the same boat this time around, zahre). owh the hindustani films in the 90s were just so amazing that it is just so tragic and disheartening to see how much has the bollywood film industry changed in these recent years. the bollywood films of that time were full of the sweet, and, to some extent, saccharine tales of the family bonds and loving relationships that could eclipse the other elements of hatred that still dwell the earth due to the existence of the animalistic spirits in the hearts of the mankind. the tales of love as being depicted in those movies were just so lovely that it was able to grant you a gift of a sweet dream when you fall asleep. however, the hindustani films of these days are so pathetically stereotyped and most of them are lacking the elements that can capture our hearts and captivate us. they are losing their relevance and charm.

5) i really have a weird eating habit. my family and friends might have noticed the weird way of me using forks and spoons when having a repast. i find it kinda difficult to hold the cutleries properly due to some coordination problems that my fingers have. it's essential tremor, i suppose. i also find it difficult not to leave any single tinge of food or rice on my plate after finish eating. i also have a limited range of 'edible' fruits and vegetables to eat from. i hate having to bow to all these restrictions, but this is me okay.

okay i think i have to stop now. by the way, i'm gonna tag these 4 persons:
-syed marwan


faizal hamssin

Saturday, 24 May 2008

i'm going home

holiday has finally started and i am in such an euphoria now. everything seems so rosy and i am in a dire need of getting my life rejuvenated with an abundance of sound sleep and the living a better life; a daily odyssey that is less challenging than that of the pathetic derelict daily state of life at d'shire. that's what i'm hoping to achieve right now. however, this holiday is also going to be filled with me doing massive spring-cleaning of the unfinished assignments for the sake of alleviating the sufferings that i will surely bear after the holiday as the final exams are anticipated to approach me in a more rapid pace. 1001 possibilities might arise. dear lord, grant me with your gleaming blessings for me to face the growingly groaning pain of ib with the strength beyond normal span of imagination. full study mode after the holidays! however, as far as these two weeks are concerned, i am going to have nothing but FUN. bonnes vacances mes amis!

p/s i had such a vibrant outings with my friends last night. appreciate it so much. thanks to pau for alluring us to succumb to the temptations of one of the nicest pancake i've ever had. thanks to leens and teens for ajakING (inviting) me to join u guys for such a satiating and splendid dinner and window shopping at the d'sara uptown. gonna put some pics of what we did in the next post, perhaps.

owh, the boarding time has finally come. gotta get into the freakingly not-so-pleasant AirAsia plane now. i don't like AirAsia. the flight attendants suck big day but it's cheap. unfortunately huh~

bintulu here i come!

Tuesday, 20 May 2008

languishing mojo

i know that the languishing blogging mojo of me is perfect a justification can be for me not to write any new post for a week of two. however, after being bugged by my friends and me myself having a bit of time to spare, i've decided to write something kinda random this time around. after all, the 3-day-long weekend (thanks to the wesak break) has frozen my mind and i do find myself resting dormantly in the trough of small mindedness; those intellectual thinkings should be elusive this time around.

okay lemme comment on the french movie titled Qui M'aime Me Suive that i watched a couple of days ago with my french-wannabe ib friends and our amazing mr oliver, ms rocio and dr. reed. that movie was laden with some lame jokes intertwined with several successful tricks that brought me to laugh. it's kinda cheesy in some aspects, i guess, but it didn't suck comprehensively, okay. it was neither good nor bad. the message was really clear; go follow your dream and life is precious, so we really have to live our lives to the fullest. that's the real point of the story.

i really think that the viewers shouldn't dwarf the significance of the positive messages that the movie has conveyed by the abundance of the sexually-oriented scenes that acted as a filler to the movie. i just don't understand the justifications behind some of us emotionalising with the extremity or obscenity of the sex scenes in the film. yes, those acts are really anti-parallel to the norms of our society, but hey, we're watching a french movie okay. a 'french' movie should depict the culture of the 'french' people. the french people with a considerably more liberal social and even sexual attitudes than the malaysian. this statement is more than enough to recede the wave of disenchantment that was sourced by the movie and the controversies it impregnated. the whole idea of the movie is noble, and the theme is very universally-applicable. we should go with our instincts and never succumb to others when it comes to choosing a career field to pursue in to escape living a tragic life and death of the movie's protagonist, Maxime Mar├ęchal.

however, regardless of anything that has ever happened to the movie's storyline, i have one thing for sure; my french sucks! it was really difficult for me to catch what the characters really said apart from simple phrases like bonjour, merci, bla bla bla. i really need to buck up to elevate my level of french proficiency from a pathetic current echelon to a more honourable apex of linguistic achievement. i wanna watch more french movies after this. ppfilm, where are you?

by the way, business lessons have gotten increasingly boring and politically oriented that me and jonmah have found our newest guilty pleasure. camwhorring during business! haha it was FUN for sure. here are some shots;

no offence mr. d**s. we sayang you. hehe~

cheers to the world =)
by the way, i'm in the process of improving the overall quality of my posts. any inconvenience caused (with regards to the language style of my posts, etc) is deeply regretted. thank you.

faizal hamssin

Saturday, 10 May 2008

staggering pace...

feeling the need of fulfilling my so-called obligation to update my blog at least once a week, here i am.

i'll just make my post short and simple this time around...

okay, IB final exam is approaching us at a staggering pace. the rapidity of time seems to flow disproportionally against my readiness to face the 'big fish' of the year, which is IB final exam. i'm nervous, scared, freaked out when it comes to facing the deal of exam. however, my spirit has been granted an uplift as the teachers have testamented their high level of trust in my academic capabilities and potential by giving me a big fat forty three predicted IB points for my final exam. thank you so much for giving me the trust and confidence i need. my ib predicted scores are;

Maths SIX
English SEVEN
Business SEVEN
French SIX
EE & TOK A & A
Total FORTY THREE / 45

My subpar prediction for maths and french has been premonited priorly. maths is just not my passion, and my performance in this subject has been modest as far as ib level is concerned. i also need to buck up to improve my proficiency in french as my oratory and writing skills in this third language of mine leave a lot to be desired.

studying physics...

i've procrastinated too much actually and i have to put a halt to this wave of less-efficient time management. procrastination is the thief of time!

I, hereby, vow to pour my relentless efforts in order to achieve the above predicted grades for the sake of my perpetual satisfaction. every major exam does pose an effect that lasts for a lifetime. i really want to score an excellent ib score to end this definitive year of 2008 with a bang.

ok let's get less serious =)

me and teens discovered a newly-opened cupcakes shop at the curve. backed by fatin's determination in spreading the tale of gastronomical warmth that both of us have experienced to the world, here i am (again).

me and fatin having our cupcakes camwhorring session. the cupcakes were just astonishingly astonishing. mine was laden with chocolatey indulgences while fatin was having her soul drifted to the eden of sinful pleasure of a repast as she slowly reduced her cupcake into tiny and sacred crumbs. each cupcake made me rm4.50 poorer.go get yours now!

i miss my home and bintulu! really2 anticipating the upcoming holiday to savour my step on the soil i love...

Thursday, 1 May 2008

joyeux anniversaire pour mes amis =)

this week deserves a special spot in the story of the life of mine; 3 of our ib comrades have their birthdays in a week's time. the mood of celebration fills the d'shire apartment units as well-wishers and cake-craving friends (the latter includes me) throng to the units that house our birthday boys of the week. the celebration for osem n syed was held at in front of our apartment block; the location was deemed as a strategic one as the idea of basking the birthday boys with the sacred glow of the flour needed an outdoor spot for its execution. after all, nobody would fancy doing the post-celebration spring cleaning am i right?

fatin displayed the world of the kind heart and soul she has long possessed. the birthday cake, rich with the indulgences one can ever expect from the gastronomical blessings in the form of the chocolates, was really wonderful. thanks so much fatin. the cake u brought all the way from seremban will always remain as the testament of your heart of gold.

the glimmering friendship and fraternity that shall last for eternity.

look at how fair these two dudes have become.

the celebration ended with me feeling just good.

the birthday bash didnt end with the flour-madness-themed celebration. khairul is also having his birthday on the labour's day. yeah, khairul=labour (inseparable).

the celebration was more intimate and simpler, as some of us have already left d'shire for their respective hometown and all. however, the merrymaking was, undeniably, full of fun. we chatted and laughed for the whole night while waiting for the time to reach 12. the combustible energy and passion of friendship that we all experienced that night can be attributed to the relative abundance of the food served for that occasion. my special thanks to mary; your pasta was mouth-watering. the cake was also reasonably nice. after all, the cake was chosen by me and pau, (pau is notorious for his perfectionism, fyi). there was barely any room for mistake in that sense. however, khairul's health was not on his side that night as he experienced a headache that might have hampered him from joining us in the many parts of our gossip-filled conversations. hang li po wasnt there too, so, it was understandable that khairul's real soul was drifted to the east coast for the whole night. emotionally drifted, as the saying goes, 'absence makes heart grows fonder'.

happy birthday to osem syed and khairul. may the lord bless you with an abundance of perpetual joy and eternal happiness while turning your most distant dreams into the beauty of reality.

p/s jonmah has told me not to put an excessive dose grandiloquences here, so i did exactly that.

faizal hamssin

Friday, 18 April 2008

Mentally subjugated~

thank god it's friday. this week has been relatively banal with not a single strand of interesting curvature of life happening to sweeten it up. it is also not magical; magical in a way that the bitterness of life can actually be churned into the beauty that lasts for eternity. that's why i do believe that struggles of life are needed in order to create an obelisk of perpetual wonder that is called experience.

the importance of a dose of bitterness in making a better of a person is profoundly testamented in the play 'uncle vanya'. the play is a wonderful epic of the different types of subjugation faced by the pre-revolutionary Russians. Russia under the imperial rule used to be a haven for the aristocrats and a hell for the masses. the country was in a deep shambles while the wealth distribution was extremely skewed. the serfs who yearned for emancipation were deprived of their basic rights while their level of dignity was plunged to the animalistic level. this insanity that lied beneath the extrinsically sophisticated Russian affluent society led to the emancipation of the perpetual ideas of intellectual pilgrimage that plunged the society into the unnecessary troughs of dignity. the aristocrats might think that they are the ones who posed the wave of subjugation towards the serfs, and this is an apparently unarguable claim. however, the wave of subjugations (physical deprivations) posed towards the serfs were actually less venomous than the mental subjugation the aristocrats of that era suffered from. the serfs bear all the responsibility on earth. every fraction of hardship is left for the poverty-ridden lower class people to bear. this means that there was no such thing as bitterness in the life of the aristocrats back then. their lives were all full of artificial lusciousness that tend to eclipse any single intellectual light that might arise. they are deprived from churning the bitterness of life into the beauty that lasts for eternity. they were all intellectually paralysed.

yeah i think that's all for today. au revoir =)

Faizal Hamssin

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

la fettucine =)

how does it look like? are u gonna love it? that's the very first fettucine i've ever prepared in my whole life, just for the paramount culinary competition. such a momentous event that was filled with the triumphant echoes of culinary naivety and gastronomical indulgences. full of the grandeur and the realisation of a variety of the sinfully rich tastes of food. ehmm should i say that we didn't win? haha but the fettucine tastes good okay. that's fine~

thanks to pau for the recipe. we HAVE to cook another fettucine in the future okay. the ingredients are all left idle in my apartment, waiting for our so-called magical touch. sounds so vain.

faizal hamssin

Monday, 24 March 2008

more and more surveys!

You Are 30% Left Brained, 70% Right Brained

The left side of your brain controls verbal ability, attention to detail, and reasoning.

Left brained people are good at communication and persuading others.

If you're left brained, you are likely good at math and logic.

Your left brain prefers dogs, reading, and quiet.

The right side of your brain is all about creativity and flexibility.

Daring and intuitive, right brained people see the world in their unique way.

If you're right brained, you likely have a talent for creative writing and art.

Your right brain prefers day dreaming, philosophy, and sports.

You Should Be A Poet

You craft words well, in creative and unexpected ways.

And you have a great talent for evoking beautiful imagery...

Or describing the most intense heartbreak ever.

You're already naturally a poet, even if you've never written a poem.

Your Scandinavian Name is:

Kirby Lundy

Your Travel Personality Is: The Adventurer

For you, travel is how you learn about the world. And you like to learn the stuff that's not in guidebooks.

You truly have wanderlust. When you're not traveling, you're dreaming about where you'll go next.

And your travels are truly legendary - they leave you with stories you'll be telling for the rest of your life!


faizal hamssin

career test

i was trying to answer some questions to find out the career that suits me most. the result was quite shocking actually;

Your Career Type: Enterprising

You are engertic, ambitious, and sociable.

Your talents lie in politics, leading people, and selling things or ideas.

You would make an excellent:

Auctioneer - Bank President - Camp Director

City Manager - Judge - Lawyer

Recreation Leader - Real Estate Agent - Sales Person

School Principal - Travel Agent - TV Newscaster

The worst career options for your are investigative careers, like mathematician or architect.

how's it?

faizal hamssin

Saturday, 22 March 2008

no one

i should be ashamed for not having my blog updated for ages. this time around, this blog has been left stagnant and idle for quite a time due to the stagnation of my life. no experience, no blogging lah. i just didn't know what to write. furthermore, i've vowed to myself not to ever put lame and crappy stuffs into my blog. after all, quality should always remain above quantity.

lemme get a headstart with the freaking paramount group singing group consisted of me pau aggie leens and kay. fatin acted as our so-called 'manager' to aid us in our training etc (sounds so vain)...

everything about our performance and preparation was just 'extraordinary'. yeah, extraordinary. it's really funny that none of us has ever had experience of singing in front of the public. the 'dance' between our lack of experience and nervousness, coupled with the echoing technical problems here and there really reduced our chance of getting to final. yes, we didn't manage to savour the feeling of being one of the finalists, but who cares? i had fun. we had fun. i've just watched the video of our performance, and we didn't suck okay. or to be frank, we didn't suck comprehensively. i just simply laughed while listening to leens' cute and cuddly intro, watching the aggie's confidence in shaking his whole body to the rhythm of 'no one', sensing the kay's quest for a vocal timelessness, admiring our lil kid pau's innocent steps and my own stiffness and tensed look on the stage. that was really a recording that i'll surely treasure...

hugs and kisses to my singing comrades. we really rocked the day. kudos to the finalists. you guys were really really great and it's a mesmerizing fact of how successful Sri KDU is in not only being a temple for the intellectual and academic enlightenment for the students; it has also managed breed an abundance of young talents in singing. this has really thrilled me actually.

lesson of the day;
as we're all engulfed in the hectic lifestyle as an IB student, we should be more aware of the importance of us keeping some bits and pieces of the lusciousness of our life and preserving them into the sacred form of images for us to reflect to in the future. treasurable memories can never disappoint us; they act as an enrichment and testament of how wonderful our lives could and will be. they can even act as antidotes to cure the negativity of the feeling of being your own self. furthermore, memories will always be by your side to cheer you up if the emotional eclipse roams your world in the future.

Therefore, do your best to treasure all your memories okay. i think i should snap more pictures of me having my 'ordinary' meals at salhah or deli. who knows, if a picture of me biting my food hard with my friends on my side would be able to add sweetness into my days in the future.

~a perfect reason to have a new digital camera, indeed. i SHOULD get a better camera than my current mediocre Casio EXILIM. I should =) mamak! yan! my plea okay~

Faizal Hamssin

Sunday, 2 March 2008

it's good to be free

i can never be blamed for exaggerating with the fact that my ib sufferings have insinuatingly receded after the glorious submission of my EEs and the completion of several small fishes like worldlit etc (writing a 1500-word-long essay is just a staple for any IB people i guess)...
now, my weekends are gonna be much better. of course we're all not gonna be emancipated the way a pigeon does, but, it is just great to have a space for yourself. my first post-EE weekend has been one of the best in this whole year. i'm no longer deprived from hanging out with my sister, updating my blog, sleeping to my heart's contents, hanging out to either OU or curve with my greatest buddies in the world etc. i've even started immersing myself in the charm that great literary works possess; i'm halfway towards finishing the "reading lolita in Tehran" memoirs. the book is just amazing and i'm looking forward to getting another book from the library after finishing this whole book...

do i need to tell you guys that the real icing of the cake is that i'm now more able to switch my real focus from EE to my final IB exam which is approaching us at a staggering pace. with more systematic efforts in place, i have faith that the big fat FORTY is really within my arm's reach of desire. go go faizal!


Wednesday, 27 February 2008

1st Class Test

Okay, i've just received the final result for my very first class test in the year 2008. the result is just OKAY but i myself don't really feel glad for the result i've obtained this time around. for me, scoring simply 35 is simply modest, safe, and okay. that's all. it is neither a cloud signifying the ongoing academic decadency of me nor the rainbow that symbolizes a much-coveted academic attainment harvested due to the efforts poured into my studies. i wanna achieve the LATTER! the result for my 1st class test is as follows:
CHEM: 17/20 SIX

Total: 35/42

Perhaps a more wise management of time and buckets of midnight oil to be burnt would do...


Sunday, 24 February 2008

IB Grade Boundaries

I've suddenly found this site displaying the IB exams grade boundaries. the range of mark displayed gives me a more optimistic view of what i can actually achieve for my IB exam. it's also obvious that the school's requirement of getting seven (19/20 and above) is just skyrocketingly high. the requirement is overtly stringent and this might bear the risk of causing Sri KDU IB students' level of confidence and motivations to decrease. perhaps, now is the perfect moment for the school to modify its IB grading system to become more relevant to everybody.

If u wanna see the whole IB grade boundaries, just hit the link below:

p/s I just checked my 'Feedjit' and apparently this post has garnered quite a lot of hits, hence the action of fixing the link above that was broken for quite a while. It is now working, finally. Apologies on my part. Good luck!

Faizal Hamssin

Saturday, 23 February 2008


okay things are getting better right now; my EE is on the verge of being fully completed, my IAs are progressing well and my 1st World Lit is also to be given a final touch up before being submitted to Mr.Shaw. Thus, this is the very right time for me to focus for nothing but my IB final exam. Forget about class test;who cares about the class test when you have an ultimate and divine emphasis for the year, which definitely is the IB final year exam. i actually have faith in my ability in getting the result that petronas demands. now i need the God's blessings, and mercy and more efforts should be poured to fortify my strengths and rectify my weaknesses in IB. Come on, the IB, Sri KDU, and all the sufferings that I have to bear throughout these definitive 2 years are truly the opportunities of my lifetime. this year should be either the most glorious or devastating period of my life; and i can't afford to flop. okay all of us should cease worrying too much about our exams because we are all going to make it. each of us is blessed with our own distinctive strengths and flaws, but we are all here for a reason. we're here because we deserve to be here. we're here because we have what it takes to succeed. we're all gonna make it through the rain my dearest IB mates...

All of the petronas scholars from my batch were required to fill in a form to give Petronas and Sri KDU a clearer picture of the universities that we're all eyeing. the universities that are included in the list are all located in the southern hemisphere countries of Aus, NZ, or South Africe; there's nothing surprising nor shocking about this. however, this fact has never eroded my ultimate dream to get a place in one of the prestigious universities in the UK. fortunately, petronas did also give us an additional list which consists of several top UK universities where we're all allowed to apply for. however, the costs incurred throughout the application and assessment processes are all to be bear by the applicants, which sets this option apart from the previous option of studying in the southern hemisphere countries. I've been very interested in going to imperial college london, which is one of the institutions of my dream.

luckily, several of my friends are also very keen to apply for the UK universities that are 'recognized' by our patron petronas- Ox-bridge, Imperial, LSE. this would make our self-application processes much easier as we would have each other to turn to.

However, i do understand that getting a place in Imperial has never been easy. my result should be fantastic and my level of charisma should also be polished to prepare me for the rigorous university entrance exams and interviews. therefore, i'm not going to put a hope as high as the Eden for me to get a place in the UK colleges that have been listed by petronas. i believe that the chance is there, but life is not a fairy tale, after all. it is very difficult to predict something that will happen next year, as humans and their destinies keep on changing with time.

Thus, I've picked 4 universities in the southern hemisphere for me to apply. (it is compulsory for us to apply four southern-hemisphere universities). my choices are as follows:

1) University of SYDNEY

This university has a long history of excellence;
THES Rank: 31
Sydney is a great city to live in. definitely my first choice.

2) University of AUCKLAND

University Rank (THES) = 50
NZ tempts me with its kiwi culture and great landscape. I don't personally love living in an overtly-bustling and hectic place. Auckland should do.

3) University of QUEENSLAND

THES Rank: 33
The university offers an excellent geology program.

4) University of CAPE TOWN

THES rank: top200
The main reason for me to pick UCT is the charm that Cape Town and South Africa has to offer. it is a place full of natural wonders and sexy architectures. the weather is also gorgeous (Summer: 16-26 celcius, winter: 7-17 celcius). the cape winelands region is really picturesque with all the vineyards and quaint towns with mighty mountain ranges as their backdrops. table mountain? breathtaking.


Saturday, 16 February 2008

IB Solidarity Party

while pouring my heart and soul typing my previous post, i suddenly got stuck and dragged into some serious YM conversation with Afida about...POLITICS? The conversation was at its zenith of intellectual exchange between us two (something i really rarely do via YM), when the topic suddenly changed into the really less-serious ones. it's time for us to have some fun joking around. it all started like this:

Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:43:08 PM): he opposes lobbyist.. which means he would do something for the country for the sake of the people.. not for the lobbyist..
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:43:19 PM): oic thats good
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:43:31 PM): seems that u know a lot about us politics than i do
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:43:35 PM): thats great
Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:43:41 PM): he has background of africa.. and lives in indonesia for four years..

minutes later...,

fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:12 PM): i hope msians would become as matured as the americans in the future
Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:52:24 PM): insya-Allah.. it starts with us..
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:28 PM): we really need to get outta this stagnating state
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:31 PM): haha yeah
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:38 PM): lets form IB party
fay hamssin (2/15/2008 11:52:47 PM): all IB alumni unite
Afida Liyana Yahya (2/15/2008 11:52:52 PM): yep..

then it started with the formation of our own utopia party on the net. the IB Alumni Party. that was just too too crazy man. just imagine, the conversation about our funny, and, sometimes, unrealistic party has just dragged us two into a kinda long conversation. here is the list of petronas IB people and their imaginary role(s):

mary: leader, spokesperson
syed: highly-spirited campaign cum tganu minister (that's the most realistic prediction we made i guess)
fida: HQ (secretary) & the so-called samaritan who visits the flood victims etc. soo sweet
aiman: women's right
jiha: kelantan's minister (omg)
amin: he woos the female voters!
aleen: she woos the guys!
fatin: fida said,"fatin woo the gangster, mat rempit and all the sweet but naughty people.."
kay: segambut mp. gonna sing her fav alicia keys' number "no one" to woo voters. "no one no one no one can replace me..."
pau: economist (presenting all the statistics to the voters)
zara: fida said,"zara woo the kids and the handicapped..". lets keep finer crossing that she wont sleep in the orphanage together with the orphans due to her drowsiness.
yvonne: finance minister
ju anne: national musician
siangie: human cum animals right advocate. he shares the latter position with zara
chanhu: money lender a.k.a. along to help the poors
hafiz: rock kapak to entertain the voters
ammirul: a MP cum fashion model. his election poster's gonna be filled with the images of him posing like there's no tomorrow
khairul:msian version of CIA computer hacker
linges: next samy velu (his EE is the mainstay of all future projects)
aggie: faizal said,"aggie bwat yoga demo to campaign". health minister. SMASH should be built everywhere. yoga lessons should be provided for free. No high-calorie food is gonna be sold in the country. tau foo and porridge is the national delicacy. relationship with mongolia n nepal is gonna be fortified.
me: senator to advocate for a better position of the women. (hello, am i that sweet?) =P

For the other IB people (non scholars), just wait for a while as we're gonna expand this list to include u guys later, but, im just damn sure that aaron's gonna be the foreign minister, while kim can make a perfect arts & cultural senator. riza the msian dancer who dance to woo voters. winson? minister of education while jonmah can be a great minister of science and innovation. this list is so gonna be expanded from time to time.

Friday, 15 February 2008


The increasingly-demanding IB has eventually taken its toll. time has never been this precious before, and this very possession is the constraint that has greatly barred me from updating my stagnating blog frequently. however, thinking that my blog should not succumb due to the woes that i'm currently facing, added by the constant encouragement (and decree) by my friends (pau especially, needless to say), give me the strength to keep on writing and having fun blogging. after all, that's having fun is the golden reason to blog am i right?

Okay, Chinese New Year holiday rocks i guess, but, i didn't go back to bintulu the place i love for the break. having nothing to do (putting aside the IB craps) i've decided to join my cousins for a trip to Genting Highlands. actually I've gone genting before but this very trip was really fun and full of nothing but enjoyment! however, it was kinda bad that my sister was sick that she couldn't make it with us. here are several pictures that were shot during our Genting so-called crazy escapade.

this was only the beginning

okay the place was damn freakingly crowded on that day. there were people here there and everywhere and getting a headache was just inevitable. needless to say, the hotel rooms were all fully-booked and there was simply no place for four of us. thank goodness there was a shine at the end of every deep tunnel, and we did, miraculously, get a room just before the outdoor park was closed. that thrilled me a lot as there was not a single room when we sought for them in the daytime.perhaps some Samaritans were wonderful enough to leave their room earlier than they were required to. that's a total blessing for us. getting a room saved us from having to ride the cable car back to the foothill in the complete darkness of night. I'd surely dread that.

having a room, there's nothing that could stop us from savoring the real essence of that really lively night. we just kept on having great rides at the indoor theme park while sharing hottest gossips with each other.

Our hands =)

searching for a demon

we all went back on the next morning with extreme fatigue sticking on me. damn tiring and exhausting experience it was but, who cares, if you had real bunch of fun throwing all the misery of IB for just a little while.

Saturday, 5 January 2008

New year, new vision, new spirit, same destination~

i think it's really obvious that my blog has not been updated for quite a time, and here i am.
perhaps it is not very for me to wish everyone a prosperous and joyful 2008. may everyone be showered with an abundance of eternal joys and achievements this year.

before writing my main resolutions for this year, it is best for me to reflect back to the year 2007 and dig all the bittersweet memories that i've either savored or endured throughout the year.

The year 2007 was actually the year that managed to put many marks in the history of mine. it was the year of glory, achievements, success, and happiness, intertwined with the challenging events that helped to shape a better me. by the way, i've managed to get straight A1 for my SPM!The result did amaze me and it enabled me to continue receiving petronas sponsorship that is hoped to breathe life to my intellectual development in the coming years. my life as an IB student in sriKDU has also given me a chance to unleash my real potential to the fullest, and fill the scars and holes that have always been somewhat dominant negative cofactors in the past years. it is a place where i learned to appreciate myself and my intrinsic as well as extrinsic flaws to the extent that i've never thought of before. i've also been able to overcome my inferiority complex that did do a lot in retarding my social life before. for this, i would like to express my sense of gratitude towards my friends who have always been with me throughout the year.

the year 2007 has also been very challenging for me. there were even times when i felt that everything went against me, and the hectic life as an IB student did nothing to mitigate the emotional woes i faced, it did exacerbate it, in fact. every cloud has its silver linings, and i do believe that the struggle i faced last year enabled my complete reincarnation and rebirth as a stronger and resilient person. my family has always been very supportive, and thankfully my academic result has been improving from the mediocrity to somewhat i can feel happy and proud of. assignments and hectic life they cause can no longer stop me. they're just like scattered marbles, laying impotently on the floor waiting for me to pick them up and put them all into the place they belong.


i don't really have a lot of wishes for this new year. of course, my biggest priority is upcoming IB final exam, whose success would be the key for a better future of mine. i've even set up a realistic target for the exam, which lies between 40 to 45 points. a more specific target is actually 42 points, which would be made achievable given that more emphasis is made towards elevating my level of strength in maths and french. my achievement in the former subject was better off in the first half of 2007, but the practical absence of our maths teacher for quite a time has created a sizable black hole that needs to be covered up soon, while my command in the latter language used to be ailing, but it has since improved sensibly.

another vision of the year is towards improving my relationships with everyone, be it friend or foes. i just want to appreciate all my friends to the extent i have never reached before. it is my hope that my social life would flourish this year, without having to sacrifice my number one priority in my studies. perhaps a weekly malling won't retard me academically.

i also want to spend my money wisely this year around. unnecessary expenditures are going to be cut off this year, while the spendings on stuff that would greatly enhance my total well-being would be greatly increased. thus, a more prudent fiscal management is anticipated this year hoping that a sizable amount of money would be able to be saved for my future usage in the overseas later on.

i think i should stop blablaing now. wishing everyone a splendid 2008. au revoir.