Thursday, 27 November 2008

Thank You!

Prom's over, so does the whole IB experience. The prom night (a.k.a. pseudo-graduation) was a decent event, indeed, regardless of the controversies that have always been associated to the ways it was held. It was a success in the way that most of us had a good time, and that's the only thing that matters for me now. The food was terrible indeed (the prawn was damn salty, the fish fillet didn't bear any taste of a 'fish' it was atrocious). The more pathetic fact about the food is that we're all charged 40 bucks for the astonishingly bad food. Another caterer for the next prom, please!

I shall stop ranting on the prom food. The main reason for me to write this post is to thank my teachers and friends for their contributions in making my whole IB journey meaningful. Yes, I understand that the air of discontentment with regards to the whole IB experience that we've had in Sri KDU has already risen among most of us, but don't you guys think that we've all been complaining too much that we've already forgotten the fact that we truly deserve a space for us to think and reminisce on the positive aspects of IB in Sri KDU. I know that most of us think that the whole experience of doing IB in Sri KDU sucks, and I totally respect your opinion and stand in this matter. Yes, IB might suck big day, and Mr. Shaw might be such an irresponsible IB coordinator and so on so forth. Yes, you are free to think so, and such freedom of thinking and voicing out our opinion is supposed to be one of the most pivotal elements of IB itself. Yes, we are in the position to lament anybody for the negativities that might have surrounded us all in the 2 years of us doing IB. However, don't you think that while we're all focussed in looking into the negative aspects of our academic life in Sri KDU, we have also overlooked some of the brighter sides of our IB life in Sri KDU. There are certain positive elements that were embedded in our IB experience without us even trying to appreciate them. And these positivities were mostly crafted by my dearest IB teachers, whose dedication will always remain in my heart and soul forever. The latter parts of this post will all be dedicated to you, my teachers...

Mr. Lawrence:
You've been teaching me chemistry since day one and I can't help but to be awe-inspired by your dedication in turning your students into the future Einstein and Markovnikov. I can't help but to feel deeply touched by your willingness to have long, sleepless nights to prepare the materials needed for us to accelerate into the future as an independent, scientific, and knowledgeable beings with good hearts and souls, too. Your ideas on the importance of integrity in doing scientific investigation and independence in wading our way through the expanse of knowledge will always be my guidance and saving grace for years to come. We'll all get SEVEN, Mr. Lawrence, god-willingly. Thank you.

Mr. Sai Mun:
You've been one of the most laid-back, yet effective teachers I've ever met. Your jokes have always uplifted our mood in the most depressing times, and your notes have always been very very useful! The simple and relaxed ways of your teaching have always set you apart from Mr. Lawrence's heavier, and intensive ways of teaching, but both of you were all focussed towards reaching the same goal of churning out excellent students who are well-prepared to face the future of uncertainties. Thank you.

Mr. Masukor:
You're our saviour, as our maths were in a mess when you first came to the school. We were left having limited to no knowledge with regards to the important and genuine elements of mathematics that we're all supposed to know (we're all maths HL students, by the way). Having taught us for a few months, you've managed to increase our level of confidence in maths, and by the time we're all going to face the examinations, my level of faith in doing maths has certainly been higher. Apart from being an excellent maths teacher, you've also been such a good story-teller who told us a lot of interesting stories that involve our country, its people and the way for us to survive in the increasingly dynamic world. Your ideas that are all unconventional have certainly prepared us all to face the real world out there. Thank you.

Mr. Azhar:
Of all the IB teachers I've had in sri KDU, you're the one who has been generally particular about the formal aspects of learning; your voice has always been heard at the corridor, asking us to put our bags into the locker, and so on so forth. You hate jeans too! I'm going to miss your particularity and fussiness with regards to those matters, Mr. Azhar. Your commitment in your job has also been awe-inspiring. I believe that the business lessons I've had with you had certainly equipped me with the nature of doing business; and nature of making MONEY to turn me into a millionaire of course =) You have been such a great teacher, Mr. Azhar, and that's how I'm going to remember you. Thank you.

Mr. Oliver:
Je veux ecrire dans francais, mais un majorite des lectures n'ont comprennent pas la francais! You're another teacher whose level of commitment in your job has never ceased to amaze us. You always came super-duper early to the classroom for the french lesson (you're so punctual, monsieur!), and you made our lessons very interesting and anything but banal by making some really fun jokes and using interactive and colourful ways in teaching and learning. Your newly-born baby is so so cute, too =) May God be kind to you. Merci beaucoup, monsieur!

Mr. Shaw:
You taught us English A1 for more than 1 year, and we've certainly learnt a lot from you. Your limited experience in teaching English A1 might have barred us from doing greater things together, but your efforts in still teaching us English with commendable passion deserve you some accolades. Your jokes have also made our day, (I'm not being sarcastic here, okay) =) We're gonna miss you. Thank you.

Mr. Ong:
You came too late for us to do greater things together. Your willingness to come out with your 'rescue' package with a few weeks left before the final exams touched our hearts and helped us to alleviate our englishA1-related anxieties syndromes! I know and I do appreciate how much you love us and how bad would you feel if we're not doing well (or at least pass) in English A1, and your commitment in teaching us sincerely regardless of the time constraint that we all had at that time has acted as a candle that enlightened our spirit and determination to shine in English A1. Furthermore, you're such an eternally young figure who understands the real problems that bother us as your students, and that has certainly delighted us big time. You're a cool teacher to hang out with, too! Thank you.

Mr. JG:
You were with us for quite a short period of time, but our affection towards you has certainly grown due to your absence. You're a excellent Maths teacher, who really cared about your students, and that very quality made us love you. Your absence was, is, and will always be sorely missed. Have a great life in India, and good luck! Thank you.

Dr. Reed:
I was joining your class for a few times, and I would really like to express my admiration in your level of dedication in your job as an english teacher. Thank you for teaching me syntax, aesthetic imagery, and many other important and profound stuffs that are so beautiful that they never fail to inspire us, every day. Thank you.

Miss Kalai:
You're such an angelic monster! You are a combination between Heaven and purgatory. Love you so much. Thank you.

"Friends Forever" by Vitamin C. Enjoy!

Faizal Hamssin

Friday, 21 November 2008

The Emancipation of Faizal

I, Awg Mohd Faizal, am here to proclaim my total emancipation from the ultimate and divine imprisonment of IB. This manumission is hoped to be that very catalyst towards enabling me to get my life back from that clutching force of IB. Here I am, having never felt freer before. Here I am, getting my new self; IB (the course, not the school, indeed) has certainly done something to strengthen me, intrinsically and extrinsically. Here I am, hoping for the best for my future, and thinking of the same for my juniors whom presence is loved and will be sorely missed by us the jan intake people. I just hope that you guys will all be blessed with the glimmering success we are all deserving to get. just do not brood for the difficulties that you guys are facing right now, because I believe in the existence of that very saving grace that comes from inner you; follow your heart and do whatever you want to do. fly to the universities you want to go. us here are only meant to give some fruits of advice; if you are weak enough to need it. And I don't think that you guys think that you need it, so our advice might not be handy indeed. of all, I know that you guys are dignified students with huge dreams for your future; for it I wish you well. good luck buddies and let me begin the whole new process of savouring my life to the fullest NOW.

to all my jan'07 friends: we have all done our very best for the exams. I believe in the justice heralded by the God. Pray hard, and PLAY HARD too, hibernate to our heart's content, and everything shall be fine for everyone, god-willingly.

For the jun'08 people, good luck with your new combination(s) of subjects. i know you guys are determined to reach for the stars, and my spirit, doa and prayers go to you all. i wish you well. i might, in the near future, when I've already had enough sleep and energy on my side, come out with a post to project my dearest opinions with regards to the matter of the subjects change that has been quite an issue these days, and, as i've said before, if you don't need people to bother on what you are doing, just ignore the post that I'll almost certainly write with regards to 'your' matter and blacken it out with the chalk of the strength of your inner mind. You should be intrinsically strong to believe in your own self and feel nothing bad if others (me included) are trying to 'bring' you down by giving non-constructive opinions. Truthfully, with an utmost level of beatitude, I'd love to praise you guys for the will that you guys have had to not to succumb to all the circumstances that surround you; you guys have decided to wade through it all and come out with your own unique solution, which is inspiring. let us all shine through the darkness imposed by our rather ignorant IB centre and indifferent patron Petronas. Let them know that we're too strong to be defeated by any force of any measure; be it IB at such a horrendous learning condition in our centre (we've all been suffering for too much, too long), or the odds caused by some parties' insensitivities towards OUR needs as 'their' scholars, we are just too strong to be felled. we're strong and will always be until the day when we start to crumble inside.

Faizal Hamssin

Sunday, 16 November 2008

un papier d'aller. ouh la la

yeah un papier. one paper to go. one paper i would like to repeat. been playing simcity4 since the morning and i don't think i'm gonna stop anywhere soon. the joblessness has encroached into me. i haven't felt this relaxed for ages, i suppose. now since it's all over, it's time for me to pamper myself with good musics, good books, good food, and the list goes on and on. however, this emancipation from anything academic is not going to last for long, since i still my very last paper (french) on this friday.

about last week's paper;
maths paper 3 was darn tough, and i left more than a quarter of the paper unfinished but paper 2 should emerge as my very saviour indeed as it was relatively do-able. paper 1 was difficult too, but, still, it's largely do-able and bearable with a 28-mark complex number section that had truly spoiled my day. i'll be okay (i mean glad) with a SIX for my maths, truthfully.
chemistry was OKAY. aiming for a SEVEN, insy.
english was better than i expected, i was blissfully glad and exalted to get a question on honour for my paper 2. that was my jam! lol. those sleepless nights when i tried to get myself deeper and deeper into english A1 have certainly paid off, as far as my current feeling is concerned. i've done my best for english, i've done my part, and i just wanna pray hard that everything will be fine. thank you mr ong for yr last-minute 'rescue package' that has really 'rescued' and salvaged me from failing my english A1. thank you.

that's all for today. i really wanna write a longer post but my mind has ceased functioning and my inspiration has certainly faded away. simcity4 is waiting for me. impatiently. when am i going to get bored of this game? not anywhere soon for sure.

p/s currently listening to 'Butterfly', mariah's best album EVER. g'nite!

Faizal Hamssin

Saturday, 8 November 2008

IB finals~

too often have i told myself not to blog until the exam ends...and here i am, succumbing to defying my own sacred promise =P

okay lemme tell the world how have the papers been so far. physics was frustratingly difficult, but it's still bearable, though. frustrating, but bearable. that's it.

business was okay, i am pleased and thankful, indeed but the questions were all very tricky and vague. the paper has reached a point where knowledge in the matters asked is not as important as the understanding of the things that the questions expected. paradoxically, it is bitchily cruel way of testing students but that's ib after all. one can never expect a smooth sail when it comes to doing ib.

maths paper 1 was predictably difficult but since i still have paper 2 and paper 3 to redeem myself, there's not a reason for me to feel bad about it. optimism is in the air =)

that's all i guess as i should stop ranting about exams now and focus on the real thing; maths P2 is on the day after tomorrow and english A1 is looming with its horrifying nature. good luck my friends!

p/s my birthday celebration was so memorable that i can't help but smile whenever i reflect back to that experience. it was mesmerizingly sweet. thank you my friends for being such good friends (and prank organizers of course).

faizal hamssin