Sunday, 24 June 2007

a night at nenek's house

well, i'm currently at my nenek's house, chatting wif my cousins while using the wifi facility there to check others' friendster profile. hehe...actually, we really enjoy digging other ppl's secret's from friendster, and getting latest news regarding our other cousins and relatives whose stories are little known due to the great distance separating us fact, my family is damn vast. i have a numerous amount of 1st cousins, and not to forget a lottttt of 2nd cousins who are scattered here and there, leaving us everything but recognizing each other as a part of our grand family.
As what i've expected before, all my cousins do gather here, at nenek's house for her posthumous ceremonies like tahlil, yaasin, etc. even though all of us are currently covered by the cloud of sadness due to the departure of our nenek, we are also having fun now, exchanging stories, sharing really hot and funny stories, and even playing 'Uno' card. huuh...of course, as it is extremely rare for us all to gather this way due to the several constraints which disable my cousins to come back to btu really often. we're having fun, ironically, today, and we were laughing, laughing, and laughing joyously as we heard latest stories regarding abg Din's latest development. "are we going to hear another fake story from him? i'm tired of hearing all those terrible stuff from his mouth," that was lingering in my mind as i heard some ridiculous stuff from him.i don't know, but i can hardly believe anything he said to us just know, as all the things we were told of was really ridiculous by the judgment of any sensible person.
Tonight, i'm gonna sleep at my nenek's house, before paying my visitation at her final resting place at tomorrow's morning. this house is really full of the memory of my nenek, and i couldn't stop myself from keep thinking about nenek and the memory full joy and happiness with her as i gazed on the stuff that she really love on those days, like the antique decorations, and her lovely potrait in the bygone days... then, i'll be back home and study chemistry to cover up what i was supposed to learn on the day i skipped the school.
owh, thnxx, mary, for missing me. huhu...really? hehe, and, to my friends, miss u guyz a lot, and going back to school this tues. wanna prepare for my presentation this monday at my former school. Again, i'll be back at my former school, and i'm so ecstatic to see what's new and happening in my former school now. u know, i've spent 5 years studying there, and have a deep emotional feeling regarding SMKK. i'm going to talk at SMKK library this monday. i'm gonna have a 2-hour-long slot which is allocated for me, myself, and I. doesn't it sound weird? dunnoe,la... i wish i can do well this monday. SMKK, here i come!! my IB friends, see you in school. au revoir =)

Friday, 22 June 2007

the week full of blues

okay, 1st of all, i haven't updated my blog for quite a time, and this was due to the time constraints (really?), as well as my own laziness. now, finally, i've decided to update this simple blog a little bit frequent (actually i'm so envious of pau's really amazing and frequently-updated blog. i wanna follow suit)
Yes, the recent days have been really challenging to me, as my beloved and last-surviving grandma, Bibi Sakinah bt Akhbar Khan, passed away peacefully at the age of 84. al-fatihah for her. she'll always be eternalized by our sweet memory as a family, and i'll really miss our really big annual Hari Raya gathering that's always filled with laughters and joy. it's my hope that her soul will rest in eternal peace. amin... now, i neither have my grandpa nor grandma anymore, and that's a sad reality, actually.
That's not all that I have in this week. hearing from my mom that grandma's just passed away, i've decided to go back to bintulu as soon as possible, and my flight was scheduled at 1:40 pm, the day after her passing. i was so spirited and, actually, ecstatic to go back home that i've finished packing all my stuff the night before my departure, and everything was ensured to be perfectly right, when I did a silly mistake that i'll never forget. You know, i've woke up at about 6:50 to perform my Subuh, and as i felt terribly sleepy, i slept again at around 7:00, and set my alarm clock at about 8:15. feeling so confident that i'll be able to arrive at the airport on time, with such so-called time management, i just slept to my heart's content. huhu...
Then, i woke up, and the first thing I did as i woke up was looking at my watch to know whether i've been late or not. then, as i looked at my watch, i was damnnnn surprised to see that it's already 12:30pm. goodness!!! it's virtually impossible for me to catch my 1:40 flight, as i need at least an hour to reach the airport, and AirAsia's policy that requires every guest to check in 45 minutes before the departure time has made matters worse. i didnt know what to do, and about 3 mins later, my dad called me, to know whether i've reached LCCT or not at the moment. i was crying bitterly, nope, nope... i was wailing(what a shame) as i explained everything to my dad. then, my mom got the phone and tried to cool me down. i said that i was really sorry and did'nt mean to throw more than rm200 (the ticket's one-way price) down the drain. i also told her that i really wanna attend any of the posthumous functions related to my grandma's departure, as a part of my responsibility as her grandson. then, i cried, and my aunt also tried to cool me down. owh, god, what a shame!!! the whole family must've known now about the matter. i don't know where the hell on earth should i throw my face in order to hide my embarrassments. however, we've ended with a conclusion- i'll be back the next day, and my mom managed to book a tixx from my uncle's travel agency, just in the nick of time, and the cost, it's nothing but astronomical for a freakingly bad service airasia has to offer. it's damn expensive, actually, as my mom booked the ticket very late...
Incident is as terrible blow, as well as a wake up call for me. i came out with a resolution- i must try my best to overcome my bad sleeping habit. now, i'm going to get myself ready for my flight back to bintulu. this time around, i woke up so damned early, and planned to leave home at about 8:30. i'll never let the same thing to happen again. it's simply tragic.
That's the sad story of mine...