Friday, 25 May 2007


owh, thnxx god, xm is ova!! it ended wif physics paper, which i found to be so damn dffclt. my gudness, the questions were damn confusing, n i can do nothing now but to cross my fingers n pray for the best. owh, the gud thing is, aftr the xm's ova, my frenz n i went to 1Utama n hav a whole nite full of fun!! yeah, we celebrated our frenz' burpday (Ju Anne n Kim) there, at TGIF. wow, the gathering was great, n the food was oso nice n sumptuous... i finally know that Nadieya is sooo funny, huhu. a far cry from my 1st assumption on her b4 tis. huhu. we took countless pics together, n Sarah was really a photographer of the nite, with her cam.huhu. we went home at around 10.40, n wow, i was so satiated aftr an abundance of repast throughout the nite. ju anne was quite emotional as she received burpday gifts from her frenz, n i'm feeling damnnn guilty for not giving anything to her, dude...sorry, ju anne...

By the way, i'm goin bak to s'wak tis sat...can't wait for it~ I miss my bed seriously...huhu. wut i wanna do during my 2-week oliday is actually hibernating. wanna be a polar bear there. haha. i'm craving for a long,long, and undisrupted sleep, which i can barely get here during the school days. huhu...

au revoir.

Midyear Exam

Our midyr examination's gonna start 2moro (14th may) with maths HL, and i'm gonna be extremely bz throughout the week in order to improve my overall ranking in the school. so far, i've done pretty OK for my past evaluations (35/42points for the 1st Class Test, and 37/42points for the 2nd class test). my target for the midyr is 38/42points, and i really hope that i'll be able to achieve this target. (petronas' requirement is 35 points and above, and the ,best a student can get is 42points). owh, dun wanna waste my tym now, hav to revise maths. au revoir, wish me gud luck,k.


Owkay, when i was informed by our English teacher, Ms Maya tat english version of Salina-A. Samad Said is gonna be included in our literature syllabus, i really wondered how can i stand reading this 500-page book. u noe, i really hate to read novels, esp those related to the history of our country, etc howeva, after reading through the novel, i found out tat Salina is a really eye-opener for everybody. it's one of the greatest novels i've read. maybe i'm exaggeratin, but i honestly feel tat the plot was crafted nicely by the author. owkay, Salina is all about Salina, a Malay lady, who has been victimised by the madness and cruelty of war. her family and sweetheart were killed by the Japs, leaving her all alone. war has also transformed Salina from a rich girl into an extremely poor lady, who can hardly make ends meet. in order to support herself, Salina becomes a prostitutes and suffers subjugation and prejudism by the society. to make matters worse, Abd Fakar, Salina's replacement of her late sweetheart Muhd Yusuf (both are having very similar physical appearances), treats her badly. she is always beaten and abused by Fakar. the story also has a very shocking ending. overall, it's all about Salina's struggle in her quest to be emancipated. it's a great novel tat shud be read by evryone>>>

WELCOME 2nd Batch of Petronas Scholars...lookin forward to seeing you guyz!!

owh, results for Petronas Scholarship (2nd Intake) were just out today. congratzulations to all my buddies who have got it. welcome to the club. being a petronas scholar will enable u guys to be part of our big family. you're also gonna engage yourselves in various activities (organized by petronas, of coz), throughout ur studies. don't worry much, as the activities are so damn cool, an example being the 'soaring the eagle' that i joined last month. it's undeniably the best motivational camp i've ever joined in whole my life. owh, i would also like to welcome the new batch of IB students in Sri KDU. we're glad to have our IB family enlarged with you guys' presence, and u guys are gonna have lots of fun here. believe me it's so true. Au revoir

tHE eND OF tHE fReaKIngLy TiRiN weEk 4me...

owh, gudness. i'm so gratefool it's already friday...the whole week was extremely tough for me, and the debate competition was making me feel more and more stressed. i noe tat i'm not the only one who's so pissed off wif all tis debate thingy, but my teammate, zara and aaron must be feeling the same too... owh, but gratefully, we got 3rd place. firstly, i was utterly disappointed, but it's actually a blessing for least we dun hav to endure another round of debate next week. we're so damn tired of talking, rebuttin, 'poi'ng, etc. hehe...

class test? it's ova, thnxx gudness. i thnk i've performed jez okay for this test. however, i need to work much harder for my physics!! hehe. howeva, i'm actually hepi wif my french n math.

Class Test II

yesterday (10th april) was the final for my Syarahan Competition. it's held at our school magnificent hall, and i was really damn nervous to see hundreds of students watching me delivering the speech. my hands were shaking badly (as usual), and i thibnk that i've talked too fast. perhaps it's due to time constraint, as i was only given 5mins to finish everything .i ended up being the 3rd. so dissappointed, dude. i should've done better.
owh, it's another xm week. seems that i have to burn my midnite oil throughout the week. owh, so sick of it. to make matters worse, our teachers are still giving tonnes of assignment during this test week. how can we cope with all these things?


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