Monday, 1 March 2010

The air was crispy and cool...

The air was crispy and cool. The autumn air seemed to have started to seep into the air that was nicely warmed by a generous, yet non-overwhelming amount of sunlight. Seagulls had a feast on the ground, and people were everywhere around me. I sat at a table with my company, having a chat on things that mattered but didn't normally show up in a cloudy, hectic mind. There was food on the table, the muffin was good, the coffee was great, and the salad was awesome. There was a mind clear of worry; a mind as crystal-clear as morning dew, sensationally tranquilized by the gladdening imperfection of the surrounding. The place was unbelievably teeming with lives, the real living creatures, not the ones who enslaved themselves for the cause of chasing the mirage of material so-called 'well-being'. Had there been these slaves around the place, the face would glow a different glow; a darker, hollow complexion with a limp, lifeless smile simply stamped on it.

When you have all these, forget about the rat race, forget about the things that make your world one heck of an F1 circuit with the pursuit for the rights for pomposity and glowing pride rules. Forget about the things that normally matter, because they are just unimportant; overwhelming but painfully tenuous. Forget about everything, because the real life is for the living.

I can live like this forever - I wish I can.

Faizal Hamssin