Saturday, 3 November 2007

Il s'agit Octobre!

having been infamous for updating my log rarely, i've decided to sum up the whole wonderful month of october into a post. yeah, the month is too memorable to be forgotten...
yeah, before the raya holiday which started on the 12th, we had bad times sitting for our year-end exam.i was kinda satisfied with my result, thanks to the many nights of burning midnight oil, studying, studying and studying for the exam. however, this exam is a wake up call for me; pay bunches more of attention toward improving my maths (my maths has downgraded my overall IB pointage to an unbelievable extent)...however, i'm not the sole sufferer, as most of my IB mates did flung in their maths paper. only yvonne was able to stand up tall with her seven, while the rest have to feel satisfied with their four, three, two, and even one, thanks to the shockingly difficult questions~ however, i'm quite happy for my chemistry, physics, and French, while my business result gave me a reason to smile. my English result was mediocre, and, to be frank, i think that it really fell short of my expectation.

Chemistry: 18/20 SIX(i've normally scored this for my's kinda ok,just gotta keep it up!)
Physics: 18/20 SIX (My physics is getting better. used to get worse than this. keep the good effort up!)
MATHS: 14/20 FOUR(never been this close to failing's a tragedy)
eng: 16/20 FIVE (should've scored better)
French: 18/20 SIX (an improvement)
Business: 20/20 SEVEN(hooray, i've got full mark for the very first time.keep it up, faizal)
TOTAL: 34/42

The outcome was neither fantastic nor tragic. it was mediocre and greatest challenge next year is to actually get out of the realism of having a MODERATE result. i must get a better result than this next time around, god-willing. i should never get complacent with such results as this!

okay, let's move on to the raya celebration. raya's great this year, though the absence of nenek, whose soul has recently returned to the afterlife did fill our raya with a dosage of sadness. however, knowing that nenek lived such a happy life and did never like to see her grandchildren being plunged into sadness in her lifetime gave us the spirit to live life as usual. the raya celebration carried on as it always did before. i had fun, chatting with my cousins, exchanging stories and, of course, gossiping about anything under the Sun. i also used the opportunity to visit my old friends in bintulu, and we really had fun having dinner, hanging out, and malling together, while sharing the countless interesting stories.
the icing of the cake was actually sleeping in my own room! yeah, home sweet home. although i'm known for my tendency to go back to bintulu pretty frequently, my home-sickness has never subsided. it even grew at an exponential rate, as my life as an IB student is getting more and more hectic than ever before. the pressure can, sometimes, be unbearable for an 18-year-old soul who has never parted away from his family before. that's why i can say that going back home is the best therapy that can cure them all.

After having fun on my self-proclaimed extended raya holiday, i went back to kl just to be amazed by how anxious mr shaw can become. One of the first things i heard from chan hu as i stepped into my really less-than-ideal room was about nothing but extended essay dateline. he told me that we're all supposed to submit our Extended Essay (EE) by the end of THE WEEK. omg. i hadnt even finished conducting my questionnaire, and was a thousand-miles-far from doing my analysis, and that guy's demanding me to finish writing the complete stuff, which is destined to be a testament of how cruel IB can become, by the end of the week? feeling afraid that my EE's progressing a way behind the schedule, me, zachary, kay n pau went to the curve on the next day for the sake of having all of our questionnaires answered.

we went to the curve, and, it was a really productive trip to a shopping mall, i guess. yeah, i'm saying that because we were able to do simply everything in that single evening...zachary and i can surely admit that both of us are getting more aggressive from day to day. we were becoming more forceful to make sure that most of the people we approached wouldnt refuse to answer our questionnaires and give us what we want; their say. amazingly, i managed to finish doing all my work by 9 o'clock, and, just before we wanna go back after having our dinner, we decided to have another repast, this time, it's a supper at the Burger King. that was the weirdest and freakiest trip i've ever made to a fast-food restaurant. we ordered our supper and spending most of the time not to eat, but, to do the camhorring. omg. so embarrassing. we were posing like mad, as if that was our 'last supper'. perhaps our pictures are enough for us to create a modern version of the age-old 'the last supper' painting by da Vinci. just kidding. here are some of the pictures that can act as a testament of how insane we can be...

owh, yeah, the month was ended with my 18th birthday, which fell on the 31st! now i'm legal and loving it! yeah~ really wanna express my sincere gratitude towards my friends who did go all the way to OU (though it isnt 2 marhalah's away from d'shire, obviously) just to celebrate my birthday there. i do really appreciate all your wishes and hope that we're all gonna be blessed with an abundance of joy and happiness. let our relationship flourish. my wishes? to get 40 and above for my IB, to have a happier and better life in the future, to secure a place in a top university over the seas, and other private wishes that i'm so not gonna enclose here.haha.let it remains a mystery. je t'aime octobre...

by the way, i've submitted my EE draft ahead the schedule! i will survive! yeah! i'm gonna be hunted no more by mr shaw. savoring the sweet emancipation and newly-found freedom is the sweetest part of being free from the clutches of EE! au revoir =)


rah said...

HEY FAIBULOUS! hahaha eh sorry i didn't know when your birthday was la i really felt so baddd. i'll make it up to you next year!

FaYZaL said...

it's ok.really anticipating greeAT present from u next yr.haha =P

Ahmad Syafiq said...

ooish...manyak panjang ini post.. Tapi not bad... Not bad at all...