Wednesday, 19 August 2009

of An Epic Reunion :)

Liying was in the town baybeh! So yeah, we had a reunion dinner at Sofia. The food was, as expected, downright awesome, and the portion was HUGE that we all went home satiated as hell (yeah seriously). Will definitely dine there again next time. Here are the pictures (courtesy of Zara)

Sham's Japanese girlfriend who happened to be in Melbourne at that time for a visit was also present.

After dinner, we all went to crash at Aggie's place, hanging out there. Some of us played cards while the rest camwhored and lounged around, feeling the bliss of being in each others' company. That was very cool. Too bad little Zara was so tired that night (menstrual pain, I suppose!) that she had to sleep in Aggie's room while we all had a blast outside at the living room.

When the party was over and everyone was on the verge of leaving the place, all eyes were on Sham who was also to leave the place for her girlfriend's digs. It was a cold wintry night when someone gave him words worth of advice. "Play safe," she said. We all laughed naturally :D

Faizal Hamssin


agnes said...

Let's go to sofia again!! sofia rocks~ owhh i heard there is a lindt's cafe in melbourne.. at collin st~jom?

Faizal Hamssin said...

yeah sofia is truly the best! lindt cafe? sounds interesting! yeah we should be going there together next time!

TengLiYing said...

girlfriend!! haha:) i come to this blog after so long and see pics of me, haha! so proud. hey aggiee!!!! come to my blog toooo. miss you guys la. next time we go sofias again okayy??