Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Of A New Eye and An Extra Pair of Feet

I passed my driving lesson. Yay! ;)

I'm a late bloomer, I know that. But then, late is better than never. At least the dark days of me not knowing to drive have been put to an end. I can't wait to get my license done on Thursday so I can straightaway grab Mamak's car and drive around Bintulu.

Yes, Bintulu. It's a perfect place for new drivers to get accustomed to roads. The traffic is mild, and the worst gridlock ever would have to be a "nerve-pinching" line that took 3 minutes to disperse. That's it.

Having passed the driving test and spent quite a lot of time with my family, I can safely say that my holidays don't seem to end as an idle 3-month sojourn. This is said amidst the reality that I've been sleeping from 4 till 12 every night(or should I say morning instead?) throughout the holidays.

I'm happy.

Talking about happiness, I've just got a new digital camera. Yay! I'd been camera-deprived since I mysteriously lost my previous one on one of Melbourne's trams. I'm split between the two theories of its loss;
1) I might've dropped it on the tram.
2) Someone picked it. Melbourne is generally safe, but sometimes you can't deny that there can be snakes hiding in the bush. The tram was very crowded when I lost it, and I was preoccupied with my conversation with Effa and Sasha to really keep my eyes on my possessions (They came all the way from KL to spend a few days with me in Melbourne. Bless them).

Forget about it.

My new camera ain't something really expensive or anything. It's just decent I'd say. 10.1 Megapixels. Sony. With the drama of losing a few stuff last year, I know I don't deserve anything better for the time being.

These are some of the first shots I took using this camera. The photos were taken at home.

The seating area outside in its messy glory.

My brother was running around and he gave a weird cheeky pose in the dark TV area when I took this. Gosh. Why must he be this cute? :)

That is it. May all be good.

p.s. This is new and this is hot. The lyrics are deep. Check this out.

Faizal Hamssin


Miss Aida said...

Congratulations on passing your driving test! :D

Anonymous said...

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