Saturday, 7 July 2007

Not much

Owh, i haven't updated my blog for such a long of time. So far, my life just went on normally for the last fortnight. The tonnes of homework that are given to us have actually 'caged' us and our life. Every single weeknight should be dedicated to the purpose of finishing off all the tasks given. it's a hectic life for us, actually. however, despite my 'sufferings', i have a very justifiable reason to feel grateful and happy for not having Dr Read as my english teacher. i heard from fatin, alin, and pau about the 'abundance' of homeworks, journals, etc, that should be finished every night. Their commitments to finish Dr. Read's stuff, together with the loads of other subjects have caused them to look really dull at school. poor of my friends. hope you guys will be able to cope with all these in the future. now, i've finally begun appreciate Mr. Jonathan as my english teacher. even though his jokes can be considered as nothing but 'lame' for most of the times, but he doesn't give us much tasks to be done. that's the icing of the cake. hehe...however, TOK session with him really sucks. seriously. i think that TOK is the most dreadful lesson in the whole week. Only Ahmad Syafiq looks really keen and joyful during the lesson. i really wonder how is he able to laugh at those very 'lifeless' jokes from mr Jon. I am glad to admit that Mr. Jonathan is a very nice kind of person, but he needs to diversify the way he teaches us TOK. we're extremely bored with the same method of teaching, actually.
Last weekend, i was staying with my cousins and uncle at ParkRoyal Hotel. i was so glad to gather with my cousins here, and the hotel is just across the road from Sg Wang Plaza, and we're having our retail therapy there. we're also quite busy helping my cousin Yani to get her stuff there, as she's going to register in UM on the day after that. i saw that Ranee's got her new hairstyle. wow, her hair looks really nice. Both shasha and i were not spending much, due to our several unexplainable constraints, i guess. hehe. actually, i'm in a 'Vitamin M saving mode' to cut down my expenditure, which has been escalating recently. (Vitamin M is actually MONEY!!!). I only spent nearly 30 bucks buying myself a new pencil case (ironically), and that was all. last sunday, after sleeping very late (my cousins and i were hanging out at the Bukit Bintang Area the night before), we woke up very early in the morning and sent my cousin Yani to UM for a registration process. i was given the chance to enter the girls' hostel there, and i found out that the state of the place was really pathetic. i guess the whole hostel was built and furnished during the Paleolitic Age. however, the whole university is cool, and it's full of historical values. I really hope that Yani's gonna have good time studying in UM. It's a privilege to study at of the best institutions in the whole country. Bravo, bravo...

Tomorrow, we're gonna have swimming gala, and i'm happy to come to school and socialize with my buddies for the day, but i simply hate waking up early tomorrow. Mary has asked us to go to school on the 7.10 am bus. common, i really need some sleep. i simply hate those activities on the weekend which require me to wake up damn early in the morning. i'm so done with al those exhaustion on the weekdays, and now, my only hope to hibernate (saturday morning) is frequently snatched by the school's activities on the weekend. i really hope that our charity sale will be a success. we really need to raise more money to support our trip to Penang. I've paid RM250 for the trip, and the amount is actually astronomical for such a 2-night-long trip as this. i wanna my money back!!! that's why we should really buck up for our drink sale tomorrow for the sake of our (and my) coffer. we need refund!
Here, i would like to wish happy 21st birthday to my sister Erna. huhu...hope that u're gonna enjoy being 21. keep on being such a nice kind of person. do maintain your great exam result, and buck up for your final sem exam. i hope that u'll walk out of UPM next year with your tip-top degree. i'm here, waiting you to treat me. secret ecipe pun jadila. hehe. it's your birthday, and a birthday girl is the one who is supposed to treat me, right? that's revoir.

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