Saturday, 22 September 2007

A Picture Means A Hundred Words (a thousand is quite an exaggeration, i guess)

We were having great time celebrating the eve.i take pride of myself for being able to avoid the misery of being the sole worst performer for the bowling game.haha.meiling,we're tied and i'm not the last,okay!

the next morning, i had to endure terrible exhaustion and sleepiness to get to the merdeka square for our season drumming activity. i was sleeping all the way to the square as our bus marched towards the venue at the crack of dawn. just look at the following pictures that will be the testament of how early did the BIG day begin.however, joy has started to eclipse fatigue as the event we were all filled by the excitement for being parts of the really colourful event. the heat was scorching, obviously...we're all cladded in the chinese costume. that's pretty cool i guess.

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Keep up the good work.