Saturday, 5 January 2008

New year, new vision, new spirit, same destination~

i think it's really obvious that my blog has not been updated for quite a time, and here i am.
perhaps it is not very for me to wish everyone a prosperous and joyful 2008. may everyone be showered with an abundance of eternal joys and achievements this year.

before writing my main resolutions for this year, it is best for me to reflect back to the year 2007 and dig all the bittersweet memories that i've either savored or endured throughout the year.

The year 2007 was actually the year that managed to put many marks in the history of mine. it was the year of glory, achievements, success, and happiness, intertwined with the challenging events that helped to shape a better me. by the way, i've managed to get straight A1 for my SPM!The result did amaze me and it enabled me to continue receiving petronas sponsorship that is hoped to breathe life to my intellectual development in the coming years. my life as an IB student in sriKDU has also given me a chance to unleash my real potential to the fullest, and fill the scars and holes that have always been somewhat dominant negative cofactors in the past years. it is a place where i learned to appreciate myself and my intrinsic as well as extrinsic flaws to the extent that i've never thought of before. i've also been able to overcome my inferiority complex that did do a lot in retarding my social life before. for this, i would like to express my sense of gratitude towards my friends who have always been with me throughout the year.

the year 2007 has also been very challenging for me. there were even times when i felt that everything went against me, and the hectic life as an IB student did nothing to mitigate the emotional woes i faced, it did exacerbate it, in fact. every cloud has its silver linings, and i do believe that the struggle i faced last year enabled my complete reincarnation and rebirth as a stronger and resilient person. my family has always been very supportive, and thankfully my academic result has been improving from the mediocrity to somewhat i can feel happy and proud of. assignments and hectic life they cause can no longer stop me. they're just like scattered marbles, laying impotently on the floor waiting for me to pick them up and put them all into the place they belong.


i don't really have a lot of wishes for this new year. of course, my biggest priority is upcoming IB final exam, whose success would be the key for a better future of mine. i've even set up a realistic target for the exam, which lies between 40 to 45 points. a more specific target is actually 42 points, which would be made achievable given that more emphasis is made towards elevating my level of strength in maths and french. my achievement in the former subject was better off in the first half of 2007, but the practical absence of our maths teacher for quite a time has created a sizable black hole that needs to be covered up soon, while my command in the latter language used to be ailing, but it has since improved sensibly.

another vision of the year is towards improving my relationships with everyone, be it friend or foes. i just want to appreciate all my friends to the extent i have never reached before. it is my hope that my social life would flourish this year, without having to sacrifice my number one priority in my studies. perhaps a weekly malling won't retard me academically.

i also want to spend my money wisely this year around. unnecessary expenditures are going to be cut off this year, while the spendings on stuff that would greatly enhance my total well-being would be greatly increased. thus, a more prudent fiscal management is anticipated this year hoping that a sizable amount of money would be able to be saved for my future usage in the overseas later on.

i think i should stop blablaing now. wishing everyone a splendid 2008. au revoir.



danialsyafiq said...

lol, going to the mall weekly? that's a bit too often don't you think? oh ya, forgot you couldn't resist seeing your loved ones (OU & curve) for at least once a week.

and being more careful in your spending? doubt it considering how much you spent yesterday JUST by going to tesco. 100 maybe? and what? it's only been 2 days since we started school. gosh your spendings are so obscene.

great resolutions btw. ambitious.

FaYZaL said...

hehe yeah i really to mend those matters involving my spendings but i spent much yesterday to buy all those necessary rations and rm100 for stuffs that u can consume for a long time isn't too much i so not gonna spend that much for something unnecessary.
thanks. i really really wanna turn my resolutions into a reality and i hope i could.

Khairul Syahir said...

Way to go, Faizal!

Anonymous said...

omg, how small the world is? lol