Friday, 15 February 2008


The increasingly-demanding IB has eventually taken its toll. time has never been this precious before, and this very possession is the constraint that has greatly barred me from updating my stagnating blog frequently. however, thinking that my blog should not succumb due to the woes that i'm currently facing, added by the constant encouragement (and decree) by my friends (pau especially, needless to say), give me the strength to keep on writing and having fun blogging. after all, that's having fun is the golden reason to blog am i right?

Okay, Chinese New Year holiday rocks i guess, but, i didn't go back to bintulu the place i love for the break. having nothing to do (putting aside the IB craps) i've decided to join my cousins for a trip to Genting Highlands. actually I've gone genting before but this very trip was really fun and full of nothing but enjoyment! however, it was kinda bad that my sister was sick that she couldn't make it with us. here are several pictures that were shot during our Genting so-called crazy escapade.

this was only the beginning

okay the place was damn freakingly crowded on that day. there were people here there and everywhere and getting a headache was just inevitable. needless to say, the hotel rooms were all fully-booked and there was simply no place for four of us. thank goodness there was a shine at the end of every deep tunnel, and we did, miraculously, get a room just before the outdoor park was closed. that thrilled me a lot as there was not a single room when we sought for them in the daytime.perhaps some Samaritans were wonderful enough to leave their room earlier than they were required to. that's a total blessing for us. getting a room saved us from having to ride the cable car back to the foothill in the complete darkness of night. I'd surely dread that.

having a room, there's nothing that could stop us from savoring the real essence of that really lively night. we just kept on having great rides at the indoor theme park while sharing hottest gossips with each other.

Our hands =)

searching for a demon

we all went back on the next morning with extreme fatigue sticking on me. damn tiring and exhausting experience it was but, who cares, if you had real bunch of fun throwing all the misery of IB for just a little while.


danial syafiq said...

yepp yepp i understand how you felt about the trip to genting. a solitary from all the IB sh*ts is what everyone needs. we should do this more often though not to the extent of going genting. maybe some place in kl for therapy? like kayaking or something.

on a lighter note, i haven't been to genting for so long. the last time was what? oh cant remember. it mustve been a really really long time ago. oh well, this calls for yet another genting trip. =P

FaYZaL said...

yeah we really need to break the chain of having to face IB 24/7. i would really really love going kayak once again. perhaps we should try kayaking at different places apart from sticking at the putrajaya lake. that should really do.