Saturday, 23 February 2008


okay things are getting better right now; my EE is on the verge of being fully completed, my IAs are progressing well and my 1st World Lit is also to be given a final touch up before being submitted to Mr.Shaw. Thus, this is the very right time for me to focus for nothing but my IB final exam. Forget about class test;who cares about the class test when you have an ultimate and divine emphasis for the year, which definitely is the IB final year exam. i actually have faith in my ability in getting the result that petronas demands. now i need the God's blessings, and mercy and more efforts should be poured to fortify my strengths and rectify my weaknesses in IB. Come on, the IB, Sri KDU, and all the sufferings that I have to bear throughout these definitive 2 years are truly the opportunities of my lifetime. this year should be either the most glorious or devastating period of my life; and i can't afford to flop. okay all of us should cease worrying too much about our exams because we are all going to make it. each of us is blessed with our own distinctive strengths and flaws, but we are all here for a reason. we're here because we deserve to be here. we're here because we have what it takes to succeed. we're all gonna make it through the rain my dearest IB mates...

All of the petronas scholars from my batch were required to fill in a form to give Petronas and Sri KDU a clearer picture of the universities that we're all eyeing. the universities that are included in the list are all located in the southern hemisphere countries of Aus, NZ, or South Africe; there's nothing surprising nor shocking about this. however, this fact has never eroded my ultimate dream to get a place in one of the prestigious universities in the UK. fortunately, petronas did also give us an additional list which consists of several top UK universities where we're all allowed to apply for. however, the costs incurred throughout the application and assessment processes are all to be bear by the applicants, which sets this option apart from the previous option of studying in the southern hemisphere countries. I've been very interested in going to imperial college london, which is one of the institutions of my dream.

luckily, several of my friends are also very keen to apply for the UK universities that are 'recognized' by our patron petronas- Ox-bridge, Imperial, LSE. this would make our self-application processes much easier as we would have each other to turn to.

However, i do understand that getting a place in Imperial has never been easy. my result should be fantastic and my level of charisma should also be polished to prepare me for the rigorous university entrance exams and interviews. therefore, i'm not going to put a hope as high as the Eden for me to get a place in the UK colleges that have been listed by petronas. i believe that the chance is there, but life is not a fairy tale, after all. it is very difficult to predict something that will happen next year, as humans and their destinies keep on changing with time.

Thus, I've picked 4 universities in the southern hemisphere for me to apply. (it is compulsory for us to apply four southern-hemisphere universities). my choices are as follows:

1) University of SYDNEY

This university has a long history of excellence;
THES Rank: 31
Sydney is a great city to live in. definitely my first choice.

2) University of AUCKLAND

University Rank (THES) = 50
NZ tempts me with its kiwi culture and great landscape. I don't personally love living in an overtly-bustling and hectic place. Auckland should do.

3) University of QUEENSLAND

THES Rank: 33
The university offers an excellent geology program.

4) University of CAPE TOWN

THES rank: top200
The main reason for me to pick UCT is the charm that Cape Town and South Africa has to offer. it is a place full of natural wonders and sexy architectures. the weather is also gorgeous (Summer: 16-26 celcius, winter: 7-17 celcius). the cape winelands region is really picturesque with all the vineyards and quaint towns with mighty mountain ranges as their backdrops. table mountain? breathtaking.



Muhammad Khairul Syahir said...

this is my first time hearing the phrase 'sexy architecture'!

danial syafiq said...

exactly khairul, had the same thought in my mind.

on a more encouraging note, LET US ALL APPLYLY FOR UK UNIVERSITIES!!!

danial syafiq said...

oops apply sorry typo

Faizal Hamssin said...

chill out pau.i know yr typing skill did deteriorate due to yr diarrhea n nausea. darn the lil' penang cafe.

alenn said...

heh~ why sexy architecture???

Faizal Hamssin said...

okay to end everybody's confusion, lemme enlighten u guys with the real definition of sexy;
1. Arousing or tending to arouse sexual desire or interest.
2. Slang. Highly appealing or interesting; attractive: “The recruiting brochures are getting sexier” (Jack R. Wentworth).

Therefore, i'm please to say that i've chosen the word 'sexy' based on the latter definition of it. okay =)