Friday, 18 April 2008

Mentally subjugated~

thank god it's friday. this week has been relatively banal with not a single strand of interesting curvature of life happening to sweeten it up. it is also not magical; magical in a way that the bitterness of life can actually be churned into the beauty that lasts for eternity. that's why i do believe that struggles of life are needed in order to create an obelisk of perpetual wonder that is called experience.

the importance of a dose of bitterness in making a better of a person is profoundly testamented in the play 'uncle vanya'. the play is a wonderful epic of the different types of subjugation faced by the pre-revolutionary Russians. Russia under the imperial rule used to be a haven for the aristocrats and a hell for the masses. the country was in a deep shambles while the wealth distribution was extremely skewed. the serfs who yearned for emancipation were deprived of their basic rights while their level of dignity was plunged to the animalistic level. this insanity that lied beneath the extrinsically sophisticated Russian affluent society led to the emancipation of the perpetual ideas of intellectual pilgrimage that plunged the society into the unnecessary troughs of dignity. the aristocrats might think that they are the ones who posed the wave of subjugation towards the serfs, and this is an apparently unarguable claim. however, the wave of subjugations (physical deprivations) posed towards the serfs were actually less venomous than the mental subjugation the aristocrats of that era suffered from. the serfs bear all the responsibility on earth. every fraction of hardship is left for the poverty-ridden lower class people to bear. this means that there was no such thing as bitterness in the life of the aristocrats back then. their lives were all full of artificial lusciousness that tend to eclipse any single intellectual light that might arise. they are deprived from churning the bitterness of life into the beauty that lasts for eternity. they were all intellectually paralysed.

yeah i think that's all for today. au revoir =)

Faizal Hamssin


F@t1N'z said...

what a review would deserve a 7 in mr shaw's class. ^_^

danial syafiq said...

the last paragraph is linguistically alien to me. seriously.

ibnu zhaki said...

terima kasih for the comment on my posting

ibnu zhaki said...

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