Thursday, 1 May 2008

joyeux anniversaire pour mes amis =)

this week deserves a special spot in the story of the life of mine; 3 of our ib comrades have their birthdays in a week's time. the mood of celebration fills the d'shire apartment units as well-wishers and cake-craving friends (the latter includes me) throng to the units that house our birthday boys of the week. the celebration for osem n syed was held at in front of our apartment block; the location was deemed as a strategic one as the idea of basking the birthday boys with the sacred glow of the flour needed an outdoor spot for its execution. after all, nobody would fancy doing the post-celebration spring cleaning am i right?

fatin displayed the world of the kind heart and soul she has long possessed. the birthday cake, rich with the indulgences one can ever expect from the gastronomical blessings in the form of the chocolates, was really wonderful. thanks so much fatin. the cake u brought all the way from seremban will always remain as the testament of your heart of gold.

the glimmering friendship and fraternity that shall last for eternity.

look at how fair these two dudes have become.

the celebration ended with me feeling just good.

the birthday bash didnt end with the flour-madness-themed celebration. khairul is also having his birthday on the labour's day. yeah, khairul=labour (inseparable).

the celebration was more intimate and simpler, as some of us have already left d'shire for their respective hometown and all. however, the merrymaking was, undeniably, full of fun. we chatted and laughed for the whole night while waiting for the time to reach 12. the combustible energy and passion of friendship that we all experienced that night can be attributed to the relative abundance of the food served for that occasion. my special thanks to mary; your pasta was mouth-watering. the cake was also reasonably nice. after all, the cake was chosen by me and pau, (pau is notorious for his perfectionism, fyi). there was barely any room for mistake in that sense. however, khairul's health was not on his side that night as he experienced a headache that might have hampered him from joining us in the many parts of our gossip-filled conversations. hang li po wasnt there too, so, it was understandable that khairul's real soul was drifted to the east coast for the whole night. emotionally drifted, as the saying goes, 'absence makes heart grows fonder'.

happy birthday to osem syed and khairul. may the lord bless you with an abundance of perpetual joy and eternal happiness while turning your most distant dreams into the beauty of reality.

p/s jonmah has told me not to put an excessive dose grandiloquences here, so i did exactly that.

faizal hamssin


danial syafiq said...

jonmah has told me not to put an excessive dose grandiloquences here, so i did exactly that.

and what do you mean by THAT? every other word there is still bombastic ok! seriously man.

we have unanimously agreed that your posts are annoyingly annoying. sorry dude for being so blatant. please la cut down on the 'grandiloquence' please!

thousand apologies beforehand.

rADiCaL VicTiM said...

too bad i was not in the birthday bash of my own room8. *sigh

ibnu zhaki said...

thanks faizal

alenn said...

faizal, how dare u forget me n teens for bringing u guys to buy the cake!


Faizal Hamssin said...

thanks to your relatively 'minute' contribution. huhu~

mary said...

ei, u shud describe more about the deliciousness of the food... hehehe... i know u're gud at those stuff... bt please, no fancy words... lol

Jonathan Mah said...

dood, you've got 20-odd adjectives in this short post! i didn't realize 'grandiloquences' even existed!!

other than that - not bad :)

there, i finally left a comment.

Fatimahzahra said...

fayz we need to think of juanne's birthday suprise quick, before hang tuah kidnaps her and sweeps her feet away!we must make sure that we get her FIRST!!

Siangie said...

"jonmah has told me not to put an excessive dose grandiloquences here, so i did exactly that"

Hey sorry to say this in my first reply to your blog, but you can try harder regarding jonmah's advice. "Yes I do read your blog, well not exactly reading but scrolling through, cuz I have to go get the dictionary for every sophiscated words in every lines of your blog entry ;P " .

Nah~ Don't take it too personally alright? haha we just love to pick on you cuz we care to do so !!! =D such loving and caring friends, dun u think?

Faizal Hamssin said...

yeah thanks siangie. i do think of the same with regards to my style of writing. i'll try to make it more readable in the future okay hehe =)
btw siangie u look extremenly chubby in the pic. haha~