Tuesday, 26 August 2008

the miracles of wiki...

my ib fellow khairul has just established a very useful website called 'wikirevise' i bet that every single student under the Sun is gonna be pretty amazed by the enormous potentials that this new website impregnates. I have faith that once the whole objectives of this website are being realized and its potential realised to the fullest, students are going to be free to bid farewell to the toughest days and hours of intense revisions and sleep deprivations, for sure. however, such potentials and benefits can only be gained if the site is laden with the notes we all need. it is virtually impossible for khairul to do everything on his own. the miracles of wikirevise can only be achieved if everybody is doing their part. it's freaking simple. just join the growing community of wikirevise and share your precious notes with virtually everyone in need of those. may the lord bless u for the good deeds u have committed in making the lives of me and you easier. i've done my part, and it's time for u to do yours!

*by the way, me and my other ib dudes in sri KDU is currently working on equipping the site with our IB Business (HL/SL) notes. the notes are amazing. feel free to have a look on those!

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