Thursday, 14 August 2008

keep it short

mock exam is officially OVER! lord knows how badly have i been deprived of my sleep and life in the past 2 weeks. my wanly appearance shows it all. i guess that it's high time for me to get some sleep i deserve, and a retail therapy indeed!

if u have ever had the arse to know about the way i perceive the mock exam questions, i would really love to say that the papers, maths aside, weren't as horrifying as what i've visionized priorly. maths were really tough, especially as the paper 3 questions were concerned. it really squeezed my sanity outta me. paper 1 drove me loco a bit, and paper 2 was way more bearable. i really gotta keep my 10 fingers crossing so that my mocks result will be captivating enough to act as a provenance to the greater level of my self-confidence to face the upcoming final exams =)

i went klcc for a night out with fida mary pau n kay. we watched movie, had great laugh, and good food. kay and mary shopped as substantially as everybody's anticipation. i do rarely feel really liberated the way i felt last night, thanks to the demanding IB and great pressure that follows. by the way i'm not THAT free since i've got maths IA and World Lit to refine to achieve the level of perfection that is soo ib.

gonna come out with a longer post soon as i've got a lot of things to share with everyone. i just, for this time being, feel the greatest urge to stay in my sanctuary of dormant living with an abundance of the beads of tranquillity. gotta stay away from the world of overwhelmingly hectic impressions for a while. for the bio people, good luck for yr exam. u still have 2 miserable days left before u enter the world of brief freedom from the monster called IB. envy me not.

Faizal Hamssin


Yvonne said...

I thought u want to make your post simpler... wanly? visionized?sanctuary of dormant living? erm......

danial syafiq said...

oh and if im not mistaken you just learned the word 'wanly' before english paper 1. remember in the library? hmmm.. makes me wonder too yvonne of his intention to keep his posts more simple. hmmmm... *long ponderous gaze*