Monday, 9 February 2009

Of Randomness

Tick tock. The clock is ticking. It's nearly 3 and the dawn is gonna crack in a matter of a few hours, and I haven't even plunged into the state of peaceful slumber. I'm sleepy but the night has been so pleasant that sleeping early is just a waste of opportunity. The opportunity to blog! Yeah, it is. As the saying goes, "make hays while the Sun shines". And here I am, breaking my own promise to stop being a nocturnal animal. The phletora of memories I've had with my friends keep on streaming to me as I look into my IB graduation (or prom, or pseudo-prom as some might call it) picture. It gives me peace of mind thinking of the good time I've had with my friends that the bad memories of the sufferings we've all had while doing IB is starting to diminish. Therefore, this post will be written as randomly as possible, to give ways for the random thoughts of my mind to waltz.

*WARNING: This post is not to be written in accordance to the conventional laws of plot, so do bear it's complicaticity.

News have been buzzing about the latest political crisis that's currently happening in Perak. The change of government in Perak has been described as a 'coup' by some, and the events that have followed have really left a bad taste in the mouth. It's a shame that such incident can actually happen in our country, as the people are increasingly aware of their current economic problems and their looming financial gloom. While many countries in the world have started with the implementation of their respective stimulus packages to mitigate the worst that might just happen, it seems that our country is taking a sweet time with our 'tidak apa' (carefree) attitude. We're all so occupied with playing our incessant political game that does nothing but further exacerbates the public discontentment of their ailing situation. Our own apathy in this matter seems to nauseate me, actually. Do you still remember who's the one who initiated the idea of lompat-melompat (crossovers)? As far as my feelings are concerned, the use of crossovers to form a government can never morally justified. Neither PKR nor BN should resort to using political defections as a mean of clinging to power. It's just unacceptable, and the very person who first started the game of crossovers does not deserve to say that it's "a big blow to democracy and insults the wisdom of the masses". I'm aware of my shallow knowledge in politics that bar me from talking much about it, but I'm definitely in a position to voice my views as a Malaysian who's sick of the inconsistencies that have recently been a sad feature of our politicians. I'm not against the government nor the opposition party. I'm just judging them based on their actions, and I want honest people with the rare sense of accountability to lead our country out of these shameful episodes of political drama.

Okay okay enough with politics.

Pau and Siangie are gonna fly off to Canberra tomorrow! So, good luck guys! Do keep in touch okay, and remember of our upcoming Australian trip. The same goes to my other friends; Osem, Fida, Juanne, Amirul, and Khairul. Don't you dare having me perished from yr memories!

To my dearest girlfriend's' Zara, Yvonne, and our very own Miss Mongolia Universe Aggie Sia; let's stick to each other okay? Let's have fun together in Melbourne! And Syed too!

To my unforgettable IB friends A'lenns', Fa'teens', Jiha, Aiman, Amin, Apit and Kay, good luck for yr campus life! Remember me always, since this Faizal is too good to be forgotten lol. I don't wanna be like stray cats. I know you guys can make it, and let us strive to get excellent degrees so that we can reunite in klcc later on, god-willingly. All the best!

To Mary, Abg Ling, and Chan Hu, good luck for yr maths paper! I know you can kill it :)

To JonMah, good luck for yr uni life in the states. To Winson, I think you're well aware on the path that you should take. Just follow your heart, and let yr efforts be blessed accordingly.

To Liying, Kim, and other retakers, good luck! I know our IB path has been thorny, but the ending will surely be rosy for you guys. Just keep on having faith in yourself.

Let me end this post with the song that we've and will always love, Love Story by Taylor Swift. This song brings back memories. Good memories of us, people in Fida's car!

Speaking about cars, I can't help but reflecting back on those 'eating out' moments that I had with my IB mates. I can never thank Syed, Apit, Teens, Amin, Fida, and other 'minor' drivers enough for the driving me to Deli, Naina, JCM, and even Ichi Banto!

En route to makan (eating)!

I miss my IB friends dearly!

Us at the Bintulu Airport


p/s thank you my dearest one and only kakak for bringing me out on my last Sunday in Bintulu that's gonna be my last for months to come, at least. Nothing can stop me (not even the minor scratch you've made on mamak's (my mom, not that mamak's stall) car) from perceiving you as an excellent driver :p I will surely miss Bintulu sorely after this.

And I need some sleep. Turn off the lights please.

Faizal Hamssin


Afida Liyana said...

Fay!!!!! Waaaa.. I miss my carla... next time let;s go out with my car again ok~.. This things really made me crying.. hey!! check out my Notes at Facebook.. the 25 one.. a must-comment one ok!!! Kind of hilarious actually.. tata!!!


CXXVII said...

U mentioned me a few times in your post but I'm looking forward to see my pic in it STRAY CAT(kiddin)

Faizal Hamssin said...

Fida: Yeah, me too. yr wira has certainly secured a place in my heart :) i'm so gonna bug u to drive me ard in aus when u've already got yr international license done lol.

Amirul: My blog is too sacred for a picture of subhuman u to appear on it *rolling eyes lol.
oklah i'll try digging into my laptop for yr pictures and put them on my blog when i've already had the arse to do so :p

Senorita Adela said...

HAHA FAY!! i miss you sooooOOOoooOOO much. seriously.

take care okay and i'll save up for flying to melbourne for a vacation. (aggie's willing to let me invade her apartment, yeahhh!!) and i want to watch WWE this july!!!! in melbourne. sob2. nvm laa

i nak bungee jump. find me a place to do that before i come, please? hehe

muah222 (this time i was not forced to comment)

Faizal Hamssin said...

hey teens missing you too!
yeah, you're warmly welcome to our place. Just tell us in advance had u decided to come, so that we can all prepared some red-carpet-esque celebration at the airport,okay!

muah222 back :)