Thursday, 22 January 2009

A Glimmer of Hope in Khayelitsha

First of all, I would like to thank everybody for several congratulatory messages that I've received with regards to my recently-amended IB result. Thank you.

Having had enough time to spare, I decided to dig deep into the archives of BBC News, and one particular story did manage to really capture my heart. The story was about an ongoing tale of a woman's determination to make her living in the poverty-ridden Khayelitsha, which is one of the townships that can be found on the outskirts of Cape Town. The population of Khayelitsha varies from the low of 500,000 to the high of 1,000,000, making it the third largest informal township in South Africa. Vicky Mtozini, whose character is where the story revolves, is a strong and resourceful woman who works hard to build her bed & breakfast business amidst the backdrop of apparent poverty that has been the feature of any disadvantaged townships in the post-apartheid South Africa. Having lived in her tin shack for 16 years, Mtozini is determined to move into a more proper house in the future. Being a woman with a big ambition, she says, "I want to see a chain of Vicky's all over the country, wherever tourists go. Just like there are Holiday Inns all over the place." Isn't that inspiring, people!

The Vicky's Lounge

One of the B&B's guest rooms. Not too shabby right?

The View of Khayelitsha as seen from the lounge

Khayelitsha with the mighty Table Mountain as its iconic backdrop:

Oh god, bring me to Cape Town please =)

Faizal Hamssin


Senorita Adela said...

who on Earth force people to comment on his/her blog?!!!

HAHA anyways dun worry i know you'll get to cape town one day. Marry a foreigner and your kids will have mr lawrence's brain. LOL

Yvonne said...

Hey...your clock's pointing the wrong time=)

Afida said...

yo man!!!!
bring me with you.. let's ransacking Cape Town together!!!

Faizal Hamssin said...
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Faizal Hamssin said...

hey fatinah i don't need to marry a foreigner to have a kid with mr lawrence's brain okay lol :p

yvonee: i'm gonna fix it when i have an arse to do so. for this time being, just let the clock serve its main purpose; to mislead ppl.

Fida! yeah. C'est tres bien. Nous pouverai beaucoup d'experience et moments magnifique en afrique, je pense. C'est obligatoire pour un geologist!
p/s je dois pratique mon francais parce-que je ne veux pas mon francais sera perdre dans le futur!