Saturday, 21 March 2009

Of Lethargy...and its sweetness

here i come *feels like being reincarnated to another form, better form, perhaps*

It's been a long time since I last posted something on my blog. There are reasons behind the total reduction of my blog into a piece of internet junkie that's floating in the blogosphere for the sole reason of causing more disruptions to the already-clogged internet traffic. My mind is seriously void of any thoughts right now, seriously, and I felt of further elongating my break from the blogging scene when I suddenly felt somewhat obliged to write something here (regardless of whether it's gonna be read by anyone or not)

Uni life's been okay so far. Just OKAY, and I've started to feel the pressure of being an international student. Being independent is simply the key to my survival here. No one knows how badly homesicked I was when I first came here - and the feeling remains till now, for some inexplicable reasons. I really miss the time when I could easily hop to deli for a decent, yet reasonably-priced meal - I bloody miss Malaysian food, including my favorite Asam! I miss the time when I mixed so cordially with my IB friends that I didn't ever need to camouflage my real self with a more pleasant outer self, and I miss spending my time with my family and friends in Malaysia. It's also to my pleasant surprise that my uni life has turned out being less hectic than my IB life. There are not as many assignments, and I've so far had my weekends reserved for the purpose of doing non-academical stuffs. I'm also incredibly free on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I've also had time to cook my own lunches and learn some really nice recipes that make me feel very much at home. Everything seems nice on the surface, but I still somewhat find that something's really missing along the way. I miss Malaysian food!...and I'm still clinging on my Monash Sunway friends to bring me to some of the nicest eateries that they've all frequented to all these whiles while we're all suffering from serious hunger here in Melbourne (you can ask Farouq, who has been whining incessantly on the 'scarcity' of food here.)

I've been here for a month, and believe me, it's not as rosy as what most people think.

I don't seriously have any ideas on what to talk about, actually. I'll come back to blogging later on when I've finally found some cherries of inspirations that deserve to be translated into a string of floating words. I miss English A1, by the way :)

p/s to my Sri KDU juniors, good luck! the clock's ticking tick tock tick tock :p

...and I'm doing Microeconomics as my Breadth, which is bloody interesting! Jeff Borland's simply the best :)

Faizal Hamssin


liying said...

girlfriend!! i came by!! hahaha, unlike you who don't visit my blog anymore!! hmph!! berani betul, i dump you then only you know. haha!!

eh! go eat at yingthai!!

Faizal Hamssin said...

hey i still visit your blog lah! seriously i do. it's just that i haven't dropped any comments on it yet :p
yingthai? what's special over there actually? i'm soo soo sick of having pasta and other cheesy stuffs here. missing msian food so bad!
hey liying my boyfriend sampai hati you wanna dump me! lolsss:)

when you wanna come over melbie baby?

liying said...

july i'll be there. will tell you the dates i'll be in melb. miss you girl! hope everything's fine with you. exams comingg!! give me tips!