Sunday, 10 May 2009

Of Reincarnation

I'm back, people! I know my blog's gotten lame with lack of updates these days, so this post should actually act as a symbol of the return of my blogging mojo! I'll try my best to update my blog more regularly after this, okay?

Well, the past few days was really hectic for me as my cousins were here for a very brief visit. It was quite cool, indeed (it never came across my mind that I'd actually be able to hang out with them in Melbourne!). We did what cousins would do; chit-chatting, gossiping, taking pictures, shopping, and dining out together. The feeling was great, indeed, but I couldn't help but to feel extremely exhausted after they left; well, just imagine having juggled yourself between attending lectures and tutes and bringing your cousins out and having fun- they came when I wasn't in a holiday, so yeah. Effa and Shasha, do come again ;)

*Just got to know that Effa might be doing her postgrad here next year. Hell yeah, can't wait for that!

Enough with the fun part. My finals are, like, 1 month's away and I know I'll need to buck up if I really want to stick to my straight-H1 target. I know I've been having my sweet times since I came here- life in IB was hell (and it could've been worse had my friends been less cool, so yeah), so those honeymoons were justified. Perhaps the syndrome can be called 'Post-IB Blues' or even 'Post-IB Lethargy' or whatever (I know this might be lame lol). Therefore, I've set my starting point to be next week- no more sweet times from then ahead, okay! I know I can do it! ;)

p/s can't wait to meet up with pau, fyda and juanne this winter! love you guys to the max! Not to forget Sarah and Liying who are coming over soon-i just can't wait to spend time with you guys.

this might come a little late, but
GOOD LUCK TO MY IB FRIENDS who are currently sitting for their finals. OMG you guys are gonna be free soon, so just torture yourself until you die, just to be alive again when everything is over and life can't get better. Remember, the fruits of your labor are going to be immense; so just don't lose hope, okay!

Mr Lawrence has finally had his facebook! omg i really miss his chemistry lessons and pracs when Aggie and I always sat next to each other, helping each other to remain awake during the long, seemingly-incessant intensive classes a month before the finals. Those were the days :)

Lesson of the day (a bit off-topic): I can never please everyone, so yeah.

Faizal Hamssin


Senorita Adela said...

I can never please everyone, so yeah.

what's up? so melancholy :P

Faizal Hamssin said...

just thought about it, actually! yes it was kinda melancholic ;P