Friday, 10 July 2009

Of the Indulgence of Sheer Euphoria

I was so indulged in the burning anxiety as I waited for my first sem result to be published online last night. Having thought that the result would be released at exactly 12.00am Melbourne time, I checked my student portal to relieve the killing curiosity and nervousness inside straightaway when the watch showed me the time. It didn't come out still, and I got pretty pissed when a friend suddenly told me that result would be published at 9.00am, rather than 12.00am I initially thought of. Waiting was excruciating, and I hated sleeping with uncertainties, so I applied for the result to be e-mailed to me straightaway by the uni. The process would take around 2 hours, so I filled up the time with Zuma! yeah Zuma! Haven't played that for so long! The 2 hours passed by instantly and I finally received an e-mail containing my first sem result. Trust me, with the ordeals I had with my student number and the cold I had while answering Global Environment, the prospect of flopping in this exam was real. I panicked.

And I got this:
Intro. Microeconomics: 84 H1
Chemisry 1: 80 H1
Calculus 2: 79 H2A
Global Environment: 88 H1

I was like, "wow!". The result petrified me at the moment. I know some other students managed to get better result, yada yada, but my result really made my day. Especially the H1 I got for my Global Environment. It beat my expectation, to be honest, what more with the modest result I got for the practical component of the subject. It seemed like those sleepless nights of reading, reading, and memorizing the geological processes were not in vain. I couldn't help but feel blessed and tremendously thankful for my that.

May the vibes remain for the rest of my uni life.

p/s just had an evening with Dex and Farid. OMG I haven't seen Farid for so long! And he looked different, seriously. From their conversation, I could easily grasp that they had their time of their lives in UTP. Can't wait for a mini-reunion next time.

Faizal Hamssin


tissuepaperbox said...

yay! congrats!
i know you worked hard for it! =D

Faizal Hamssin said...

awww thanks fara! :) well, i'm not as workaholic as you might think! btw i'm rotting here in btu! lol and have an awesome summer break!

Yvonne said...

Congrats! When u comin over KL? :P

Faizal Hamssin said...

thanks yvonia. i know you must've got straight H1s right? lol
gonna arrive in kl this tue!