Saturday, 27 June 2009


Guess what? Sem 1 is OVER. Final exams are history, and I have five more semesters to go before my uni life ends. lol I'll try my best to abstain myself from thinking about that. It makes me feel old.

Malaysia is just 2 days' away from me, and I'm just back from an awesome retail therapy, shopping for good stuff, and blowing the stress away. Loving it.

MJ has just passed away yesterday. I was in total a shock when I got to know about that. It's such a big loss to music as a whole, I guess. Millions grieved, as the news of his passing filled headlines across the globe. Fans showered their affection and appreciation towards him, and the entertainment media and tabloids, whose keys of financial lucrativeness lie on their skill in fabricating stories, finally granted him with some good obituaries in memory of MJ's life as a performer of sheer intelligence in music. This comes as a contrast to what these tabloids used to write of him previously. Even Perez Hilton wrote a strangely compassionate remark on his death. It's a shame that us humans are so into indulging ourselves into taking everything around us for granted. We will, apparently, only cherish something when the subject is finally gone. We blatantly and desperately show the world how appreciative we are of the 'lost' thing, but it's simply too late. I doubt anybody will even remember of the tales of MJ's 'oxygen chamber' or 'elephant man's bones' in the years to come. But his music will live forever, being an anthem of his era. His songs will make people happy for many years to come, and that's the only thing that matters.

On a lighter note, Fyda is in Melbourne right now! Seeing her and hanging out with her really make my day. Can't wait for a dinner with Zahra and Fyda tonight :)

Watched Tranformers 2 with fyda, zahra and syed. It was awesomessss. Seriously. And watching the movie at IMAX was so impeccably mesmerizingly astonishingly cool. I mean, the screen is the 3rd largest in the world, so basically the robots were all looking really big and everything was so real. I'm so looking forward to watching Harry Potter at IMAX again next month. Well-worth the money spent.

By the way, what should I be doing in Malaysia during this holidays apart from sleeping and eating my mom's legendary food? to think about it tonight!

Michael Jackson, rest in peace! I'm very much a 90's person when it comes to music, and this video is simply awesome.

Faizal Hamssin

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