Friday, 11 December 2009

Of Uneuphoric Relief

iThe 2nd Semester results have finally been released and yay, I've officially survived the first year of uni ;)

Here the 'gory' details go;
Chemistry 2: 88 H1
Linear Algebra: 71 H2B
The Earth, Atmosphere and Oceans: 82 H1
Introductory Macroeconomics: 76 H2A

Total WAM: 79.3/100

[Another kind of so-close-but-so-far-away drama struck me again. Just 3 freaking marks- that's all I needed, and I could've gotten an 80 WAM straightaway. Dammit]

Overall mood regarding the results: Relieved, but not so happy.

But hey, at least I did pass my Linear Algebra and scored respectable okay in the subject. Lord knows how much I hated the subject, and its syllabus being totally irrelevant to my major (Geology) just exacerbated that feeling. Seriously, I never hated a subject that much, what more with the annoying MATLAB component of the subject that didn't help much. With that in mind, I kinda left everything till the very last minutes, and voila. God had been nice to me this time around. Thank you ;)

And yes, that 76 in Macroeconomics really disappoints me. I really didn't know what went wrong, actually. The paper wasn't, at all, hard, and I loved the subject so much that I really hoped I'd ace it hands down.

With that being said, my result this time around ain't as great as my first semester's, but well, I can tell you all that I had THE time of my life on the second sem. That was the period when I started to learn more about life and got closer to like-minded people who made the uni hardship bearable and colorful. The study meetings we all had in Baileu, Old Eng, ERC - they were all fun, and not at all strenuous.

Well, life is not all about getting straight As, I guess. Life's about living the moment.

May the good vibes keep on rolling in next year. Melbourne peeps, I miss you. Really.

Faizal Hamssin

p/s to my well-performing friends, congratulations! Especially to that alien-brained juwie Farouq who managed to score straight H1s. Seriously, that's fantastic ;)

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Afida Liyana said...

hey fay..

it's true.. it's not about the results but the process..

anyway.. i guess u should go and bug your lecturer about it.. there may be at time that they make mistake.. what happened to both me and ju anne last sem was enough of a lesson...

hey.. enjoy the studies.. enough with the worrying stuff that we had like in IB and SPM lol..