Wednesday, 21 July 2010

The Return (a brief one)

A brief one, unfortunately. So, the 3rd Semester result's already out, and guess what? I passed. Without the flying colors or whatnot. Well, that's not that exciting a news, anyway. The result was pretty lackluster, I'd say, but considering the rollercoaster ride I had throughout the past semester, it's not a let-down. Not many people actually know how hard I worked throughout the last semester, so at least I know I did my very best (not 'very', maybe, but 3-quarter-best, instead) to make the best out of what I had. Maybe Inter Micro deserves an exception here; I indeed did most of the stuff last-minute, and I know I could've scored much better in the subject, had I worked a wee-bit harder.

But at least I'm proud to announce that I've, indeed, survived that first half of my uni life. Thinking about this gives me a weird feeling actually, knowing that I still feel that I'm pretty new to Melbourne. I'm just starting to love my life here very much; I'm not homesick as often this year. Therefore, the prospect of me having graduated by the end of next year just seems out of place right now. I just can't imagine having to get back to Malaysia, leaving my carefree student life here for a more challenging working life. Will I actually do half as well as a working, career-building adult than I am as a student? I know I've done pretty well as a student, with an academic record that I can honestly be proud of, but the situation will be totally different in 2012, from which my working life will have started. I'll need to start from scratch, and it's not gonna be an easy a task, of course.

Well, I guess I should stop being bothered by these thoughts; I should be a little more optimistic, after all. I should just enjoy what my life here in Melbourne, before it ends. Making memories and living the moment.

By the way, Badriah's graduating quite soon. Well, I'm gonna miss her, really. So do the other graduating seniors!

Faizal Hamssin


WK Chua said...

All the best Faizal! :)

Faizal Hamssin said...

thanks, wei kheng! :)

Miss Aida said...

Live the moment Faizal, lest you be bothered by the regrets of what could have been. :)

Four years goes faster than you think.

Syahir Hakim said...

Yes indeed, a year and half in indeed a short time to live in a place, but too bad for you 3-year courses peeps!


Anyways, don't be so pessimistic about your career life. You're gonna earn lotsa money and you can do what you want to do then, e.g. travelling, painting (seriously?), or maybe even give some donation to wikipedia? :D

Oh, and you'll get married as well.

I know leaving a carefree life is never easy, but the not-so-carefree life presents so much more opportunities. Think you could have been in Melbourne during your obviously much, much more carefree primary school years? Have faith in yourself, buddy, and you'll see it isn't that bad at all :)