Thursday, 26 August 2010

...Of Friendships

In the phonies-infested world we dwell upon today, pure friendships are so elusive that being reclusive is just not as absurd a choice anymore. Having seen and experienced the ups and downs in friendships, I have cringed at the thought of possible betrayals that may result from taking the trust element of friendship to a too high a level. However, with the thought of the risk friendships inflict on me guarding my conscience, there is still no way I can actually strip myself off the needs for companionship. The importance of friendship, whilst being totally normal and positive, can also be thought as potentially harmful as the value we put on it may somehow result into over-reliance. With this in mind, I still can't help being amiable. In fact, the side of me yearning and adoring unpretentious friendships seems to have grown recently.

These few months seem to have been fairly miserable to some of my friends, whose lives were plunged into a state of sheer frustration and disappointment due to the very cruel nature of life itself. There were break-ups here, and conflicts and estrangements there. Come on, people are bound to face problems at at least a stage of their lives, after all, but who can one turn to when the problems inflicted upon him just seem to be too hard to carry on his own? God will always be there, but, again, humans being humans, we tend to find comfort in tangible things we can directly see and hold. Who else can do that but family and friends? While family has been a great source of my personal comfort, it also crosses my mind that not everyone's equally blessed with the luxury of having a family that understands one inside out.

Having been aware of this very role (as an unpaid psychiatrist/counselor) that a friend can't afford not to play, I have done my bits to help them out in some ways. I have tried to listen to their problems, and I have given my advice on the matter I sometimes don't even have any experience in handling. I have this ability to think rationally and give some excellent advice to my friends in trouble, I believe, and I feel compelled to at least make them feel better.

Today's their bad day. God knows when will my time come. And I need you all by my side when that happens. It's all about karma; I'm trying my best to emotionally comfort you guys, and I expect such assistance to be there, come the time I truly need it. Expecting this to happen involves risk, but if friendship's always as sweet as it is now, I don't mind. Cause I believe in the existence of genuine friendships in this world of betrayal and selfishness. And I'm blessed to have a few (one, two,or three I guess) who I can truly count on.

Faizal Hamssin

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