Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Post-Exams Blabbery.

The cumulative 10 hours of double flights and a seemingly-endless transit in KLIA later, here I am. Bintulu. Home. Yay!

Summer break's started, and I am personally starting the break with some very good vibes. Many plans are already on the radar, and I think I did pretty well for the finals last week. It is a complete reversal from the 'gosh-I-know-I'm-gonna-flop' feeling I had the moment I finished my papers for the previous sem. And you know how massively underwhelming my results were for that sem (thank goodness I still managed to pass all papers, though). This time around, no massive flops are predicted (or foreseen), and this gives me a peace of mind.

Good luck to those whose timetable's not kind enough as mine (aka those whose papers are a wee-bit 'too' well-spaced). Trust me, a holiday too long can actually be uncool sometimes, so no rush people. Focus on what you need to do and ace them all like a pro!

Faizal Hamssin

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