Friday, 25 May 2007


Owkay, when i was informed by our English teacher, Ms Maya tat english version of Salina-A. Samad Said is gonna be included in our literature syllabus, i really wondered how can i stand reading this 500-page book. u noe, i really hate to read novels, esp those related to the history of our country, etc howeva, after reading through the novel, i found out tat Salina is a really eye-opener for everybody. it's one of the greatest novels i've read. maybe i'm exaggeratin, but i honestly feel tat the plot was crafted nicely by the author. owkay, Salina is all about Salina, a Malay lady, who has been victimised by the madness and cruelty of war. her family and sweetheart were killed by the Japs, leaving her all alone. war has also transformed Salina from a rich girl into an extremely poor lady, who can hardly make ends meet. in order to support herself, Salina becomes a prostitutes and suffers subjugation and prejudism by the society. to make matters worse, Abd Fakar, Salina's replacement of her late sweetheart Muhd Yusuf (both are having very similar physical appearances), treats her badly. she is always beaten and abused by Fakar. the story also has a very shocking ending. overall, it's all about Salina's struggle in her quest to be emancipated. it's a great novel tat shud be read by evryone>>>

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