Friday, 11 July 2008

beatitude enunciation

zara's birthday bash~

words can't explain the good feelings that i have right now. the good feeling of having my life liberated from the clutches of IAs! IA has always been such an emotionally-deadly disease in the life of any IB students in the universe and getting rid of IA is just like getting a new breath of life. the last IA that i finished doing, thus, signifying a new era in my whole IB experience is the mighty business IA. it is kinda absurd that the whole process of me doing my business IA lasted for 7 MONTHS; you just have to add 2 more months to the figure and a baby is born. the whole process was really taxing; it wasn't difficult or complex or tricky. the process was just intermingled with the extremities of the man-made, artificial obstacles due to their abysmal inefficiency. can you bar yourself from being pissed when you need 2 months for a person to read and comment on your 1500-word-long assignment? i think my ib friends know who's behind the creation of such a pain in the arse, but it's best for us not to think negatively of our teacher(s) anymore as their blessings are vital in aiding us to excel in the exams. with my fullest respect, i would like to thank mr x for teaching us and enlightening us with his gift of knowledge. now, i just want to cease thinking of those bad experiences when handling with my IAs as i'm so gonna be burdened with the evil of 'internal assessments' no more. say 'bye bye' to IAs!

thanks so much mr lawrence! we love you!

IB final examinations are approaching us at a really staggering pace. therefore, i have made a vow to myself now to let my body and soul drifted away by the worldly charm into a zone of utter waste of time. i gotta be more serious, and the time allocation for the purpose of committing myself to the grandeur of ib-orientated academic empowerment is also expected to soar as time goes by. i just wanna do my very best for the exams, leaving the lord to decide on the rest. i'm kinda feeling good for being able to resist the temptations of blogging; this fact is testamented by this blog that has been left idle for more than a month. i also wanna bust my ass for my maths as my previous maths results have left a lot to be desired. however, my policy of not studying during the weekends should be sanctified; i just want to retain a very laid-back pace for my weekends. i just wanna get big fat FORTY; but i don't wanna sacrifice my life that has been good and made sweet by the microcosms and macrocosms of the universe that revolve around me. life is too short for us to take the moments it impregnates for granted.

it's a good fact that i have watched three great blockbusters that flood the world's summer movie market. i did watch 'the incredible hulk', 'wanted', and 'hancock'. i can say that the three movies were good on their own right, but i do think that 'wanted' is such an experience not to be missed. it was just packed with some great actions and the storyline was a far cry from being saccharine. another element that sets the movie apart from the bulk of other action movies that you can easily find in the market is the rational depiction of its protagonists. i couldn't find any character that committed zero distraction to the equilibrium of the positivity. there wasn't any flawless character that did nothing but the most sacred deeds that one can ever imagine. by not having any flawless characters, the movie succeeded in bringing a piece of reality onto the silver screen, leaving the audience going home with the feeling of having had virtually travelled into the world of action-packed, sophisticated reality. on the other hands, angelina jolie looks more gorgeous than ever before in the movie.

another really great thing happened in my life last week; i took part in the OneUtama Ultimate Race. the diva miss Aggie made a good partner of mine throughout the race. the activity was fun-filled and the challenges given were more challenging that what we thought. i also had my first-time rock climbing experience in the race, and it was pretty cool. me and aggie were running and rushing all the way that we didn't even have the luxury of taking loads of photos to preserve the good time we had for posterity. i sucked pretty comprehensively in the race, but the experience i garnered were more precious than the contemplation i had to wade through after the race. i also got a free yellow t-shirt that doesn't look really fashionable but it's still a shirt okay. it kinda reminds me of osem's and syed's BERSIH yellow shirt. let's paint the town yellow =D

i really can't express my disappointments and frustrations with regards to our nation's current economic and political woes. this is such a blessed countries with an abundance of potentials. why does its people have to suffer to this extent. i was shocked, but not to any extent surprised upon discovering the fact that malaysia's inflation rate is forecast to hit its 26-year-high. therefore, the malaysians of the lower economic strata of the society have to get ready to brace for tougher times in the near future. the people of power really have to do something to avoid this situation from further exacerbating into a deeper crisis that will hamper our country's locomotion into a better future. god bless malaysia.

faizal hamssin


alenn said...

i demand for a picture of mine in this side pictures of yours, you ungrateful lil person! huahuahua ;D

Faizal Hamssin said...

omg didn't i? i thought i did =D
okay gonna put yr comelest pic on my blog later okay, together with a special post for you. haha =)

Winson said...

Hey Faizal, I find your blog to be of great interest. I mean, reading your blog just cheers me up after studying physics for like hours. Yeah, it's late now, but I guess it's only kind to drop by and read my IB close buddies' blogs for at least once. This is my first time, and yes Faizal, your English is crazily bombastic!!!!

Too much grandiose in your linguistic ability. =) See ya in school.

danial syafiq said...

yes mocks coming up omg! shit scared weyh!

wanted was the bomb! right right right? the movie totally rocks!

wouldve wanted to join you guys in ou to take photos but unfortunately the night before came back late and was tired the following day. or better still we shouldve teamed up man for the race. i think if we were to pair up we couldve fared better, yes definitely better than you and aggie placing last among the competing ib teams lol!

hahahha. right no more chilling. time to get serious yeah.

Fatimahzahra said...


Faizal Hamssin said...

not a chance, zara!haha =P

Syed Marwan said...

aiyo. baca post fayzal like going through one of Dr Reed's classes.

Lawrence said...

U are a nut ...interesting site and all the best to u in Mel Aus


Anonymous said...

I am reading this article second time today, you have to be more careful with content leakers. If I will fount it again I will send you a link