Thursday, 29 May 2008

5 things i bet you dont know about me.

ugh zara! soo gonna kill u for tagging me. i was so contented with the idea of me having my blog resting in total peace for this holiday, but, since zara has actually tagged me to write something with regards to this post's title, i have no choice but to succumb to her edict.

5 things i bet you don't know about me? well, i've never been known as a person with an ocean of secrets or weird habits to be unearthed (this is attributed due to me being unable to earth my weirdness in front of my friends, they all know that peculiarities and lunaticism is equated to being me). thus,the latter contents of this post might sound familiar to some, or extremely peculiar to some others.

1) i love baby rusk. omg the taste of baby rusk can drift me to the regions of eternal blissful pleasure. when it comes to having baby rusk, i would always give a triumphant yes to the milna rusk. the taste really seduces me to an extent of it being able to make me forgetful of my real age that is ascending at a rapid pace. every bite of the baby rusk is just like a ritual ride down the memory lane; being a baby is not that bad after all.

2) i wanted to become an agong (malaysian paramount leader) when i was a kid. this dream might sound really absurd, and, to an extent, foolish, but i was really charmed and thrilled with the glittery lives of the royal family and the great power that the King possesses. it was just so rosy for a kid whose dream was to achieve the greatest level of supremacy seen. the dream was just a dream, and my parents and teachers used to ask me to change my ambition into a more achievable and realistic one. i refused to listen to what they said, and my ambition changed as time passed by and i crawled up the echelons of maturity.

3) i've started to fall in love with the geography of our mother world since i was nine.

my dad actually bought this book for me and my sister when i was eight. being an innocent eight-year-old boy, i just ignored the book and overlooked the rich contents that it impregnated. however, when i reached the age of nine, there was a sudden rush interest and sense of inquiry that emerged deep inside me; thus, i started to read this book and got thrilled with its contents. i loved every single part of this book and memorized the rich facts that the book contained; these include capital cities, currencies name and their values at that time, population data, cities, rivers, mountains, and TMTH (omg i've just used noriega's famous saying). the book has actually shaped me.

4) i used to love watching bollywood movies (we're on the same boat this time around, zahre). owh the hindustani films in the 90s were just so amazing that it is just so tragic and disheartening to see how much has the bollywood film industry changed in these recent years. the bollywood films of that time were full of the sweet, and, to some extent, saccharine tales of the family bonds and loving relationships that could eclipse the other elements of hatred that still dwell the earth due to the existence of the animalistic spirits in the hearts of the mankind. the tales of love as being depicted in those movies were just so lovely that it was able to grant you a gift of a sweet dream when you fall asleep. however, the hindustani films of these days are so pathetically stereotyped and most of them are lacking the elements that can capture our hearts and captivate us. they are losing their relevance and charm.

5) i really have a weird eating habit. my family and friends might have noticed the weird way of me using forks and spoons when having a repast. i find it kinda difficult to hold the cutleries properly due to some coordination problems that my fingers have. it's essential tremor, i suppose. i also find it difficult not to leave any single tinge of food or rice on my plate after finish eating. i also have a limited range of 'edible' fruits and vegetables to eat from. i hate having to bow to all these restrictions, but this is me okay.

okay i think i have to stop now. by the way, i'm gonna tag these 4 persons:
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danial syafiq said...

ughh the way you eat/hold your cutleries annoys me. and it really shows that youre the king of world geography.

Ahmad Syafiq said...

King of world geography? I'm impressed. I wanna challenge you in world geography after school holidays are over by next Monday.

Fatimahzahra said...

fayz i love baby rusk jugak!!!!yummy3

Syed Marwan said...

i don't gettit. whats the point of tagging?