Friday, 21 November 2008

The Emancipation of Faizal

I, Awg Mohd Faizal, am here to proclaim my total emancipation from the ultimate and divine imprisonment of IB. This manumission is hoped to be that very catalyst towards enabling me to get my life back from that clutching force of IB. Here I am, having never felt freer before. Here I am, getting my new self; IB (the course, not the school, indeed) has certainly done something to strengthen me, intrinsically and extrinsically. Here I am, hoping for the best for my future, and thinking of the same for my juniors whom presence is loved and will be sorely missed by us the jan intake people. I just hope that you guys will all be blessed with the glimmering success we are all deserving to get. just do not brood for the difficulties that you guys are facing right now, because I believe in the existence of that very saving grace that comes from inner you; follow your heart and do whatever you want to do. fly to the universities you want to go. us here are only meant to give some fruits of advice; if you are weak enough to need it. And I don't think that you guys think that you need it, so our advice might not be handy indeed. of all, I know that you guys are dignified students with huge dreams for your future; for it I wish you well. good luck buddies and let me begin the whole new process of savouring my life to the fullest NOW.

to all my jan'07 friends: we have all done our very best for the exams. I believe in the justice heralded by the God. Pray hard, and PLAY HARD too, hibernate to our heart's content, and everything shall be fine for everyone, god-willingly.

For the jun'08 people, good luck with your new combination(s) of subjects. i know you guys are determined to reach for the stars, and my spirit, doa and prayers go to you all. i wish you well. i might, in the near future, when I've already had enough sleep and energy on my side, come out with a post to project my dearest opinions with regards to the matter of the subjects change that has been quite an issue these days, and, as i've said before, if you don't need people to bother on what you are doing, just ignore the post that I'll almost certainly write with regards to 'your' matter and blacken it out with the chalk of the strength of your inner mind. You should be intrinsically strong to believe in your own self and feel nothing bad if others (me included) are trying to 'bring' you down by giving non-constructive opinions. Truthfully, with an utmost level of beatitude, I'd love to praise you guys for the will that you guys have had to not to succumb to all the circumstances that surround you; you guys have decided to wade through it all and come out with your own unique solution, which is inspiring. let us all shine through the darkness imposed by our rather ignorant IB centre and indifferent patron Petronas. Let them know that we're too strong to be defeated by any force of any measure; be it IB at such a horrendous learning condition in our centre (we've all been suffering for too much, too long), or the odds caused by some parties' insensitivities towards OUR needs as 'their' scholars, we are just too strong to be felled. we're strong and will always be until the day when we start to crumble inside.

Faizal Hamssin


alenn said...


cynical but sweet at the same time..

now i demand for my picture. =D

@m|eN said...

amek comment!!!

Hope we all gonna success in life, fayzal.
gonna miss everyone.
Hope as time passes by, we all gonna still be ourselves and wont forget our frenship