Saturday, 8 November 2008

IB finals~

too often have i told myself not to blog until the exam ends...and here i am, succumbing to defying my own sacred promise =P

okay lemme tell the world how have the papers been so far. physics was frustratingly difficult, but it's still bearable, though. frustrating, but bearable. that's it.

business was okay, i am pleased and thankful, indeed but the questions were all very tricky and vague. the paper has reached a point where knowledge in the matters asked is not as important as the understanding of the things that the questions expected. paradoxically, it is bitchily cruel way of testing students but that's ib after all. one can never expect a smooth sail when it comes to doing ib.

maths paper 1 was predictably difficult but since i still have paper 2 and paper 3 to redeem myself, there's not a reason for me to feel bad about it. optimism is in the air =)

that's all i guess as i should stop ranting about exams now and focus on the real thing; maths P2 is on the day after tomorrow and english A1 is looming with its horrifying nature. good luck my friends!

p/s my birthday celebration was so memorable that i can't help but smile whenever i reflect back to that experience. it was mesmerizingly sweet. thank you my friends for being such good friends (and prank organizers of course).

faizal hamssin


alenn said...

i demand for my pic put up in the sidebar of yours!~ ;)

liying said...

goodie lucky! and happy belated birthday!

Faizal Hamssin said...

thanks for the super-duper late bday wish liying =D
for leens: im soo gonna put tonnes of yr 'so-called' chomel pics onto my sidebar after the exam has ended okay =P