Sunday, 16 November 2008

un papier d'aller. ouh la la

yeah un papier. one paper to go. one paper i would like to repeat. been playing simcity4 since the morning and i don't think i'm gonna stop anywhere soon. the joblessness has encroached into me. i haven't felt this relaxed for ages, i suppose. now since it's all over, it's time for me to pamper myself with good musics, good books, good food, and the list goes on and on. however, this emancipation from anything academic is not going to last for long, since i still my very last paper (french) on this friday.

about last week's paper;
maths paper 3 was darn tough, and i left more than a quarter of the paper unfinished but paper 2 should emerge as my very saviour indeed as it was relatively do-able. paper 1 was difficult too, but, still, it's largely do-able and bearable with a 28-mark complex number section that had truly spoiled my day. i'll be okay (i mean glad) with a SIX for my maths, truthfully.
chemistry was OKAY. aiming for a SEVEN, insy.
english was better than i expected, i was blissfully glad and exalted to get a question on honour for my paper 2. that was my jam! lol. those sleepless nights when i tried to get myself deeper and deeper into english A1 have certainly paid off, as far as my current feeling is concerned. i've done my best for english, i've done my part, and i just wanna pray hard that everything will be fine. thank you mr ong for yr last-minute 'rescue package' that has really 'rescued' and salvaged me from failing my english A1. thank you.

that's all for today. i really wanna write a longer post but my mind has ceased functioning and my inspiration has certainly faded away. simcity4 is waiting for me. impatiently. when am i going to get bored of this game? not anywhere soon for sure.

p/s currently listening to 'Butterfly', mariah's best album EVER. g'nite!

Faizal Hamssin


agnes said...

WEE un papier d'aller!!! Nous libérons bientot!!! Je veux aller faire les courses a ou apres l'examen du francais...=p

danial syafiq said...

oh la la..

i finish a day before you. and at the moment, ive only 1 paper left! youve got 2!