Wednesday, 21 January 2009

A Happier Ending

I was sleeping soundly when a phone call from an unrecognized number broke the silence of my room and woke me up. Knowing that the call might be of a more important matter of serious intensity, I braved my laziness to get to my phone and answer to the call. As I said hello in a very wanly manner, I got very surprised that the person who was calling me was actually Mr. Lawrence, our lab monster whose abundance of free time has caused some stir among his students lately. With a very fast tone that might rival the likes of the Shinkasen and Maglev, Mr. Lawrence told me about the mistakes that happened to my Chem IA, which have been rectified by the IBO. "Are you prepared to receive a good news from me?" He asked triumphantly. Being in a half-conscious state of mind, I said, "Yeah, of course!". Without any tinges of hesitation, Mr. Lawrence triumphantly made a statement I've been waiting all along, "Faizal, you got 7 for your chemistry! You should be very happy right now. You should jump ahh. You got 40. Congratulations!" (It was something like that, I couldn't recall everything he said, though, since the pace of his speech was extraordinarily fast and difficult to follow. He was excited at that time, that's for sure). Me, feeling ecstatic about my newly-found forty miracle, burst into joy and self-satisfaction. I had no idea what to say to him, so I just said "Thank you" for a few times, and stormed into my laptop to see the online result as soon as the call ended. I saw this:
Feeling happy, I decided to contain my extreme beatitude to myself but thanks to Mr. Lawrence and his enthusiasm,...

"To Faizal,

Can u change those words in your blog that u are disappointed with the results…….want to see better words in your BLOG

40 points and 7 for CHEM……….dont ever CURSE me for not getting 7 in chem……mission accomplished

Well done…..lawrence "

Mr. Lawrence, I hope you're satisfied with this post =)
So, with a new, fresh and juicy result like this, I couldn't have thanked God more. I am very happy that's all I can say. Thank you everyone, for aiding and supporting me along the way. I'm at loss of words now. That's what I can say.

For my juniors and anybody who's ever been struggling and working hard for their IB, do remember that IB is difficult but it's conquerable, though. Don't lose hope as you never know what your potential has to offer. Good luck.

p/s Congratulations to Kay and Chan Hu who have had their Chemistry grade upped also. You must feel better right now, I suppose. For the resitters, good luck guys! Do well, and tell the world that nothing is impossible. Same goes to the June '08 people, too. I'm waiting for your beatitude enunciation in July (with the shmaltz, i hope)

I feel so blessed, people. I do.

Faizal Hamssin


Anonymous said...

Still use lab monster...lawrence

Faizal Hamssin said...

monsters can be nice too :p

kay said...

ey..i don noe wut to comment la..u pakse me!..okay here goes..congratss fayzal!!...n mr lawrence thank u so much for ur teachings n patience!..n i still havent receive any of ur emails..did u get my email rite?ok..chiow..later!

Yvonne said...

Same same Kay..he paksa like everyone to comment on his blog! So, congrats Fayzal! And u finally found out how to change the results page to a picture huh=)

CXXVII said...

chill la (ur fav word) rejoice, u broke the 40 barrier=)

danial syafiq said...

yes yvonne thanks to me. and ya la faizal like everyone else i dont know what to say besides congrats since you forced me to comment yet again (wow surprise there). and.. i crumbled under pressure into falling into this commenting trap (yet again). said...

hey dearie.. congrates! i knew it already that u wud make it thru since the day u got d pet offer.;)
so,enjoy being perantau okie? hehe.

quote:"anak sai yak?" haha.

Faizal Hamssin said...

hey thanks cuz an! haha no no frau an!

continuation to our vaie madness:
"masik nya. mulik adak..."

yanee said...

i din kno bout ur results!

Faizal Hamssin said...

iqaw yak! that was, like, 4 months ago! so yesterday hehe. thank you so much! :)