Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Mr Lawrence our Lab Monster

Mr Lawrence seems to have a lot of free time nowadays. Having stormed into his students' blogs, he left his footsteps on his students' blogs by dropping some comments whose tones were extremely varied, from the lusciousness of his best wishes that were planted into my post Beatitude Enunciation to the harsh curse directed towards one of his lab protege, Jonathan Mah. For Jon Mah, the so-called negatively-toned comment that Mr. Lawrence has poured into his newly-established website acts as a wonderful omen of what his newly-acquired internet real estate is going to offer in the future. For further details regarding Mr. Lawrence's gay and carefree night, click here.

Knowing that Mr. Lawrence actually cares about us behind the 'mercury and cyanide curtains' of his lab has enabled me to undergo through a passage back into the days when we had our Chemistry lessons for 4/5 straight hours (with some intermittent breaks of course), the months when we all laboured ourselves intensely in the labs to finish up our bitch called IAs before the deadlines finish us up, and the 2 years that we spent together, learning new things and being infatuated into the ideas of true learning and stuffs. Only Mr. Lawrence's people understood how immensely blessed we were, being in his laboratory that could've been mistakenly perceived as a murder scene. Therefore, feeling thankful, I dropped him an email just to say hello to our own Mr. Lawrence.

Here's how the email goes:
"Hello mr lawrence!
It was a rather hectic week, indeed. I was really busy applying and choosing my accommodation in Melbourne when you suddenly dropped a comment into one of my blog post. It was a very pleasant surprise, actually. Mr. Lawrence is finally free! We all know how busy you've always been, preparing notes and useful stuffs for your student.

The main reason for me writing this email is to thank you for everything you've ever done to us. I got a six for my chemistry, for your information. The result was to my disappointment, honestly, as I know that the efforts you've poured all those while were only meant for a seven. I was also quite frustrated with my six since I knew that a seven was very possible if I were to work harder. I did my work for most of the times, but I tended to get rather complacent with Chemistry since it was considered as an 'easier' subject compared to the likes of Mathematics and even English A1. The remorse remains till today, and it serves as a great lesson for me to consider in the future - never take anything for granted, never rush when answering test questions, and overconfidence kills. You've done enough to us, so you can never blame yourself if our grades are not up to the level we've all anticipated; the blame is on us, the students. The Lordly force of the God, through the so-called fate and luck also plays its role, indeed.

I'm starting to miss IB, actually. Long holidays at home have really caused me to rot systematically! Therefore, I would really love to see you before I fly off to Melbourne. Maybe we can share a handshake or any student-teacher gesture that can be frozen into memories! If you've got time, feel free to visit my blog to drop off a comment or two! Good luck with your May '08 students, our juniors. Hope that their results are going to outshine ours! "

I wrote quite a long email for him, and here his reply is:

Melbor is a nice place....will read your blog...very interesting blog u have
Remember to behave and dont be naught....i am watching u guys from my lab
lawrence "

Cunningly short, wasn't it? I know I'm not his favourite student, so receiving a reply from him is enough to cast euphoria into me. I'm soo gonna behave in Melbourne since I know somebody (apart from God of course) is watching me from his laboratory!

Faizal Hamssin


danial syafiq said...

haha mr lawrence seems to be emailing the same thing to everyone (i.e. nice blog, dont be naughty, ill be watching you etc etc).

seems that he really misses us doesnt he? =)

Faizal Hamssin said...

yeah he's such a nice teacher. we're all gonna miss him sorely after this!

Khairul Syahir said...

"undergo through a passage back into the days when we had our Chemistry lessons for 4/5 straight hours (with some intermittent breaks of course)"

I was the only one saved from such torment! :D

Faizal Hamssin said...

because you were so-called 'sick' on that very day!
after all, mr. lawrence couldn't have cared less if you didn't make it to his class, since you're his one and only favorite student lol :p