Wednesday, 7 January 2009

A Happy Ending

I'm back, people! Obsolete. That's the best word to describe the degree of relevance of my blog after months of neglect, but here I am, coming up with a new post, a happy one.


Yeah, that's a good news that i'd like to share with everyone. The results were out this morning (i guess 1.30 am is considered morning already). The atmosphere was full of undescribable emotions, as IB students immersed themselves in the ritual of being nervous and comforting each other to prepare themselves for such an event of the universalis magnitude that was about to happen; the result announcement. I was trembling all night long, praying hard to the God that everything was gonna be alright. The moment of waiting for the result has certainly made us feel closer to the Lord, i believe, as we surrendered our souls for anything that might happen.

1.30 am = it's results' time!
when the result was published on the ibo website, boom! i got 39! i passed the Petronas' requirements! I will fly! The nervousness petered out as my soul was inundated with joy and the feelings of gratitude for being blessed to that extent; the joy of being able to continue working for my dream; the joy of being able to go to a distant land (i know Australia is not 'that' far okay), the joy of having my hardwork paid off. I was thankful. Here my results are;

Phy-7, Chem-6, Maths-6, Bus-7, EngA1-6,French-6, TOK/EE-1
TOTAL = 39

I wasn't really happy with my Chem (sorry mr. Lawrence, i didn't get that seven, i turned you down), but my six in EngA1 did gladden me actually. In general, the overall result I've obtained does give me the wings and feathers needed for me to fly, and I am deeply thankful for this fact.

To my family, thanks for praying for me. To my friends, thanks for being with me.

To my teachers, thank you so much for your teachings and guidance. Thank you, Mr.Lawrence, Mr.Saimun, Mr.Masukor, Mr.JG, Mr. Pang, Mr.Azhar, Mr. Dass, Mr. Albert, Mr. Oliver, Mr.Shaw, Mr.Ong, Dr.Reed, and the list goes on and on. Thank you for everything.

To my friends who made it, congratulations. Congratulations Khairul and Siang Hang for getting 43. We're all proud of you. Yvonne, Winson, Jonmah and Amirul. Congratulations for having breached that 40 barrier. You guys deserve it.

To my friends who didn't make it, I am not in a position to tell you not to be sad or anything. Only you guys know what the feeling is not to make it, but one thing is for sure; God is fair and just. You guys have good hearts, and God has another plan, a better plan in store for all of you. Your efforts are not in vain. Trust me.

Australia, here i come!

Faizal Hamssin


Khairul Syahir said...

While it is with utmost gratitude and happiness that I receive my IB results, I do feel sad and disappointed for those of us who didn't pass the cut-off point as required by Petronas. While I am aware that those persons are responsible for their own results, I do wish that I could have done more for them. I do wish that I could have done better. We could have done better.

Throughout the two years I have tried to instil a sense of community among us, a sense of urgency and importance that we need to help each other, that in our climb to the top let us not trample on and forget those below us. Instead, let us reach our hands and help each other to climb together. It will be hard and long, and there will be many challenges and urges not to do so, but only by doing so can we reach the top collectively as a community, and only then will we truly feel the joy and satisfaction of being successful. This I have not felt this time around. Make it your goal. I implore you.

Faizal Hamssin said...

yeah, you're right, khairul. sometimes selfishness is able to eclipse any will of doing something out of our good intentions of having our friends climbing up the ladder of success together with us. It is such an individualistic world we're living in right now, and the temptations of reserving our shoulders to the burdens of our own is really overwhelming.

thanks for making me aware of our responsibilities. I did feel a major sense of remorse or regret for not helping my friends enough. I couldn't sleep last night, thinking of what's gonna happen to them. Are they gonna be alright? Did I do enough to help them out? This will surely affect me in the future.

p/s my joy and happiness is not without guilt. I felt guilty that I was really excited and happy last night, while 11 of my friends wept. But I'm still thankful, though, that I'm blessed enough to have what I've yearned all along. I'm sorry.

Danial Haris said...

Hey Faizal, Dan from IB3 here.
Felicitations on your 39! You guys are really a source of inspiration for me to work harder, and I hope that I can score above 35 as well, even though I'm not a Petro kid.
I just wanted to know which subjects of yours are HL and SL?

Faizal Hamssin said...

hey Dan. gracias!
i took phy, chem and maths for my HL, and eng, french and bus for my SL.
Just study consistently and you'll be fine, man. Remember that the fruits of labor are so worth it. I know you can do it. Good luck!

p/s I'm still mingling with euphoria now. yippie =)

daus ex-IB said...


Faizal Hamssin said...

thanks daus. ko pun good luck kt utp cnun =)

Anonymous said...

i am still studying IB but i am very shocked about how you only feel for your own people. how about the rest of the non-petronas students? have you forgotten them? i talked to one of them a few days ago and i really respect her because her results was not entirely her fault but she has chosen to move forward. do you know what happened to the rest?

Faizal Hamssin said...

hello mr/ms Anonymous.
basically, making any raw assumptions on the level of concern or empathy that i possess for my friends with whom i've spent my two memorable years with is not the rightest thing to do. Jon Mah and Winson, who are not so-called 'my people' (they're not petronas scholars), were mentioned there, and i did deliberately avoid writing too much about my friends whose results didn't satisfy them since I know that sympathy is not what they need. They need some space for them to recuperate from their frustration and loss, and that was what I was trying to provide.

Any IB student who has undergone through so many difficulties the way we all in srikdu did deserve some sorts of respect. It wasn't easy, at all. Of course I'm very much aware of what has happened to them, and so on. I'm also glad that some of them are going to retake several of the papers; this shows that they're all committed in matters involving their future. I agree with you that her results were not entirely of her fault. The school, in some ways, can be held partially liable for the failure of its students. Many of us were simply deprived of the real and truest IB education.

Good luck for your finals! IB ain't easy, but it's conquerable =)