Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Of Visitors...

Having spent my time revising for the upcoming exams next month, a retreat would be a need, rather than a desire. Therefore, I decided to come up with this short post just to write my stress away!

Wow, looks like my friends, a lot of them, are planning to come over Melbourne for a visit in the coming months! Sarah's coming in, like, 2 weeks' time, together with Pau, while Osem and Liying are coming in July. JuAnne and Fyda might also be coming around the same time. Looks like my apartment will always be a scene of rapturous laughs and meteoric vibes, which will be very very cool. After all, a house is not a home without spirit and life being breathed upon it ;)

For my friends in Malaysia, do save up and get a ticket to Melbourne to see us next time, okay! Jiha seems to have garnered enough inner enthusiasm to come over, so far!

I'm not going back Malaysia for winter, by the way! ;( but it's not 'that' bad since I'll be back in Malaysia this summer, so yeah *winking to Fatin, Leens, Meens, and other drivers to bring me around KL to EAT* fyi I always drool and salivate wildly as I gaze at the pictures of food that Fatin has constantly and mercilessly uploaded on her facebook. I'm really yearning for AUTHENTIC Malaysia food right now, okay!

p/s can't wait for an awesome weekend when both Pau and Sarah are in town!

Faizal Hamssin


Senorita Adela said...

a house is not a home without spirit and life being breathed upon it ;)

how lame to put wind, sand and stars quote in a post. HAHA. your lameness will not grant you a ride to any fantabulous new eating place we discovered LOL

Faizal Hamssin said...

lol i ain't a lame-y okay! pleaseee!
no no no you guys are gonna like die to have me in your car once again, the way it was back then!

yanee said...

faizal,lamak lalu dah kmk x agak blog ktk.
kmk lupak ktk ada blog.hahhaha
i see tht u r talking in 'seasons' now.;D