Monday, 18 May 2009

So Much for The Love of Rocks...

My target for the night: read lecture notes for Global Environment
Total number of page read: seventy four 74

after having faced the laptop and notes for, well, 6 hours! (2000-0200)

That was SO 'efficient"! duh. so much for being a so-called 'nocturnal animal'. Double duh.

Written pracs exam for Global Environment (aka Geology), which will contribute a whopping 40% to our final score is gonna be held next week. 7 days to go. We had our first proper discussion with regards to the format and types of the questions that are typical to the paper today, and yes, it managed to surprise me big day. Hooray, there we go (the fear was shared by the whole class rather than me alone), knowing that we'd had a million things to cover, one week before the real thing. Hence the enthusiasm and caffeine-fixed night.

Well, I need a nice, hearty supper right here, right now! Instant pasta, perhaps. Chow!

oppps by the way, I've been listening to this pretty aged song these days. It's amazing, listening to Madonna cooing 'Frozen' while I read the notes on 'Future Ice Age' and 'Deglaciation of Polar Ice'. Well!

Faizal Hamssin

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