Monday, 25 May 2009

When Kawan(s) Beat Kilometres

It was an ordinary Wednesday night when I suddenly had Pau knocking on my apartment door. Damn you, Pau, it was bloody great a surprise! Kudos to his accomplice Sasha. You guys were so convincing that you guys should consider a career in soap-opera acting!

Pau came to meet Sarah, who is, in fact, still in Melbourne (until this Saturday, I guess) for a post-IB holiday. It was so great a feeling to meet my two friends at a time. Together with other friends, we did what buddies would do; chatting, having lunch together, going around the city, and pillow-talking at yvee's dig (this might sound a bit weird, but yes, it really happened and we had bunches of fun!). The sleepless night we had (I only slept the following morning at around 6.30 am) before Pau touched off for Canberra was just full of blissful gossiping and we really had a blast. Certainly made me miss those good ol' IB days.

Pictures tell more than words do, so yeah:

*Pictures courtesy of Pau

By the way I've certainly found a perfect spot to gossip; under the tree that fronts the Old Arts Building. Awesomeness (as you could see [on the second picture] Zahra and I was so into those sizzling gossips as Pau snapped the picture of us in act).

p/s Liying was on the phone with us all (look at the second last picture). She was so excited as she talked about her upcoming moviecatching-cum-date with our another friend. That was so LOL-able :)


Faizal Hamssin

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