Saturday, 10 May 2008

staggering pace...

feeling the need of fulfilling my so-called obligation to update my blog at least once a week, here i am.

i'll just make my post short and simple this time around...

okay, IB final exam is approaching us at a staggering pace. the rapidity of time seems to flow disproportionally against my readiness to face the 'big fish' of the year, which is IB final exam. i'm nervous, scared, freaked out when it comes to facing the deal of exam. however, my spirit has been granted an uplift as the teachers have testamented their high level of trust in my academic capabilities and potential by giving me a big fat forty three predicted IB points for my final exam. thank you so much for giving me the trust and confidence i need. my ib predicted scores are;

Maths SIX
English SEVEN
Business SEVEN
French SIX
EE & TOK A & A
Total FORTY THREE / 45

My subpar prediction for maths and french has been premonited priorly. maths is just not my passion, and my performance in this subject has been modest as far as ib level is concerned. i also need to buck up to improve my proficiency in french as my oratory and writing skills in this third language of mine leave a lot to be desired.

studying physics...

i've procrastinated too much actually and i have to put a halt to this wave of less-efficient time management. procrastination is the thief of time!

I, hereby, vow to pour my relentless efforts in order to achieve the above predicted grades for the sake of my perpetual satisfaction. every major exam does pose an effect that lasts for a lifetime. i really want to score an excellent ib score to end this definitive year of 2008 with a bang.

ok let's get less serious =)

me and teens discovered a newly-opened cupcakes shop at the curve. backed by fatin's determination in spreading the tale of gastronomical warmth that both of us have experienced to the world, here i am (again).

me and fatin having our cupcakes camwhorring session. the cupcakes were just astonishingly astonishing. mine was laden with chocolatey indulgences while fatin was having her soul drifted to the eden of sinful pleasure of a repast as she slowly reduced her cupcake into tiny and sacred crumbs. each cupcake made me rm4.50 poorer.go get yours now!

i miss my home and bintulu! really2 anticipating the upcoming holiday to savour my step on the soil i love...


Yvonne said...

OMG!! Faizal.. You are back with your super sophisticated terms... huhu=)

Fatimahzahra said...

fayz i want cup-a-cakes toooooo!!!

Faizal Hamssin said...

hey zara let's go curve this wesak. we'll have a whole batch of cupcakes waiting for us there =)

danial syafiq said...

i'll seriously stop commenting or worse still reading your blog if you dont cut down on those words only aliens (and probably those who write the dictionary) would understand.

F@t1N'z said...


cupcake chics rock!!!

rADiCaL VicTiM said...

cupcakes taste gud?
i'd never experience a 'sinful' cupcakes. lol~

Yvonne said...

Eh..bila nak update??????