Tuesday, 20 May 2008

languishing mojo

i know that the languishing blogging mojo of me is perfect a justification can be for me not to write any new post for a week of two. however, after being bugged by my friends and me myself having a bit of time to spare, i've decided to write something kinda random this time around. after all, the 3-day-long weekend (thanks to the wesak break) has frozen my mind and i do find myself resting dormantly in the trough of small mindedness; those intellectual thinkings should be elusive this time around.

okay lemme comment on the french movie titled Qui M'aime Me Suive that i watched a couple of days ago with my french-wannabe ib friends and our amazing mr oliver, ms rocio and dr. reed. that movie was laden with some lame jokes intertwined with several successful tricks that brought me to laugh. it's kinda cheesy in some aspects, i guess, but it didn't suck comprehensively, okay. it was neither good nor bad. the message was really clear; go follow your dream and life is precious, so we really have to live our lives to the fullest. that's the real point of the story.

i really think that the viewers shouldn't dwarf the significance of the positive messages that the movie has conveyed by the abundance of the sexually-oriented scenes that acted as a filler to the movie. i just don't understand the justifications behind some of us emotionalising with the extremity or obscenity of the sex scenes in the film. yes, those acts are really anti-parallel to the norms of our society, but hey, we're watching a french movie okay. a 'french' movie should depict the culture of the 'french' people. the french people with a considerably more liberal social and even sexual attitudes than the malaysian. this statement is more than enough to recede the wave of disenchantment that was sourced by the movie and the controversies it impregnated. the whole idea of the movie is noble, and the theme is very universally-applicable. we should go with our instincts and never succumb to others when it comes to choosing a career field to pursue in to escape living a tragic life and death of the movie's protagonist, Maxime Maréchal.

however, regardless of anything that has ever happened to the movie's storyline, i have one thing for sure; my french sucks! it was really difficult for me to catch what the characters really said apart from simple phrases like bonjour, merci, bla bla bla. i really need to buck up to elevate my level of french proficiency from a pathetic current echelon to a more honourable apex of linguistic achievement. i wanna watch more french movies after this. ppfilm, where are you?

by the way, business lessons have gotten increasingly boring and politically oriented that me and jonmah have found our newest guilty pleasure. camwhorring during business! haha it was FUN for sure. here are some shots;

no offence mr. d**s. we sayang you. hehe~

cheers to the world =)
by the way, i'm in the process of improving the overall quality of my posts. any inconvenience caused (with regards to the language style of my posts, etc) is deeply regretted. thank you.

faizal hamssin


danial syafiq said...

i dont have any say with regards to this matter simply because i didnt watch the movie. there are mixed reviews. so i think it would be unfair for me to comment anything without watching the movie yet.

i chose thomas cup over french movie. thats why i wasnt there in ou.

Yvonne said...

And pau, I choose to go home from OU after lunch over the movie..

Except for the last few sentence, I still think that your post is overly-sophisticated and complicated.. You are estranging us from yr posts!

Its a good thing you have lots of cam-whorring pictures!

F@t1N'z said...


heart ya! heart ya! heart ya! for speaking English at last.. ^_^