Saturday, 24 May 2008

i'm going home

holiday has finally started and i am in such an euphoria now. everything seems so rosy and i am in a dire need of getting my life rejuvenated with an abundance of sound sleep and the living a better life; a daily odyssey that is less challenging than that of the pathetic derelict daily state of life at d'shire. that's what i'm hoping to achieve right now. however, this holiday is also going to be filled with me doing massive spring-cleaning of the unfinished assignments for the sake of alleviating the sufferings that i will surely bear after the holiday as the final exams are anticipated to approach me in a more rapid pace. 1001 possibilities might arise. dear lord, grant me with your gleaming blessings for me to face the growingly groaning pain of ib with the strength beyond normal span of imagination. full study mode after the holidays! however, as far as these two weeks are concerned, i am going to have nothing but FUN. bonnes vacances mes amis!

p/s i had such a vibrant outings with my friends last night. appreciate it so much. thanks to pau for alluring us to succumb to the temptations of one of the nicest pancake i've ever had. thanks to leens and teens for ajakING (inviting) me to join u guys for such a satiating and splendid dinner and window shopping at the d'sara uptown. gonna put some pics of what we did in the next post, perhaps.

owh, the boarding time has finally come. gotta get into the freakingly not-so-pleasant AirAsia plane now. i don't like AirAsia. the flight attendants suck big day but it's cheap. unfortunately huh~

bintulu here i come!

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danial syafiq said...

didnt know theres hotspot in lcct. and bring me to bintulu la with airasia!